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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Facebook Training From An Expert In SEO And Facebook

    Pretty bold statement just starting off but let me answer a few questions and maybe you will start following this thread for some sound advice. 1. Should I buy Likes ... [read more]

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    Big fanpage, very low reach

    lanceq in Social Networks

    Hi, i got fanpage from my friend, this fp have almost 54k of likes, and unfortunetly very low posts reach, average reach per post is about 1000-1500, edgerank of this ... [read more]

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    I Need My PERSONAL Google+ Page Verfied

    BrandonLN in Social Networks

    I've found numerous pages telling me how to through Google, but all are outdated with broken links or only show how-to's for business pages. I don't see why I wouldn't ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads Problems-Not Delivering/Getting Enough Engagement?

    Saintsfan40 in Social Networks

    I've noticed facebook ads is acting strange recently in the past few days. I've been promoting posts on "Page Post Engagements" with my products and I've noticed I'm getting very ... [read more]

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    Got any Google+ tips you'd be willing to divulge?

    DreBeltrami in Social Networks

    It maybe the bottle of wine I had after dinner but it just dawned on me that I'm spinning my wheels and spending too much trying to get engagement back ... [read more]

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    Where to Start With Facebook Marketing?

    jerytohn in Social Networks

    I have a blog and I want to do Facebook marketing to drive traffic and engagement. Where do I start? Do I create a Facebook page and use paid advertising ... [read more]

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    Click to Website Question

    upmatthews in Social Networks

    I started a click to website campaign to a landing page with a video that was set on auto-play. I monitored the campaign through out the day, watching Youtube views. ... [read more]

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    Sharing content in LinkedIn Groups?

    Hello Guys, Can I start discussion in different LinkedIn groups with same content for a specific blog post? Or Do I need to use different content for sharing same blog ... [read more]

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    created second you tube video

    cnovini in Social Networks

    Hi All I have just joined warrior forum after conducting research. I have joined others as well. Created my second you tube video. I blog with word press which is ... [read more]

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    Making money with

    masterjobs in Social Networks

    Is anyone familiar how to make money with

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    Leadpages: Squeeze page in Facebook tab or on website

    acteur in Social Networks

    Hello, so i'm running a test on a opt in squeeze page from leadpages, that is posted in a facebook tab of my fanpage...i get cheap clicks and high CTR ... [read more]

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    Help me understand facebook ads for people starting out

    I'm trying to understand the best route to go with using facebook ads, have I got this assumption right? Lets pretend im trying to send people to an external opt ... [read more]

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    Google's New Local Algorithm 'Pigeon' ?

    Rahulshrma in Social Networks

    On July 24, news hit that Google had quietly made changes to its local ranking algorithm, dubbed “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land (SEL) in absence of an official name by ... [read more]

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    Got any Google+ tips you'd be willing to divulge?

    DreBeltrami in Social Networks

    It maybe the bottle of wine I had after dinner( ) but it just dawned on me that I'm spinning my wheels and spending too much trying to get engagement ... [read more]

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    Facebook page name question

    capemay in Social Networks

    Dumb question... can a Facebook page name contain the word "Facebook"? Such as "Facebook Cute Puppy Central" or something like that? I'm reading this, but don't see anything about it... ... [read more]

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    Social media sites

    What you think about Social media sites it's increase traffic or not?

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    Why Is Affiliate Marketing With Backpage/Craigslist Such A Bust?

    Craig Fenton in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors: I hope the holiday season is going well for all. I'm very curious about something I read in one of the Warrior Forum threads maybe a couple of ... [read more]

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    Facebook releases Graph API 2.1 with new Android and iOS SDKs, will deprecate version 2.0 on August

    basem014 in Social Networks

    Facebook today released Graph API version 2.1, as well as updated Android and iOS SDKs that work with it. For those who don’t know, the Graph API is the primary ... [read more]

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    am I a skuxx?

