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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    [HELP] Best way to do ecommerce from Facebook advertising?

    promo_guy in Social Networks

    Hi all, I've got a friend who sells a physical product. He asked me if I wanted to be involved in a sort of dropshipping arrangement where if/when I get ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fangates

    AdamPayne in Social Networks

    Hi, Can anyone recommend either a good software to make them or a good tutorial/resource? Thanks Adam

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    Search Engine Marketing Necessary

    Herrynson in Social Networks

    Hi All, What is Search Engine Marketing Necessary? Help me.

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    How to use reddit to make money?

    Martin1977 in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors, if somebody has experience how to use effectively site to promote product, please share. What are the pro's and con's? Thanks a lot! Martin

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    Users generating the most Likes?

    mun65 in Social Networks

    Hi Is there a way to see which users have generated the most Facebook Likes to my FB page? I'm thinking to award the few who have generated the most. ... [read more]

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    Newsfeed Ads No Longer showing Post Text?

    MindReality in Social Networks

    Is Facebook newsfeed ads no longer showing Post Text? I just tried creating a new dark post in power editor, but the Post Text is no longer showing. It shows ... [read more]

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    Social Lead Freak

    GorillaMilk in Social Networks

    Whats Been your experience using social lead freak? Are you using it on FB or G+?

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    Facebook flagging new site as spam!!!

    niall001 in Social Networks

    Hi all! Just started work on a new site for an artist friend and his 2 month old, newly created domain with his name is bizarrely being flagged as a ... [read more]

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    Facebook Like Farms: Why does it exist in the first place?

    farahmaeb in Social Networks

    Hi! I got to watch the viral Facebook Fraud video by Veritasium and have seen some threads here in WF talking about it such as in... Facebook, is this true? ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ratings/Reviews

    Scoot7 in Social Networks

    Hi all, I have come across several Facebook business pages now with the Rating/Review (5 gold star system) underneath their business page name. Now I have done some research and ... [read more]

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    Want the secret to Teespring Profitablility on Fb?

    owen2012 in Social Networks

    Re-targeting and Re-marketing your initial Teespring visitors to make follow up sales. Too simple? That is because it is too simple. Happy Teespring-ing. Owen

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    Help with social bookmarking

    so sorry for my ignorance in this subject, it has been a steep leaning curve Ok i have been learning and trying to do my own seo the past few ... [read more]

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    Need advice for Creative Membership Site

    cnich23 in Social Networks

    I launched my membership site in January and have only about 79 members. My goal is to get 5000 people to post a listing for $5. I need advice on ... [read more]

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    Can you list some good fiverr gigs for various social media outlet?

    slapdot in Social Networks

    I use a large amount of social media outlets so I'm interested in some fiverr gigs that actually benefit. Experience with the gig is obviously preferred. Please don't just spam ... [read more]

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    Inexplicable Facebook fans growth

    robertpetrus in Social Networks

    Hi, A friend of mine has a small Facebook page for a workshop he organizes. Up until today he had around 250 likes, with a weekly growth of about 5 ... [read more]

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    A Question About AdmeFast

    seomaster5 in Social Networks

    Hi Mates, I want to know about free Referrals I have 600 points in Referrals but they are not activated why and how to activate them this is so irritating ... [read more]

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    Facebook Sucks!

    mrwayne85 in Social Networks

    I had a few approved ads running good. Now today I created a different for a different page and the ad got disapproved. When I check my other approved ads ... [read more]

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    FB Power Editor ids issue

    piney94 in Social Networks

    Hi all - I scraped approx 16k ids on FB using a couple of scrapers and I combined them into one txt file. I uploaded them into power editor for ... [read more]

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    Ad reach problem !

    derprinz in Social Networks

    Hi I use SLF , extract members groups, active group in a specific niche I create CA (9000-11000 and they are active members, even when i choose some UIDs by ... [read more]

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    How To Gather Leads From My Facebook Page?

    Racingheart in Social Networks

    I own several Facebook Pages with few hundred thousand likes and I am wondering how I can leverage my Facebook fan base and gather leads from them. I work in ... [read more]

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    FB - Weight Loss Marketing - Please Help

    Please Help I am new to advertising on facebook, looking for someone knowlegeble affiliate to help me out. The product I am trying to promote is very unique weight loss ... [read more]

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    New Company name- where to secure it on internet

    Lawrence260 in Social Networks

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice. I have a new company unique name. Where are all the first places to go to secure it across different sites? I ... [read more]

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    My Facebook Strategy

    mrwayne85 in Social Networks

    Ok I created a fangate. I place an ad to direct traffic to the fangate then when the person likes my page he is directed to my optin page on ... [read more]

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    List building on pinterest & instagram advice

    Rhoda1990 in Social Networks

    I need to know how I can build a list in the fitness niche on social media.Can I post affiliate links on pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube etc? Or do ... [read more]

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    Incentivibe replacement?

    dondoes30 in Social Networks

    Just when I was about to run some social media campaigns/giveaways with Incentivibe they closed their virtual doors. If you don't know what Incentivibe is (was), it was a site ... [read more]

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    Where do you source your picture content for FB?

    writeaway in Social Networks

    Picture content for FB page updates make for great viral content. Anyone know where to get source pictures and quote packages that are royalty-free?

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    Anyone know a decent FB scraper?

    banx63 in Social Networks

    I am after a good FB scraper. Ideally one that does not require you to keep adding the ID's each page. Is there one where I can submit a query ... [read more]

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    Facebook Group

    seomaster5 in Social Networks

    Hi Mates, I want to increase my knowledge could you please tell me the fastest ways to add huge members in a group? I know mine but also want take ... [read more]

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    Why aren't clicks converting into sales on Teespring?

    frankisland in Social Networks

    Hey all, I'll try and make this brief. I'm running a Teespring campaign and using Facebook to purchase ads. Through decent targeting, I'm able to get my in-feed ads down ... [read more]

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    Facebook Work Flow

    darkc0de1 in Social Networks

    Hey guys. Just sharing.. I think this would be a good marketing work flow using Facebook. What do you think?

