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by AJWalton 8 replies
I'm trying to get FB to approve an ad to my landing page but I keep getting denied. I'm in the fitness niche.

I've tried everything I can think of, including modeling many other FB ads and landing pages I've seen - nothing has worked. I've tried around 80 permutations at this point.

Even running totally tame headlines like "Fitness Info" with a picture of fruit get denied.

Opt in page: sixpackbodyhacks.com/getabsnow/

What the heck is going on. I see fitness ads all the time on my sidebar leading to landing pages like mine, if not more aggressive. Please help!
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    Hi AJWalton...
    maybe you can try to use other facebook account.
    but first, whether you use an affiliate link to advertise on facebook?
    and, why do you not try to advertise your fanpage?
    it is more effective and cheaper.

    if you use the 'opt-in page' I would suggest that the page containing the article. I mean, your 'opt-in page' have too little content.
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    Well from my personal experience getting like on Facebook page is easier than the outside link. You can create fan page than redirect your fans to your affiliate link. Check out my sig.
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    So if you are trying to send you ad traffic to that opt-in page you might have trouble for a few reasons.

    First of all it looks like an obvious affiliate page without giving any kind of extra value to the visitor. Facebook is slowly starting to deny ads to these types of affiliate pages. I think it all comes down to the facebook rep that looks at the ads to approve since it is quite hit and miss at the moment.

    Second, there is no content, video, image etc on the opt-in page to explain what the hell the visitor is opt-in in to actually get??? Again, depending on the facebook ad rep, they can just deny based on that.

    First of all, I would submit your ads around 11pm EST because that means it has to be approved by the overnight team overseas. You might get better luck that way.

    Second, take 5 minutes and add at least a little bit of content like your main domain page has...

    Third, you could always put up a different landing page in the same URL till the ad gets approved then switch it to this one if you wanted.
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    I'm glad u posted this, I was having the same problem and this was helpful to me as well.
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    Facebook is not as much of a wild west show for ads as it was when it first started. They are learning and changing way faster than adsense and other older networks ever did because they are able to see what worked and what did not for these established ad networks.

    Due to this, they are already learning that they need to supply ads for legitimate offline businesses in order to sustain their ad platform because allow to much affiliate marketing ads can lead to legal problems and a large loss of recurring revenue if an affiliate technique is stopped due to black hat techniques.

    Because of all this, you need to think ahead of the game in terms of affiliate and Internet Marketing techniques when using Facebook. If there is a technique that is currently working great, instead of jumping on board without thinking...you have to look at why it is working great and determine if it is a long term viable tactic or if it is possible that it will go away if facebook tightens up restrictions further. If it is the later, then if you are going to use it..you better start to test out how to expand that tactic into something that is going to be long term, if there is no long term viability, then you need to be aware that it will dry up at some point and not to put all your eggs in that basket.

    If something like setting up an ad to an affiliate offer is not working 100% at the moment, that is the first indicators that it will not be a long term viable solution. So you need to start testing other tactics for this, like sending the traffic to a facebook page and then utilizing that to go to the offer or create a different type of landing page website that offers more than just the redirected affiliate offer.
    I'm just an opinionated ******* Today!
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    Send them to a fan page first. It's the same concept as a squeeze page. Collect their 'Like' information before you attempt to send them to offers.

    People trust Facebook. They don't trust your site. Let them stay on there and only redirect them to offers after you've gained their trust.
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      Originally Posted by PerformanceMan View Post

      Send them to a fan page first. It's the same concept as a squeeze page. Collect their 'Like' information before you attempt to send them to offers.

      People trust Facebook. They don't trust your site. Let them stay on there and only redirect them to offers after you've gained their trust.
      Very well said. People aren't looking to purchase when they're checking out their friends on FB. However, if you get them to like a Fanpage you can build a relationship with them through your updates and ultimately get a sale from them down the line.
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    I always point them to my fan pages.
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