Twitter account suspended for aggressive following

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Hey guys, so one of my Twitter accounts was suspended today for 'aggressive following'. I've been following about a 100 users a day for the last few days. What's a safe number to follow daily? If I get caught again I'm going to get my account banned and I'd rather avoid that!

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    You can follow max 30 followers per 2 days if you follow 30 followers per day your account will suspended
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    Yes you need to be very careful because twitter is trying to clean up
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    I'm not sure that 30 follows a day will get you banned. Any chance you have a link to that adwike? If that is true I'd be curious to know that for 100% sure for myself. I thought it was over 200 follows in a single day.

    Question for OP: Are you using an automated plugin app or software that automatically follows or unfollows others? If so, that is the likely culprit. From Twitter, "
    We monitor all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn (repeatedly following and un-following large numbers of other users). You can read more about these below, but if you don’t follow or un-follow hundreds of users in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following users, you should be fine.
    Please note that the only automated following behavior that Twitter allows is auto-follow-back (following a user after they have followed you). Automated un-following is also not permitted. Please review our Automation Rules and Best Practices for more information on automating your account."
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    As far as I know, 100 is a safe number, even if you use a software. In case you are using one, you should probably set longer times between follows, and if possible randomize it. Also, don't worry that much about getting banned again, I got banned recently like 4 times in a row for following over 500 people a day, and they didn't suspend it permanently (or am I a lucky guy?).

    Good luck.
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    It highly depends on the age of your account and the number of followers you have. I was messing around today with some numbers, and got suspended after 100 follows on a relatively new account with a random 1-5 second delay between follows. I was able to repeat the process with another new account on 5-10 second delays, and wasn't suspended.
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    It happened to me too, and from then I follow just 15 people maximum, and I post 5 tweets/day. I don't want to have my account suspend it again.
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    Hi Probably you used Tweetadder for your twitter marketing management?
    Be careful not to unfollow to much people in a short period of time. The same with following. The same happened with me! '
    In Tweetadder you can manage the time between actions. Always take some more time to be save.
    About adding tweets or ads:
    Like Facebook it depends whether you use hyperlinks or not.
    For FB you can safely add ads in 100 groups at once without hyperlink. If you use hyperlink don't put in more than 80 groups at once.
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    Yes it happens now a days with more profiles,twitter has some restriction of following possibly 5 to 10 member is enough per day.
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    There is a restriction for the amount of people you can follow so you have to abide the rules otherwise get blocked. I have been suspended once and the reason was the same you are saying.
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    Wow i didn't know they do banned Twitter for having more than 30 account join per day ,thanks for the tips.
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    100 follows a day it's a safe bet as far as I know.
    How fast did to add them...? if twitter sees that you add 30 people in like 30 seconds... that would send a red flag to them. You won't get banned immediately but if you were to do the above for a few days in a row, it would not surprise me if they ban you.

    At the end of the day, twitter is a social media platform and many marketers (including myself) seem to forget the word "social"... it's not designed to "market"
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    I read this all wrong at first. I thought that you got banned for having an aggressive following, not following an insane number of people per day.

    Why are you following 100 people a day? Are you hoping that they will follow you back? If so, then stop using this strategy because it rarely builds any value. Those people aren't on your Twitter list because they like what you are saying. They are usually just trying to be courteous.

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