Are forums still worth having

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I was thinking of starting a forum for my website, but since facebook and other social websites are they actually worth having? do people use them anymore.
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    Are you using one? Are there thousands of active members here at any time? You arent asking on facebook right?
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    Forums are great and are very resourceful, Wf is one of the best on the internet... I will say that its a little hard to build a membership just starting out... Its totally worth it but takes hard work and persistence to create a forum that is popular.
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    Hmmm are you asking if it still worth to have a forum for your site? and you are worried about the presence of those social media giants which make you think that people will more likely choose to hangout at those social media sites rather than to your forum?

    I think it depends to the topic of your forum. Take WF as an example, there are tons of member in this forum because this community offer fruitful information and etc. for all the member whose into into the world of internet marketing.

    What is your forum about?

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