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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fanpage Phishing Scams Alert - Don't Get Your Fanpage Stolen!

    MYDCOM in Social Networks

    I run a few facebook fanpages and recently, I was hit with a terrifying private message on one of my fanpages, warning me of a violation and account being disabled ... [read more]

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    integram +facebook+ twitter+ Google plus

    Double Q in Social Networks

    I have hear many people say social media is powerful and a free place to drive more traffic. how if, i dont have any friend (absolutely no people in my ... [read more]

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    Simple and Proven trick to boost Organic reach.

    R0NNi3 in Social Networks

    I noticed this trick on couple of Troll pages. I also own few Troll pages. So, I tried this today. Usually, my posts are reaching only 12k people out of ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads CPC to OCPM

    mybnr34 in Social Networks

    Hello everyone, I've always heard suggestiosn or tips for FB ads bidding is to START your campaign in CPC (in this case Post Engagement), THEN move to OCPM when necessary ... [read more]

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    losing Twitter followers

    techmann in Social Networks

    I have about 2500 Twitter followers. I seem to be losing about 1% each month. Not sure if this is a normal level of attrition. I've tried varying my rate ... [read more]

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    Facebook advertising for e-commerce leads?

    Xelaetaks in Social Networks

    Anyone know - objectively speaking for a site that sells things like business and office products for example if advertising on facebook can help get leads to the site? Thanks

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    How can I check how many shares my website has?

    BrandonLN in Social Networks

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong section. I didn't know whether to post this under SEO or here. How many +1's, Facebook shares, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn shares, ect...Is their a ... [read more]

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    Help me improve my social media outreach

    TinRoof in Social Networks

    I have a humor site and I'm trying to increase traffic through social media. Currently I use Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. What other social networks should I focus on?

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    Pinterest and Amazon..

    axus_auto in Social Networks

    Anybody doing well with Pinterest and Amazon?

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    Facebook ads vs paypal

    kevinfar in Social Networks

    So, I'm having an issue with paypal and facebook. I was advertising on Facebook and paying with paypal in the past. For a variety of reasons I had stopped the ... [read more]

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    New Pinterest Analytics Is Awesome...

    dcmarketer in Social Networks

    Have you checked out the new more in-depth Pinterest analytics yet? It's awesome, especially compared to what they use to provide - way more on par with what Facebook provides ... [read more]

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    Optimized for impressions or likes?

    Adam Curry in Social Networks

    Looking to build a large fanbase on facebook. Which would be the best option for cheap likes? Optimize for impression or optimize for likes?

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    Facebook ads no reach, no spent

    lethuong247 in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I running some ads on facebook, this morning its still running, but now it seems to stopped, and now no reach, no spent. Facebook also notified: "The estimated ... [read more]

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    facebook fanpage ads..

    TroyCo in Social Networks

    maybe a silly question but if someone makes me an admin on their fanpage can I run ads for it from my ads manager? is the other admin able to ... [read more]

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    Need Product to Help Identify Prospects on Facebook

    maggie2 in Social Networks

    Apparently it is now illegal to scrape from groups and/or pages on Facebook. Can anyone tell me how to go about identifying people I want to target with an ad? ... [read more]

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    Personal FaceBook and Business FaceBook

    deu12000 in Social Networks

    I don't really use FaceBook for business except for groups I've joined. I know I'm missing out on a lot. I don't want business prospects or clients seeing what's going ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ad Campaign - Stats Not Updating

    nefirious in Social Networks

    I usually use Bing Ads for promoting my website, but this time I have chosen Facebook Ad Campaign. Facebook Ad Campaign manager claims that I received about 74 impressions till ... [read more]

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    I'm looking to buy youtube training

    YoungKean in Social Networks

    Anyone have youtube training? how to rank how to tag and how to title. I will purchase it

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    I want to buy social media traffic, Need expert suggestion

    tanvirbd in Social Networks

    Hello, I have a blog and which is all about health & Fitness, I use adsene there so I need some safe traffic, I am thinking of buying some social ... [read more]

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    Ronni3 How do you do it?

    markbowden1 in Social Networks

    Ronni3, you seem to be excelling with a ridiculous amount of followers and shares etc. Any tips?

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    Facebook- Building Audiences

    Up until recently (the past few days?) there has been the option under "Build Audience" to invite contacts by email address. This feature now seems to be gone....does anybody know ... [read more]

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    pryidevsblog in Social Networks

    Hello there, I am planning to purchase a copy of SENuke. How many of you are use this software.. Does Google consider black hat technique if we use this software??

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    Promoting clickbank on YouTube

    GowebMkt in Social Networks

    Has anyone had decent success promoting Clickbank / Aff. products by contacting the owner of the YouTube video and placing your aff link in the description? Usually you offer the ... [read more]

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    To anyone enjoying Facebook success through Click-baiting...

    KayOS in Social Networks

    ...they're on to you:

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    programs for making facebook audiences

    Serg80 in Social Networks

    hi I am looking for a program for making facebook audiences. can any one help? I prefer a free one

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    Tell me how-Facebook!!

    Gosmiley in Social Networks

    I am knew at this can someone tell me how to post on Facebook and do you use your own personal account on facebook or start a new one? I ... [read more]

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    Will this work??? please help me

    ashani in Social Networks

    Hello, i am new to social media marketing. someone please tell me whether the following fiverr gig can help me to increase my product sales. this guy promises to promote ... [read more]

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    any solution to sell with a Facebook page???

    tonny56 in Social Networks

    Hello Warriors I hope you are well. After almost two days of googling I have'nt found any answer to my questions, here is my problem: I have no website and ... [read more]

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    Facebook Cloaking

    Phomie in Social Networks

    Is anyone familiar with Facebook cloaking? If you are, can you recommend a cloaker that works fairly well? I couldn't find one. I'm not sure if this is allowed to ... [read more]

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    is buying likes and followers all fake?

    bsurb in Social Networks

    These sites that you can buy scripts for to sell social media followers and likes, are those 100% fake? Or does it all depend on who you get the services ... [read more]

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    Benefits of following/"liking" other pages?

