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Hey guys, So ive compiled a 9 question survey about Instagram behavior that I am trying to push out to as many people as possible. If you could participate in it and show it to your networks, I will share all the data/findings i come too here on WF.

My only goal is to push this out to as many people as possible. Please share it!

How do you browse Instagram?* Survey

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    Done with the survey hope this helps..

    Instagram was already sold if I am not mistaken, and it is sold less than it was acquired by facebook at least that is what I read to another blog post...

    True or not Im not really a fan of instragram ..
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    I will be willing to do the survey if it helps you out. Always ready to help a friend in need and I will be excited to see what the survey results are.
    Instagram is just something that I do not use. I never have. I do not have an account. I see many of my facebook friends using it daily and they just love it but for me it just did not spark anything.
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    I appreciate the help, thank you! Yes, Instagram was purchased by Facebook however they are very different social media outlets. What ive noticed from my peers 18-25 yr old college kids, is that they are using instagram instead of Facebook due to ads and privacy concerns. Ill post the results on this thread after the survey has run for 3-4 days!

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