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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    what is the use of getting links from no fallow websites

    sandyrobert in Social Networks

    Hello friends i read that no fallow websites doesn't pass their link juice to linking website, if it so what is the use of getting links from no fallow websites ... [read more]

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    I am looking for a Good Facebook PPC Management Service!

    MindReality in Social Networks

    I am looking for a Good Facebook PPC Management Service! I am currently spending thousands of dollars per month on Facebook Advertising and would like a good company to manage ... [read more]

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    FB Likes through Boosting?

    TimS in Social Networks

    I just started boosting posts on my facebook page. It is for a small charity project, so I'm trying to keep costs low. Can you give me any suggestions on ... [read more]

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    Put company logo in Facebook image posts?

    shimony in Social Networks

    I was at a Facebook marketing seminar the other night and the speakers mumbled something about not using a company logo in posts. I didn't get the chance to follow ... [read more]

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    getting organic twitter followers

    TheFury in Social Networks

    What are your guys tricks? I know it takes time etc. just wondering if there's really anything I'm missing other than following people in my niche, retweeting stuff, replying to ... [read more]

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    985K facebook page - 90% womans

    khalil25 in Social Networks

    I have a page on Facebook that has 985K likes - ( it is about the Royal Familly in England ) Most of these are Americans 90 % of the ... [read more]

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    Does Facebook backlink counts?

    fronpy in Social Networks

    Facebook is a top page ranked website. I want to know that, does back link from facebook counts? if you know this please inform. Earlier I got some backlink form ... [read more]

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    Google+ for Seo

    dannyboy123 in Social Networks

    Decided that I need to get our content shared more on google+ as all the evidence now points to increased rankings. So I need some help on getting the content ... [read more]

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    Secret Of GREAT SITES????

    trnz in Social Networks

    I go on a couple of FB sites that are certainly doing it right. Over a million Fans, thousands of Shares and Likes and 4 or 5 posts an hour ... [read more]

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    Help Please-One of my channels got blocked without any STRIKES

    Lantanios in Social Networks

    Hi, I had five channels on one youtube account monetized. A month ago I got a strike on one channel and deleted the channel because of risk (as I knew ... [read more]

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    Facebook Vs Nextsportstar which is the best ???

    laurenmor in Social Networks

    Facebook is one of the most biggest social network but Nextsportstar is newly sports community where the sports person come on NSS tv and talk about sports. So compare the ... [read more]

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    Help Please! Facebook Insight Table For Best Posts?

    trnz in Social Networks

    Is there a Facebook Insight Table For Best Posts in order of the 'bestness'? I'm sure that I have seen one before but I can't find it now. Perhaps it ... [read more]

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    Social Media Reseller Package?

    coffeyman in Social Networks

    Hey Guys, this is my first post, I've been following WF for years and I love it! This is my question. I saw a website that had a social media ... [read more]

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    Yahoo answers problem

    BhejendraPun in Social Networks

    Hi there, I recently answered a question in yahoo answer. Actually my answer was selected as the best answer and the next day when i open my yahoo answer i ... [read more]

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    what business and personal benefits do you see from online communities

    shiningeye in Social Networks

    what business and personal benefits do you see from online communities my aim to start this thread is to scrutinize what is the benefit of online communities from personal and ... [read more]

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    Facebook asking for 6€ per click

    Snatch in Social Networks

    I set up a campaign and it was asking me for 0.34-0.67€ per click. However I decided to try by impressions which is 0.08c CPM. Now when I try to ... [read more]

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    Newbie Video Marketer looking for help to Market Industry GURU.

    Hey warriors, Where can I find a trustworthy source or forum that you guys have had luck with for video marketing? What makes a good video? I have done a ... [read more]

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    Why isn't Facebook showing these ads?

    Dennisknows in Social Networks

    So I have a good campaign running and wanted to test some different images and setup about 4 more ads. Well good ol' Facebook approved all my ads but they ... [read more]

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    StumbleUpon is a GOLDMINE

    sprice in Social Networks

    Seriously, if you're not using it you really should be. I did a small amount of testing the other week on a niche and was trying to promote traffic through ... [read more]

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    clickbank items

    khalil25 in Social Networks

    Hi , Can I sell clickbank items on my facebook pages ???? Thanks

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    3 Simple Tools For Riding The Social Wave !

    Lassarus in Social Networks

    Hey Guys And Girls So the other day I thought I would add a post about the power of the social web and why it's something all marketers, seasoned or ... [read more]

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    Facebook Groups Sort By Size

    marcin8501 in Social Networks

    Hi, I am looking for software to sort Facebook groups by size. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Creating Images For Facebook Ads Better Than Stock Images?

    coreytucker in Social Networks

    Hi, so im wondering if people get a better CTR with custom photos. I am promoting dating offers and wonder if my CTR would go up using a model I ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing Youtube Video Uploading

    KingArthur in Social Networks

    Can someone direct me to the best outsourcing person or organization to use to upload my video files to Youtube? I already know about going on and looking and ... [read more]

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    Need help faceoob fanpage

    punnu in Social Networks

    Has anyone gone thru this , with you fanpage: Is Your Page about xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? An admin of the official xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx requested that you mark your Page as a Community Page ... [read more]

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    fb page might get banned?

    pasin in Social Networks

    Hello everyone! I have a facebook page and a website. Is it allowed from fb to put links of the website on the fb page, so getting traffic from fb ... [read more]

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    Awesome FB marketing, or just faking it?

    Palusko in Social Networks

    I was doing a little bit of research for my new niche for Facebook page. And I noticed something strange... I found some pages with literally millions of likes and ... [read more]

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    Which is the best site for Social media Marketing

    laurenmor in Social Networks

    Facebook, twitter, Myspace, google+, youtube,linkedin, Nextsportstar all are good for marketing. But which is the best for sports social network. I want to your suggestion.

