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Hi All!

I'm running a Facebook content to generate hype around the launch of my new website which you can view here.

So far it's still in the beginning phases but it's been quite successful. I wanted to hear about your experiences running Facebook contests and see how well they have worked for you.

How did you go about promotion? Facebook ads, etc.?

I used Shortstack to build and host my app and I absolutely love their service. What services do you prefer?

I am happy to answer any questions about my experience with social marketing campaigns as well, but I would love to hear what you have to say.

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    Running a Facebook ad and pointing it to your tab will yield some great results. This works well with contests that are fan gated.

    As for services I like this one:

    $30 a month for ShortStack is kind of pricy. Thats money that could be spent on ads driving traffic to the contest.
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    I tried to run a FB contest a while back but i found it hard to do.
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      Shortstack charges based on your fan count and it doesn't matter how many tabs you have launched. I usually like to have a few published at once so that people can subscribe to my email list and follow my other social channels.

      I also prefer not to fangate my conests for brands that are smaller and less well known because I think it can deter some people from entering since it raises the barrier to entry.

      I find Facebook ads work well but it's still difficult if you don't have a recognized brand. I think guest posting is a great way to promote your contest as well as blogging on your own site.

      Why do you think your contest wasn't successful? What were you offering as the prize?
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    Hey wish i could win the contest, and see what future have for my Fliqin social network
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    Could you ask others to share your page that has the contest info on it? I know that when my friend holds contests, she makes sure to put in the title feel free to share. OR something along these lines so others know that it is ok to do this. Maybe that would help your contest run more smoothly?

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