How I earn money through FB Page ?

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Is there any way to earn money through FB page ?
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    Depends on your page reach, Yes you can. I am.
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    Yes there are lots of course out there if you can find the right one.
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    Selling ad space you can make as much as people are willing to pay, depending on the amount of people or members you have in your page or group. This can range from $100 to $1000 per day.
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    You can also link to your website and hopefully some of the traffic will convert into a sale.
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    Is there any mlm links you can put on your face book page? You know, not only your contacts but anyone they sign up and so on... Seems to be the power of social media is not your immediate contacts but the ones down the line a few levels. Has anybody seen any mlm's suitable for share via social media? I am making one is why I ask/suggest and was wondering if there is any (useful ones) already. It needs to be something great people will keep forwarding? Anyone?
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    It's not easy to do directly on your page, but what a lot of people do, myself included is to create valuable info to attract people and then send them to your offers or landing pages elsewhere.

    Hope that makes sense

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    If you have a page already with thousands of likes and you want to make money from it, You can search for an affiliate product which is related to the topic of your page, or just one with a good commission.
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    Whats your page about? thats more important to know to see what type of fans you have...
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    I never knew this. How do you go about searching for affiliate products or sponsors that would have advertisements suiting your page niche?

    Is it a case of you selling banner space to the side of your page or how does it work. Anyone got any examples?
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    Build a page in a niche you are interested in, make informational and entertaining posts, build an audience with FB ads, send traffic to opt in page, promote related products.

    There's a simple outline to follow. It works.
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    This is the formula:
    Targeted Fans = Targeted audience => Targeted audience = Opportunity.
    => Opp + Free offer = Targeted Mailing list.

    A targeted mailing list = Money if properly monetized with low cost offers 1st and more expensive sales/offers to those buying from you.

    Questions? Pm me


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    Well, facebook for me has been a place to create true connections with others. Selling to them has not been my number one priority, however, I have gained many new PR clients after talking to them in person.

    Some of the sites I use to "meet" with them face to face are Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and more recently Gotomeeting.

    In my opinion most people are mistaken in thinking you are going to get massive results by just posting another business opportunity. What about saying how are you? And really getting to know others?
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    Create a simple blog with Worpress, put ads and affiliate ads (like clickbank ...) post a great product every 5 hours on your FB page, try to hide that you're promoting products, try to replay to comments on your FB page, i can guaranteed. If you do this, there is a lots of dollars.
    Good Luck
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    Build list and sell affiliate products + CPA offers

    Hope it helps
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    I've found the most success building a fanpage around a popular niche, than using the ad platform to promote hat fanpage and get all those fans signing up to an opt in form for future promotion.
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    Ofcourse, there are a lot. People might think onlines business is nothing however it is great since you can manage your own time and earn a lot. I guess making the perfect one depends on your interest. You do not want to make a business that you are not familiarize with because this will just make your business put to waste.
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    CPA Offers,
    Amazon Links
    Drive traffic to you own website with:
    Affiliate offers + Adsense Code

    there are a few ideas - I do all these.
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    I use my fan page to collect fans/leads and everyday I will post some interesting images and there's a link below. Also don't forget to setup a Facebook Tabs that will redirect to your landing page/sales page.
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    Yes there are lots of way to earn money in FB.
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    You can earn money if you have Facebook pages with massive likes. You can start selling traffic from your page. Or you can create a website and then send traffic to it. I have a friend who is earning $500+ from his different Facebook pages!

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