How can I increase the traffic to my site?

by akashingenious 26 replies
I do not wish to do link exchanges or anything unethical. I simply want some genuine methods that I can direct a little bit more traffic to my website. How do I do that?
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    Just Google it and you can find several blogs and thread on this particular topic.
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    Facebook and Twitter are excellent venues if you really want to generate traffic. Well, these are two of the most popular social networking sites today. What else can you expect, right? Start by focusing on making significant content for both. Also, think of ways on how your page can be interactive. That helps a lot in magnetizing traffic.
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      I am there too, trying to figure how to bring more traffic. It's always the part where I struggle the most. And I think like you that Twitter and Facebook are my number one choice... but not in a spammy unethical way of course... it has to bring real value to those who would read our tweets or the posts on our page.
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    Increase the number of your backlinks and of course integrate social media in your SEO campaign.
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    Yeah social media seems to be one of the most important things for traffic these days so I would say to start off with that.

    In time you should try to rank for certain keywords in Google.
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    Socialize your business in all possible ways of getting the targeted visitors to your site. May be you should be fixed to search engine optimization and social media too (as mentioned above in a few replies). But then try to be more specific by not letting your website acquire spam links. It's better that you drive in with:

    - Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google Plus that ensures users' active engagement whilst your business reaches out the specific people too.
    - Mark your presence in a few other networks like Bizink, Stumbleupon, Digg, Gumtree, etc. Advertising your business will catch with number of views.
    - Why don't you try offering/affiliate marketing? This would also be a better option at times.

    Good luck!
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    Do the work for make back-links like
    Social media optimization
    Article posting
    Blog posting.
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    Set up google alerts for your keyword, this will show when new content about your keywords appears on the web..then you can check if you can add your link to the discussion and help the discussion.
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    Share your site content using Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, and delicious etc.
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      Originally Posted by shaunpaton13 View Post

      Social media is a very powerful tool nowadays, it can change the face of your website within days provided that your Social Media Strategy is good enough.
      True. It is already powerful by itself, plus you get a lot of choices and you get different kinds and amounts of population from each. But you should not rely just on that. You still have to make the efforts to utilize what you have and think of the best ways to make your target market get involved.
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    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum and looking for ways to best use it as well as how can I make a new post.

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    I Use Social Monkee, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Hootsuite all these media sources will get you seen.

    Affiliate links and templates are not allowed.

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    Depends on the offer you are promoting or product(s) you are trying to sell. But social media is always a good and free way. Such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

    Also getting traffic through the #1 search engine, Google, is done by ranking on page #1 of Google to get unique first time visitors to your website/blog.

    These are all unpaid/free ways to get traffic to your website! However their is a marketing strategy/technique you must learn first in order to rank page 1 of the major search engines. Once I was able to do this for a few keywords, my traffic went from 30-40 people a day on average to about 600-700 people a day in a couple of months.

    Let me know if you need help and I can direct you in how to start ranking on page #1 of Google, and even YouTube for keywords related to your business, or product/service you are promoting!

    Nathan :-)
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    Give quality content thru blogs and articles. You can take the fast route and do banner ads, PPC thru Google and Facebook. Just be consistent in whatever route you go and it will payoff in the longrun.

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    Generate backlinks from

    Article Directories
    Web 2.0 Blogs
    Web 2.0 Profiles
    Social Bookmarking
    Social Network Posts
    Wiki Articles
    Press Releases

    This will increase traffic to the site..
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    Few suggestions on inbound marketing.

    Free traffic resources

    Social Networks
    Comment Marketing
    Online Video
    Social Bookmarking
    Q+A Sites
    Direct/Referring Links
    Document Sharing
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    Don't limit yourself! There are many ways to drive traffic to your web destination.

    Socialteresa named some good ones.

    Q & A sites drive targeted traffic all the time. 1 of my favorites.

    Youtube will drive MASS traffic to your site after you learn how to correctly structure your video and description/#tags and keywords. Ranking is easier on YT than on Google.
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    Be Social......Social media market is the only way from where you can get relevant traffic if you really engaged with your friends and fans.
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    By using social media sites you can get very relevant traffic within less time.
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    Here are my top traffic strategy, some are free while others are paid.

    Social media
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    social media marketing, classifieds, e-books, offers, seo, forum, display ads, blog posting are some ways to increase traffic
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    original and quality content on your site, try to get more back links for your sites to gain traffic, use social media are some methods to gain traffic to your websites.
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    Give quality content thru blogs and articles. You can take the fast route and do banner ads, PPC thru Google and Facebook. Just be consistent in whatever route you go and it will payoff in the longrun.

    Affiliate links and templates are not allowed.

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