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    Facebook viral script - suggestions?

    07 in Social Networks

    Hello! Guys, I am looking for facebook viral scripts. I need active scripts that do work. Anyone has any expirience with them and can share some results and give some ... [read more]

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    Best niches for social media? Any Help Appreciated!

    efil4renots in Social Networks

    Hey Guys, I was recently reading an article on about building up quite a decent sized following on Tumblr sites and then redirecting them to your website, because of ... [read more]

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    Facebook ad clicks don't match

    jkiley in Social Networks

    I am doing the facebook ads for my website. Facebook is reporting I have received 46 clicks (and charged for them too), but google analytics and statcounter they both are ... [read more]

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    Software that can get leads from Yellow Pages?

    darkc0de1 in Social Networks

    Hi. Is there a software where you can search and get leads from Yellow Pages and others? Example: Search "car dealers" where you can enter Country, City or State. Thanks ... [read more]

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    Anyone else getting bullied by Facebook?

    I've got a small sales funnel set up on a domain named f*** It's been around for about 8 months, and doesn't rank on the first 10 pages on Google. ... [read more]

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    You Tube Video Site / Facebook

    leadsbroker in Social Networks

    Looking for advice on what I should do.. I have a Viral Video webste that hosts youtube videos. I used to offer video promotion for Viral Videos but had to ... [read more]

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    Youtube plugin help

    Rhoda1990 in Social Networks

    I need a simple to use youtube wp plugin to use on my blog. I also need to know how to optimize a youtube video and channel? I need to ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads minimum width 600px for news feed?

    John22x in Social Networks

    This blog post 45 Fabulous Facebook Advertising Tips & Magic Marketing Tricks | WordStream states make sure your image is at least 600 pixels wide for appearing in the News ... [read more]

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    Best YouTube Marketing Training

    bmw040 in Social Networks

    I am looking to get heavy into YouTube marketing. Do any of you warriors have recommendations for an OUTSTANDING training program that is a must? Thanks in Advance!

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    Why do people care more about followers / likes than engagement?

    mustseepics in Social Networks

    Hey all, Bit of a (short) rant / question here, but why are people so hung up over the number of followers / likes / etc. that they have to ... [read more]

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    Any experience with Facebook Business Accounts?

    gruegoo in Social Networks

    Hi all! I recently contacted Facebook about changing the time zone of my adverts account (a major annoyance). They told me they could not change the timezone, but offered to ... [read more]

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    I don't know if it is normal

    devonm in Social Networks

    FB ads opened a whole new world to me in the Ad manager last night. It was the ability to target buyers and active buyers and engaged buyers. I haven't ... [read more]

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    twitter ads to gain followers cpf is high?

    bleu in Social Networks

    Hi, I have been using ads on facebook to gain followers, it works pretty good, I'm paying only 5 cents or less per follower. I do the same type of ... [read more]

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    Penalty from Duplicate Videos on YouTube?

    Hey everyone, I'm working with an online business that has a pretty strong YouTube presence. Anyway, before they set up their YouTube channel, the guys that started the business would ... [read more]

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    Suggested Page Likes suddenly disappeared from Facebook

    Rigpa in Social Networks

    I just noticed that ALL my Facebook pages stopped getting Likes from Page Suggestions at the 19. of feb. Is it just me or has anybody else seen this??

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    Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

    plz help me What better price bearing here? and Why photo does not show?

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    Does anyone out there have experience with HootSuite?

    Rza in Social Networks

    I'm just trying to get a couple of answers. I'm a manager for a client's Facebook account plus our own. Right now this is my only client, I'm still in ... [read more]

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    Facebook app install

    tnrh1 in Social Networks

    Hello Everyone, I would like to promote an affiliate offer which is CPI which means I need to get installs! I clicked the create ad button on facebook choosed of ... [read more]

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    Email signup on facebook page?

    andrewba in Social Networks

    So I want to create a squeeze page on a tab in Facebook, but I use aweber, and the urls in aweber are insecure. In other words, inside the "form," ... [read more]

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    Tim45 in Social Networks

    Has anyone here used the grosocial software to increase likes on their fb fan page? I'm thinking about joining but I don't know much about it. Your advice would be ... [read more]

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    Best Social network strategy?

    any body know about Best Social network strategy ?

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    Is there a secret to get followers to see/click links in your Facebook posts?

    copymyideas in Social Networks

    Hi all, I run a number of Facebook pages that have 60k+, 50k+ and 120k+ followers. If I post a photo or text only update the number of views of ... [read more]

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    Marketing through Facebook fan pages?

    Diego Rincon in Social Networks

    I may be naive but recently I learned that Facebook fan pages like "My Mom Is The Best Mom In this World :*", "I'm Sorry , I Still Love You", ... [read more]

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    Facebook scapers and Facebook TOS?

    whodini in Social Networks

    Hi Guys I'm about to launch my first teespring and I think a scaper looks like a good investment, but I've heard using one is against facebooks TOS. I'd rather ... [read more]

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    Tube Toolbox Strategy

    Synchronic in Social Networks

    Hi everyone- Tube Toolbox used to be a decent tool, but I'm finding that video shares aren't effective any longer. I also find that most views are coming initially from ... [read more]

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    Unsure if I should go CPM or CPC

    devonm in Social Networks

    I have a facebook scraper and would like to know if I should use CPC or CPM. What is better? Help?