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    Any good way to get a list of all my Youtube Video URl's?

    thechoice1 in Social Networks

    I have close to 400 videos. I would like to be able to get them all in a list, either spreadsheet or text file so I could give them to ... [read more]

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    Where are the courses for Adword for Video/Youtube's Trueview Ads?

    Dlewis78 in Social Networks

    There are a number of Facebook Ad and Marketing courses out there, but I cannot find a single one for Youtube Trueview Ads. I watched Google's course, but some parts ... [read more]

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    how do I unfollow people on twitter that don't follow me back...

    tomfinster in Social Networks

    Hey Gang, I was using tweetadder recently and got fed up with their system never working right... Now I am just wondering if their is another system I can use ... [read more]

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    Social Media Network Marketing

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to this whole social media and network marketing thing but it seems like it could be a useful and positive thing for me. I don't ... [read more]

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    Get More Facebook Likes- My Tricky Method Revealed.

    Mary Green in Social Networks

    Set up- Find 5 VERY active fanpages that target the same market as you. I simply go after huge, related fanpages such as brands. For instance, in dog training, perhaps ... [read more]

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    Arh Facebook Ads help!!

    gange10 in Social Networks

    Hey warriors, Newbie to Facebook here, looking to get into it and bash it out however infomation overload! So many courses and software, were is best to start? Good budget ... [read more]

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    HELP PLEASE Messaging all local friends on Facebook

    trnz in Social Networks

    Can anybody tell me a simple, quick way to message all my hometown friends on my Facebook profile?

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    Increase chance of showing newsfeed ads

    vanforum in Social Networks

    I have a small custom audince of around 750 people that I REALLY would like to reach with a newsfeed ad. It would be no problem for me to pay ... [read more]

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    Need suggestions for a FB marketing course??

    bjallen in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors. I posted this elsewhere, but then I thought this sub-forum was a better place for it... I have been looking at several of the FB courses out there, ... [read more]

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    How to make profit when Trending on Twitter

    AaRGeE in Social Networks

    Hello, I am only talking about trending in Twitter Indian Trends. If I know how to trend in Twitter than how can I use it for making money? I know ... [read more]

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    Would Facebook Ads Be Better Suited For This Task (Music Marketing)?

    Sipp in Social Networks

    I've been trying to find ways to market a recent music project (free mixtape). The sole purpose of this effort is not to MAKE money but to determine if the ... [read more]

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    The Power Of The Social Conversation !!

    Lassarus in Social Networks

    Let Me Share My Two Bits Worth.... I truly believe that Social media trends and conversations are becoming increasingly important in Today's hyper competitive Internet Marketing space. I personally think ... [read more]

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    Pinterest Traffic Course -- any recommendations?

    Alohatom in Social Networks

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a great Pinterest traffic course or resource? Has anyone tried Giga Pin Traffic which launched last month? Thanks heaps!

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    Need a good laugh? Facebook calls this "too sexual" LOL

    FelixFuturi in Social Networks

    If you've ever ran any ads on facebook, you're probably getting used to the arbitrary way they approve/disapprove ads. They are getting as bad as Google in some respects, and ... [read more]

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    Youtube videos - what is the proper URL format?

    IM Player in Social Networks

    Ok, this may be a very dumb question. Or may be not. After spending days and days creating videos and uploading them to Youtube, doing backinking and bookmarking, and all ... [read more]

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    Please ignore this thread. I posted in the wrong section. I can't find out how to delete it. If an admin could delete this & show me how to delete ... [read more]

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    Facebook advice

    helpfulbiz2 in Social Networks

    Hello fellow social networker's I have recently set up a facebook page and started posting to it and it was fine for around 10 days then it has frozen. Wont ... [read more]

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    Fiverr/YouTube Marketing Questions

    Craig Fenton in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors: Hope it was a great weekend for all. Have some questions as it relates to Fiverr and YouTube if I may. First with Fiverr. Before you order a ... [read more]

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    Social Media & Mobile Advertising

    Johnmobile in Social Networks

    Any recommendations on good social media guides that focus on the mobile marketing world?

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    Application Marketing

    amcg in Social Networks

    I've been doing some research and experimenting into application marketing (SAAS, iOS, Android) as a result of developing an app myself and the overall explosion of apps on the market. ... [read more]

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    How to manage facebook ads to get more likes

    laurenmor in Social Networks

    I want to increase Facebook likes for my fanpage. I need to know how can i increase like with low cost and more fans. Please give me a suggestion about ... [read more]

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    How to Create Profitable FB Ads

    Looking for a good book or articles on this subject. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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    trnz in Social Networks

    Can anybody tell me a simple, quick way to message all my LOCAL friends on my Facebook profile? Fa cebook tells me I can do 250 but not HOW because ... [read more]

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    New Facebook App Sandbox Protocol

    janetjay in Social Networks

    Since Facebook now takes 8weeks to never to get your app out of the Sandbox, and now if you want to post FB comments on your website you have to ... [read more]

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    Is it safe to list my site to this doffolow socail network ?

    techwizard in Social Networks

    i found a dofollow social network Do you really think it is safe to add all my links in it or not? Please advice

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    bakkadda in Social Networks

    Anyone making money with Instagram yet?

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    Facebook! Facebook! Facebook! But who's actually using it?

    LizTomey in Social Networks

    So there are probably what 3 trillion products out there on using Facebook, right? All the ones I'm seeing are for... 1. Apps that you can put on your Facebook ... [read more]

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    Lack of Ad Variety in FB campaign

    Juus in Social Networks

    I just started getting into Facebook advertising, supposedly you are able to upload 6 different images to the same advert campaign, and facebook is then supposed to figure out which ... [read more]