How Can I increase the views on youtube?

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Hello Warriors,
I want to know how can I increase more views on my youtube video.Please help me out. If you have any suggestion then share with me.

Thanks Warriors!
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      Originally Posted by guptadeepak2353 View Post


      Share links in Facebook, YouTube, and Bubblews. And you can also buy YouTube views from freelancers like here [spam link deleted by moderator]

      I don't think so buying you tube views is a good solution.
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    For increasing Youtube viewers the most important thing is increase the tag as much as you can this makes a lot of viewers

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    Get it ranked, thats the only way you can increase views. You can share on social sites all you want but that isn't going to rank it or even bring any traffic unless you have a huge following.

    Or buy fake views but they won't do you any good.
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    After posting the video in You tube, post the video link in facebook and other social media sites which helps other users to visit . These gives good impression to the website.
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    Start Sharing on social medias and Do some Off page optimization. Hope it will work
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    If you think the youtube worth to get viral start an adwords campaign. You can promote it there. This way you can boost it fast. Social media is the next way..Facebook, Twitter, Google+
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    Originally Posted by Strategicmarketing21 View Post

    Hello Warriors,
    I want to know how can I increase more views on my youtube video.Please help me out. If you have any suggestion then share with me.

    Thanks Warriors!
    Hi. I am going to make the following assumptions that you have Not done these following tips:

    Number 1- do keyword research to align what is said in the video with what most people are searching for( can be done via a free/paid keyword search tool, and/or typing in youtube's search field for 2 to 3 word phrases that are closely related to what you are educating/solving for your intended audience.

    Just like with google instant, typing in 1 or 2 words should most likely pop up what many are searching for in a particular order. Then put in those keywords into your title, description, and tags on each video within your youtube channel. Also in the "about" section, writing a few sentences up to about 1.5 to two paragraphs giving a summary of what you are communicating in the video may prove beneficial as some look there first before investing their time watching.

    According to google/youtube: Google Trends enables you to take popular search queries and explore traffic patterns over time and geography. Now we've added YouTube search data going back to 2008, making it another great tool to look at video trends.

    Perhaps trends can help further clarify the strategy.

    Number 2-People may not be watching because there are not enough people searching for that information, and/or there is a lot of people posting videos on the same topic (your competition). Even if you can drive traffic, there may not be enough interest equaling low viewership according to what you desire.

    Number 3- You can try asking for people to look at youtube video link through reddit in the subject area matching your topic, and see what their thoughts are. It can drive people to your site if it a popular topic according to search volume. Also you can get feedback on what's working, and what is not. If you are not familiar with reddit, you can google or watch brief video on youtube.

    Number 4-The still of your video that is shown before people click to watch maybe a factor in low viewership. I would test.

    Number 5-I would check the competition, and see how they are targeting your keywords. How their video layout looks, the time frame, what they don't use, and what they do use etc.

    There are a myriad of things you can do besides these, and hopefully something above will help if you have not tried those before.

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    If you haven't enabled monetization ( having adsense) for these videos then you can use sites like youtube view exchange as already mentioned in above post. One more View others video and get points for that and use that points for your youtube hits. Having both free and paid options.

    If you have Adsense on these videos then it better to use social networking, because using the above tricks on adsense enabled youtube videos can get in result of ban of your adsense account.

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    Post video on other video sites and promote it through social media groups.
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    For improved views on your YouTube video. You need to upload and share your video on high PR sites and you can also manually increase your YouTube video views. Beside with "Enhance Viewer" tool you can boost views on your YouTube video. It is a good tool for enhancing views on your video.
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    Share it on Facebook and Twitter, Or share it on your own website and blog to attract others' attention. There is a guide about how to share you tube video on website and blog
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    If your video is original and you believe it can go viral, buying traffic within google is safe ... i.e. buying adwords for videos, check this...

    Until you get good number of views using adwords, then you can stop paying for views and you get natural views from youtube search and suggested video in side to popular videos..
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    Simply if you have the budget to target the demographics you want to reach out your youtube video to get the desired demographics traffic then advertise in youtube.

    But if you simply want quantity, seeing the youtube views increase without giving importance to where it came from then go buy youtube views.

    But if you want it free and natural then you need to optimize the youtube details such as title, descriptions, tags (target the best keywords search applicable for the video), thumb image, etc. then use your social media connections to help your video get that desired views, this will consume time but along with it might as well focus on building subscribers on your youtube channel, you might not reach the target views on your 1st video but probably on the next videos you will create this might have different results
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    I always use social networking websites.. Always get the best results from those!
    Using Free Views, Comment and Like boosters is useless! Your video will get deleted and you will get a warning send to your email.
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      DO NOT buy youtube views. After looking through this thread I see a lot of people suggesting to buy youtube views on fiverr and other sites.

      This is a very bad idea. Google and/or youtube has been cracking down on people trying to push up there content through fake means.

      If your videos go from lets say 200 views to 3200 views in two days it will set off a red flag. Even if you want to push your view count up, unless you do it so it looks natural your content is going to be deranked.

      To get the best results you want to be found by the search engines and rank not just for youtube but in google and other search engines. You achieve this by having a good description. Since youtube and search engine bots can't watch your video to know what keywords it should rank for it relies on your description. You want a keyword rich description that is 100-300 words along with your keyword being 1-3% keyword density. Also you want a list of tags or keywords at the end of your description.

      Once you have done all that you want to backlink your video. Backlinking the video you want to rank will do almost as much as video count. However this also needs to look natural. If you just go to fiverr and get 1000 backlinks in a day you will get deranked for that also.

      If you follow everything I have said above and do some social media linking, your videos will start to get traffic and get natural views which is what you want. Also keep in mind that this is a time consuming process. It can take anywhere from a week to six weeks to start getting daily views on your video depending on the niche and type of video.
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    DO NOT buy views anymore. YT is picking up on that since a few weeks!
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    Try looking for relevant tags on other social media like Twitter and sharing it with those.
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    To increase more views on your Youtube video is to promote it on Facebook, twitter, g+ and you can also bookmark it on different bookmarking sites. Promoting your Youtube videos on social media sites can help you increase viewers.
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    Buying youtube views in fiverr is waste now, mostly bots and no use. but, there is no problem buying views from youtube itself by promote video option, as google encourages it.

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