Anyone using Social Lead Freak ?

by JackCronfield 9 replies
I am interested to know if anyone is using Social Lead Freak ?
Is it "legal" to use it (i.e. - if I use it to harvest ID can Facebook ban me? )

Thank you
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    Can you please explain what is social lead freak?
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    Yes, i would like to learn about social lead frek as well, will share with us..
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    I would like to learn about social lead freak
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    Yet another junky squeeze page. 2009 called, it wants its online marketing plan back

    Get thousands of retweets on every tweet and drive traffic from twitter

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    Originally Posted by JackCronfield View Post

    I am interested to know if anyone is using Social Lead Freak ?
    Is it "legal" to use it (i.e. - if I use it to harvest ID can Facebook ban me? )

    Thank you
    Can anyone tell me what is Social Lead Freak?
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    I've been using it for almost a week and the results were great, my first 5 ads were getting likes at 0.01 to 0.03 and the fans are really passionate about the niche, I don't even post for quite a while now, they do the posting I just share it, their so passionate they give me ideas what to post and topics, getting ready to monetize them. I just extracted 80k uid's for the first time,upload them and target them simple and easy,

    the uid's are there to begin with..try this : go to your profile page and change "www" to "graph" sample ==> , you can see your uid's, what the software does is to collect it, but that's not all , if your in facebook the more competitive your niche is the better! you can use this soft. to search group's and fanpage!

    conclusion use it with your own risk. I'm not promoting the soft or anything I just share my experience with it. what I know about the TOS is never sell the uid's or use it with different platform aside fb, feel free to argue and make excuses(I don't care,this works for me). don't want it? don't buy it.

    if you're in a fence,there's so many technique out there about targeting audience , lurk around the forum.
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    I haven't tried this software but it's supposed to generate you leads whatever type of business you are in. The great thing about this is that it runs both on PC and Mac. It's not only about the tool but how you use it so I agree people use it at their own risk.

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      does the SLF use proxies? Can you hide your IP?

      Guys With Brains Work for Guys With Balls. Guys With Balls Work for Luck.

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        Since Facebook introduced Graph search, not only they allowed to extract members ID's, but they encouraged that to use it for facebook ads, so that you can target your ad campaigns more precisely than ever before.

        This will allow you to laser target your ad campaign, which will allow better results with less money spent and will increase your CTR significantly. It is ideal for promoting CPA offers, Clickbank and Amazon products.

        IMPORTANT: This only works on Power Editor on Google Chrome and you can only upload TXT file.
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