The Honest Truth About The Buy FB Like Services

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Hey guys, I know that I am not the only one who knows of the Facebook Likes services on the internet. Websites claim to gain you 500 facebook fan page likes for only 10 dollars, how exactly are they accomplishing this? I know that the likes cannot be real people, right?

John King
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    The Majority of Likes are probably fake..lets just face the Facts.... No-one really can predict or force anyone to like your page.. especially if the services are in bulk... really difficult to have those types of expectations.
    Create useful post, unique or funny content... create a contact list then upload it to FB and invite your friends. Cross promote on different social media platforms and invite all those contacts to your FB page... then you will see your fan page increase.

    Manually Work = Professional Results...

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    Right, I was just curious if anyone knew how they were actually gaming the system.
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    Every service website is going to be different. These types of services aren't really for active real fans/followers. Most people purchase them just for social credibility. Most users are going to be more likely to like a page that has fans like 1k rather than 15.
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    I remember my brother bought such likes for his group he needed to promote and they were really active in this group (they were liking the posts, commenting them if I'm not mistaken). That's really weird. I didn't expect them to be active at all but just be there. But anyway, buying likes is nothing more than just waste of money.
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    Facebook likes are a necessity if your Facebook page is a marketing medium or full blown business. Whatever the cause may be. You will always need that boost to get you the credibility and to get you the clients to continue liking your page. Once people see you have a lot of likes, they will tend to try out your services or what so ever it may be, and if satisfied you will get more likes in this fashion. But start with a boost. It will help
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    I really don't recommend you buy likes on Facebook as they are rarely engaged people. Whenver I look at a Facebook page I always check out how many people are talking about this and when someone has 10,000 likes and 7 people talking about it's pretty obvious they've bought them which can actually be more damaging than having 100 likes and 20 people talking about it.

    It's all vanity and yes it can add to the credibility when starting out but if you're that concerned and impatient then do Facebook ads, much more targeted and you're get better results i.e more engagement, leads, sales etc.
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    I actually ran a 150.00 life time campaign, results turned out good for targeting just Montana, had like 65 new likes from our local market. Was fairly pleased with it, and the engagement we have with our new fans.
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    Back from one of my older companies before I sold it, I purchase some bulk likes for the fan page and had one engagement from those likes. However, sadly to say, the one person who engaged to one of our post said "YOu hacked my account and made me like your page". I was like, oooo crap lol. So I wonder if these services also find themselves hacking other accounts just to gain likes :-( . If so, uber unethical.
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    In the old days a Facebook app could request permission to like other pages, along with making posts on your behalf and all the standard stuff. Facebook seems to have done a good job of cutting that down, but people would Authorize an app to get some stupid benefit like a "Stop Obama" badge on the left of their page (remember those before Timeline?). Once authorized, the app developers could sell Likes and execute them through the users running their app.
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    Whoa lol, thats brilliant, but sneaky hahaha. Ohhh my.. Whats the world coming to these days.
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    If you buy Facebook likes, then there are really two ways of supplying the likes.

    1) Fake Likes: these one are really cheap and are created through bots, accounts the service provider owns or hijacks or some other sneaky thing is going on. The likes will show up on your profile, but they won't do much.

    2) Real Likes: the service provider shows an ad, pop-up or recommends your Facebook profile through their own profile, blog network or some other legitimate website or resource. These likes might be valuable, but they do come from real people.

    Honestly isn't probably best to go through Facebook's advertising platform and do it yourself just to make sure that you get real likes. There's no reason to run the risk of someone giving you fake likes when you can get your own for the same price.
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    Honestly I have availed that FAN PAGE Likes service and paid 150US Dollars for 1 month service. But I found all of those peoples who likes my FB Fan Page , they were mostly fake because when when I contacted them, they did not response.
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    As kylenelson24 and many others pointed out, FB likes and Twitter followers are purchased for creating online credibility. And it works. We've many clients we have served with Facebook likes and they have been very happy because, can you imagine people liking a page with 20 followers and especially if it happens to be a business page? Very hard.

    But real people are more likely to LIKE your page if they see there are 2000 facebook LIKEs already there on the page. That's the name of the game. It works.

    Now, in 10 dollars, 500 likes is too much for too little. We serve our clients with about 2000 to 5000 likes in about 40-60 dollars.
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    Buying Facebook likes , I think it is a dangerous game . As a Facebook fan page owner , would not suggest to anyone . Facebook advertisement is a much better option to do so .
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    There is tons of ways to force people to like your Facebook page.
    Most of them are Blackhat.

    You can do that from a Facebook Application script. Set up a FB viral app, get some Allows to the script ( 10k + ) , and start selling likes.

    Or by clickjacking on your website ... there is tons of ways ..
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    Use facedominator to get fake likes. This software creates a lot of fake likes.
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    Well yeah , that's the truth. But still there are some quality services available. The best option is to run your own Fb ad campaign.

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