    I think I push myself so hard. I have seen so many people make comment for traffic. somebody else post to get traffic this is not what social media is ... [read more]

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    1000 Facebook Likes

    Jonathan 2.0 in Social Networks

    Hey. : ) On average, how long would you say it would take to acquire 1000 Facebook likes? (I know there are certain "variables" involved however I'm just looking for ... [read more]

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    Is there any best FB marketing software in 2014?

    snovvvolf in Social Networks

    Hi, i need some advice here, is there any best software for FB pages likes increase for country. pls send me the link. Thank Ivan

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    Tracking Facebook Leads With Conversion Pixel

    ApexMateria in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I have a lead generation campaign going on FB and have the conversion pixel setup on the thank you page of my website. The problem is every user ... [read more]

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    [$50] Need Help Setting Up CPVLab / Facebook Ad Tracking

    ApexMateria in Social Networks

    I have CPVLab installed on a server. I want to use it to track Facebook ads for a lead generation campaign I'm working on. I need someone experienced to help ... [read more]

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    Need Help With My FB Fanpage Regarding Engagement...

    davidhorph in Social Networks

    So, about 3 days ago, I started promoting (advertising) my Facebook Fan Page, I actually started the page July 28th, but didn't start promoting it till a few days ... [read more]

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    Quickest Way to Rank A Youtube video :)

    Syed Raza in Social Networks

    Let’s take a look at the factors that affect your Videos Ranking. 1. How long the Video is viewed for. 2. How many Likes it has. 3. How many Views ... [read more]

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    Pinterest Following Ratio

    morg2k2 in Social Networks

    Hi guys, i was following pinners in Pinterest and received the following message: "You have reached your following limit. Your limit will increase if more people follow you. For now, ... [read more]

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    Tee Spring Concept On Other Niches

    hani051 in Social Networks

    Hello, i have facebook page, that doing fairly well. I have been doing paid marketing, but the results are not that great. Now i am planning to apply tee spring ... [read more]

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    How to monetize my Facebook page?

    PPC Ninja in Social Networks

    What's up warriors. I have a Facebook fanpage for a TV show with a good amount of followers. I was thinking of making TShirts about the show. Nothing copyrighted, no ... [read more]

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    Can I do without a facebook page?

    madelyndon in Social Networks

    I want to just stick with Twitter and Pinterest. I did create a Facebook page but I really hate the way FB works. I didn't want it connected to people ... [read more]

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    Getting Facebook Advertising Clients

    Hey people! Over the last few months, I've been reading up on a lot of stuff about Facebook advertising and how to get the cheapest clicks to your website or ... [read more]

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    FB Page - low people reached

    duwitmu in Social Networks

    I have FB Page with around 6K members. However, when we are posting something, why the people reached is just around 100 - 200 people and never been above it. ... [read more]

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    entertainment publicity

    i handle entertainment publicity and can further your brand even more depending on your budget.intrested lets talk further maybe we can work something out. can also do other publicity measures ... [read more]

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    Twitter groups

    gnr991 in Social Networks

    How can I join to Twitter groups?

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    FaceBook Like with info added to wall

    mustbecrap in Social Networks

    hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of a plugins THAT WORKS (sorry I am being a little smart as so many dont work).. I am looking for a plugin ... [read more]

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    Facebook Custom Audience Uploading Problems

    Hi there, i hope so that anyone can help me with this issue on Facebooks Power Editor I've created a file with facebook uid's to use it as "custom audience" ... [read more]

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    Youtube cracking down on video convertor/downloader software (I think)

    Arobi030 in Social Networks

    I use real player downloader to download certain videos about topics that are around the subject of my site in order to write blogs about them. I want the videos ... [read more]

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    facebook vocher/coupon

    Nimra Amjad in Social Networks

    Hi, I am new here and i need 1 help. I have some coupon and i use 1 coupon on my fb account for fanpage.But my friend told me.I can't ... [read more]

