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Anyone heard about yesterday's Pinterest algorithm change? I was just informed that it decreases the traffic totally, because if you pin to group board in which you were invited by other member (not by that group board owner) your pins will no longer be seen by that group followers. You only must receive a invite from group owner to pin effectively. Have you heard about that / felt the traffic decrease from Pinterest?
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    Luckily, all my posters were invited and added by the board owners, so I can't say I felt any difference. I am sorry for all those who felt the traffic decrease, but hopefully it won't take much time to re-add those people to meet new requests.
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    There are some serious changes going on with pinterest..
    I also have heard about this Owner invited thingy by other guys, but it seems i haven't lost much of traffic, but still i feel things are changing,
    Like i am being board owner and i myself feel that when i am pinning my pins are being showed to some limited followers,
    Need to look more into this !
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    Yes I agreed i feel in a traffic decrease too...
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    How true is this? Because I have some boards that are not invited by the owners themselves.
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    Isn't it pretty pointless for Pinterest to continue allowing pinners on a group board to invite friends if their pins are not going to be seen. Why don't they just disallow pinners from inviting?
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    I haven't heard about this change, nor have I seen a decrease in my traffic.

    It really wouldn't make sense to change it like that because not all followers of group boards are also contributors, so whose pins would they be able to see? If they could only see the board owner's pins, then that wouldn't entice them to want to become a contributor - in fact, it wouldn't appear to be a group board at all if they can't see anyone else's pins.

    The same holds true for Pinterest members who are not following a board. All group boards would appear to have pins only from the board owner, so they wouldn't look like there's any interaction from other pinners, and no one would want to become a contributor.

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