    Hello! This is my first post, and I've come across a question that I can't exactly Google for the answer. For business Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr pages. is there an obvious benefit to ... [read more]

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    Help with new website [Facebook Page]

    ShadedCS in Social Networks

    Hello everyone, I'm ShadedCS and I just started a new Facebook page + website combo and I'm trying to learn the best way to get the most followers. My Facebook ... [read more]

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    fan pages on same FB account

    agmccall in Social Networks

    Hello All When creating fan pages for your different niches, do you put them all on the same Facebook account, or do you have multiple Facebook accounts. Also, I did ... [read more]

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    Social Media Management

    KingBeven in Social Networks

    Hi all, Please can some tell me what is the best software to use to manage all my social media accounts? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon...

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    How do you register many Plenty of Fish Account to see the competition?

    heartdragon in Social Networks

    Hi, I made 5 accounts I use it and some days later I get banned these accounts and after that i can’t register anymore accounts. I tried to register a ... [read more]

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    HELP! Why am I hardly getting any traffic from my quotes-Pinterest-pins?

    RoniShwartz in Social Networks

    I have a Pinterest group board, called Quotes worth Quoting, where I pin pictorial-quote-pins that are linked to my website... Some of the pins lead to pages through which you ... [read more]

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    How to let users comment using social?

    mattg0 in Social Networks

    Due to comment SPAM, i want my users to signup using their existing social accounts. Is there any way to do so?

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    How many Accounts Can You Have On YT

    Andre Slater in Social Networks

    Wanting to create multiple channels to promote different things online. I am wondering how many accounts that you can have on YT? I want to upload different niche videos to ... [read more]

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    Pinterest Like Button

    Does anyone know the value of the Pinterest like button? Does it affect your rank in the Pinterest search engine? Is it a "bad sign" if your pin has more ... [read more]

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    [Instagram] Post image by one click

    1eecooper in Social Networks

    Hello. I am android developer. I have an idea how to post photos on Instagram by one click using Camera app capture button. For example, you want to place some ... [read more]

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    tools to automate following Twitter users

    techmann in Social Networks

    Basically I want to find a software tool that will automatically follow - followers of a user in my niche, with the understanding that 10-20% will follow back. Ideally a ... [read more]

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    Social Exchange Websites?

    longseo in Social Networks

    I know social exchange websites will help us increase more likes, but I don't think it make real likes. Do you think social exchange is good?

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    1k Facebook likes in 3 days

    Bullvied in Social Networks

    I'm pretty excited about this. I have promoted a couple other pages in the past with little success. I started with a $5 a day budget ,and am at 16 ... [read more]

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    Facebook Import Contacts for pages not available anymore

    maxrainbow in Social Networks

    Facebook removed the option to import contacts for fan pages, Does anyone know a method to get around it?

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    10,597 visitors with one post and for free, the secret on social media nobody is talking about.

    patadeperro in Social Networks

    First of all let me show you the proof of what I am saying. This is a site of one of my clients and these are the numbers up to ... [read more]

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    Going Viral on Reddit - Massive Traffic

    John Atkins in Social Networks

    Recently I started a blog about meditation and so far it has been very easy to get traffic to it. After a few days I started getting 30-50 unique visitors ... [read more]

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    Easy to use image creator for Twitter?

    inetiatic in Social Networks

    Has anyone found a good solution to creating images for social media quickly? I get nearly 150% more engagement when each Tweet has an image, but want to make sure ... [read more]

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    How is this website adding related YouTube videos after each article?

    SJstar in Social Networks

    Hello, I'm curious as to how this website is adding related YT videos after each article. Everytime you click on a new celebrity, it automatically shows related YouTube videos to ... [read more]

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    Facebook comment moderation?

    TinRoof in Social Networks

    I have it set up so people can comment at my site using Facebook. The way it is set up now all the comments have to be moderated. Is there ... [read more]

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    Best way to monetize tumblr traffic

    pethum in Social Networks

    I'm having 55K followers in my NSFW tumblr blogs and 85K followers in SFW tumblr blogs. Currently I monetize them with plugrush but only making $6-$7/day with them as adult ... [read more]

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    How to rank Youtube Video?

    cgamp in Social Networks

    For youtube rank which is more significantly google emphasize among youtube like, youtube view or youtube subscription? If I buy 1K youtube like, 1K youtube views & 1K youtube subscribers, ... [read more]

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    youtube jv's

    fx2000 in Social Networks

    Has anyone marketed their products by asking someone on youtube to put a link in their video or in their description, then splitting the profits with them? If so is ... [read more]

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    Getting traffic & Followers from twitter

    Jayy in Social Networks

    hi So i've never tried to get traffic from social media before but I want to learn and I'm going to start with twitter first, do I just follow people ... [read more]

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    How to Promote Video Entry

    2shrimpz in Social Networks

    Hello everyone. I am currently in a video contest being held by a Bass Pro Shops brand. What can I do to get more people to view AND like my ... [read more]

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    What is new change in G+ by Google?

    jony1 in Social Networks

    if you have knowledge about changing in G+ then tell me....THANKS