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    Can Buying Youtube Views From Fiverr Get Me In Trouble

    onpointinfo in Social Networks

    Concerned about getting banned from youtube, you need views to rank but it is safe to buy youtube views from fiverr, what methods that you know of are safe to ... [read more]

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    How to Drive Traffic to YouTube Video Without Google

    think more in Social Networks

    Recently made a YouTube video.What strategy do you use for traffic if your video doesn't ranking well on google

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    Facebook ad scheduling (FINALLY)

    Facebook FINALLY added Ad Scheduling to the Facebook Power Editor! Using this feature you’re able to decide exactly when your ads should – or should not – be running. This ... [read more]

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    Image preview issue when sharing website page on FB

    lgambis in Social Networks

    I have the FB plugin for the share and like buttons on this page which is a video embedded from youtube. The problem is that when "shared", the post ... [read more]

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    Can you use social media marketing to sell products directly?

    Mogly in Social Networks

    Have any of you guys used social media marketing to directly sell products... successfully? Personally, I am only using social media for brand management/user engagement. I like to get more ... [read more]

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    I want to buy 10 cheap Youtube Proxies. What do you recommend me?

    heartdragon in Social Networks

    Hi i want to buy proxies to upload videos, there is a plenty of options but i dont know what to buy. Can you recommend me a good service? Many ... [read more]

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    How to find college students for promo job?

    gordonmill in Social Networks

    I am creating a brand promotion network for students and am looking for some approaches other than simply posting ads on Craigslist to reach them. Are there any other cost ... [read more]

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    Facebook demographics from user id's

    kabirkhanna in Social Networks

    Are there any tools available, whereby from a set if facebook user id's we can get information about the particular users demographics and other social graph information ?

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    Dead Admin

    Blindbiz in Social Networks

    I have a client who has a FB page for herself. The PR company set it up and went out of biz. She has over 8000 REAL followers. FB is ... [read more]

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    New to FB ads

    I created an ad for a Teespring campaign. I never used ads before and have a few questions. How long does it take for my ad to reach people? Does ... [read more]

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    How to make money selling FB accounts with business manager introduced

    dbspinz in Social Networks

    Does anyone know what or if we can still get accounts and flip them (agency/greys) or did business manager wipe all that out.

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    Facebook Says My Web Address Is Available and Then Says It Isn't

    This is very strange. When I enter the web address that I want and click on "Check Availability" Facebook says that it's available. But when I click on "Confirm" it ... [read more]

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    julienne26 in Social Networks

    Hey Guys Just wonder if anyone has got the html template for facebook landing page.The ryan deiss style.The html facebook landing page template. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks ... [read more]

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    Is Teespring + Facebook over saturated?

    Jcedric in Social Networks

    Was doing some research earlier and came across the Teespring + Facebook Ads. marketing angle / combo. There were a lot of success stories and positive feedback. I then read ... [read more]

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    how they do that? on Facebook page

    Devilfish168 in Social Networks

    I create Facebook page and noticed the url don't look nice a lot of numbers behind my url. I have noticed some users Facebook page the url don't have ... [read more]

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    Best Way To Sell Creating A FB Page to Local Client

    archie79 in Social Networks

    Hey Everyone, Have you ever sold a FB page creation service to a local business? If so, what kind of template did you use to get your foot in the ... [read more]

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    Can I use Facebook emails as custom audience for my ads?

    RozeMent in Social Networks

    Hi everyone, I have a large list of targeted Facebook emails ( Is it possible to use them for my Facebook advertising campaign? Also, what else can I do with ... [read more]

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    I need Latest SM List

    satotravel in Social Networks

    Assalam o Alakum I need new Social Media Sites list if anyone has then send me i hope it will be good and good page rank list.......

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    how to verify and manage multiple facebook accounts?

    uznajabeen in Social Networks

    hi i want to make 5 facebook account and experiment with them/ phone verification is the first of my concern, is there any way i can get free online number ... [read more]