Facebook Ad REJECTED because of OPT-IN?

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Hi Warriors,

I just started using FACEBOOK ads to advertise my Publicity Program Free Publicity Star.

I posted several ads that lead to my homepage (Which does have a name and email capture) and just received word that they were not approved for the following reason:

If your ad leads to a destination URL that prompts users to input personal data (such as a phone number, email address, etc.), please ensure that there is a full privacy policy clearly available that guarantees the protection of such data.

Which is weird because:

1) A TON of websites have email forms.
2) I have other ads on Facebook that WERE approved which also offer FREE gifts with Opt-IN.

Anyone have any insight into why this happens or how-to get around it?

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    Like it says you need a Privacy Policy.
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    Create a privacy policy page ( lots of free tools online , I used generateprivacypolicy.com) , seems like that would solve the issue. Other than that, it's always possible to re-submit a rejected ad, you could fall on a more forgiving person.
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    Hey Mark
    The best place to look is here: Social Media Marketing Forum
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    A privacy policy? Like "We respect you privacy, we'll never sell or rent you email and blah blah blah?
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    It seems to be a bit random.

    Sometimes they get accepted, sometimes they don't.

    Have you tried waiting a week and trying again? I did this and got my ad through.

    It must be down to the individual reviewing the ad on that particular day.
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    From what you wrote in your original post, your ad was not rejected because it had an optin, your ad was rejected because you had an optin and did not include a privacy policy.

    All your webpages should have legal documents linked to down the bottom. Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Contact Us page at the bare minimum. Earnings disclaimer as well if you are selling make money online type products.

    This is something you should get into the habit of doing with all of your pages whether you are posting them on Facebook or not. You will find most of the big advertising platforms will expect this of you.

    If you are collecting people's details you should always have a privacy policy. It is there to protect you just as much as your visitors.
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    Ummm, I went to your webpage and you have a privacy policy link at the bottom that leads to http://www.freepublicitystar.com/disclaimers/4919 but that is not a valid page and the link does not take you there...

    that could be your issue now....

    Best thing for any website where you are wanting to use paid advertising is to have the normal business pages associated. Privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of use etc etc....
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    Yes it is fixed now. I would recommend having a hyperlink back tot he homepage that is clickable on that privacy page. Some advertisers have an issue with a privacy page that does not have a working link back to the site because there is no ability for the end visitor to easily correlate the privacy page and the content that you are talking about in terms of that privacy. Just turn the link in the contact us area into a working link should be fine.

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