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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Will facebook ads ban me for redirecting domain to affiliate url?

    coreytucker in Social Networks

    Hi, I want to redirect a domain I have to a maxbounty dating offer. Will facebook ads ban my account or simply just deny my ad im running?

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    My ad has stopped having any activity?

    My ad has been doing pretty well for the past few days, getting around 180 clicks and several thousand impressions for about $0.10 per like. But now today, all of ... [read more]

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    How Good is my FaceBook Ad? Please help!

    I'm making a fan page called "Daily Writing Tips 4 Kindle Authors". It targets Kindle authors and people who want to publish their stories & make income as a writer. ... [read more]

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    To much followers

    allegandro in Social Networks

    What will git give you if you get twitter followers that also follow 1.000 or more others? It make no sense to me. Example, I post around 3 tweets a ... [read more]

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    Does Facebook will block my landing page?

    bringmepoop in Social Networks

    Hey, Does Facebook will block my landing page if it has Adult Domain? :confused:

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    No Thumbnail for Youtube in Google search Results

    masterok in Social Networks

    Hi there, Does anyone know why some videos come up without thumbnail on google pages? Try searching for "girls are awesome" on google. The second result a video without thumbnail ... [read more]

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    What is the work of social media manager?

    Anne0521 in Social Networks

    Hi! Someone asked me if I know social media marketing and what is the work of a social media manager. I am not quite sure what to answer because I ... [read more]

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    Has anyone noticed a drop in traffic from Pinterest ?

    Has anyone noticed a drop in traffic from Pinterest. My traffic has dropped by almost 50%. Also they are shutting down accounts very quickly without much explanations. I've also noticed ... [read more]

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    organic reach facebook page post ad

    GamesGiant in Social Networks

    Hi, I set up a facebook page post ad and got 60 post likes within 5 minutes, but the organic reach of the post is only 13 people (contrary to ... [read more]

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    Embedding Pins from Pinterest

    BellaT in Social Networks

    Is anyone else having a problem trying to embed pins. Basically, when you click on a pin and go to the that symbol next to the "send button" it usually ... [read more]

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    Facebook page monetization.

    Rockhoundnz in Social Networks

    I've recently created a Facebook page and have added 1,500 fans at a cost of about 0.01-0.03 per like, using FB ads, in just a few days (on a small ... [read more]

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    Help!... I need to know how to link my Fanpage to my blog

    gabbydeb in Social Networks

    Hello everyone, I am wondering how to go about linking my fan page to my blog, so that when I post to my blog it shows up on my fan ... [read more]

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    Adding Amazon Affiliate links to a Facebook tab.

    Rockhoundnz in Social Networks

    I've set up a niche Facebook page that is rapidly and cheaply gaining fans through my FB ads. I want to add a tab on that page where I can ... [read more]

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    How to construct a online store?

    adammathew in Social Networks

    Can any one tell me How to construct a online store?

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    Social Media Automation Software?

    macher in Social Networks

    Hi can anyone recommend software that could automate social media posts? Currently when I make an update to my Amazon site I post to a handful of social media venues ... [read more]

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    can u get banned for people following you on twitter

    CDawson in Social Networks

    If you just make a account and say you wanted to pay for a following service, would you get banned immediate like you would by adding too many people?

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    How do I get a Google+ for my website?

    MisterMister in Social Networks

    I tried signing up for Google + but it says I need to use my name, it won't let me use my website. I noticed a lot of websites have ... [read more]

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    Youtube Video Reported As Spam and Removed

    My video (a review of a type of product for my amazon site) has barely been up half a day, and someone has now reported it and been removed. Does ... [read more]

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    Anyone tried yet?

    RichardKing1 in Social Networks

    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone had tried out the following social media marketing platform - - its the first of its kind I think? It look ... [read more]

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    Linkedin Connection Swap For Forum Members

    If anyone would like to build their Linkedin connections please follow the link to my profile below; or post a link to your profile so that I and other forum ... [read more]

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    How to Reach Instagram Video Users

    Hi, we've recently launched the 15 Second Phone Fest. We are looking for 15 second videos. The best of the best will run during an online and phone fest in ... [read more]

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    PinBoard Not Turning Up When Searched

    mikelmraz in Social Networks

    Anybody with the same problem? I do a board search for my board, which is the most active for the name, but it doesn't turn up at all.

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    Anybody is Using Hootsuite?

    mikelmraz in Social Networks

    Anybody here is using Hootsuite? Is it any good?

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    viral reach removed on facebook

    GamesGiant in Social Networks

    in past I got viral, organic and paid reach for my facebook post, but today I only see organic and paid. Is the viral reach included in organic now or ... [read more]

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    m.facebook referrer gone?

    RickCopy in Social Networks

    Is anyone else noticing m.facebook is gone from analytics? My "Facebook" traffic has increased significantly in the last week and "m.facebook" (mobile) is gone even though I always get traffic ... [read more]

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    Facebook Suggested Story <fewer than 20 people

    nfdcash in Social Networks

    Hello, I just tried to create suggested story ad in Facebook Ads system. I've just created a new fan page (16 fans), uploaded image to post and wrote ad. My ... [read more]

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    Facebook Marketing question

    fitjeff in Social Networks

    Hey guys. Ive been searching the forum as well as through products trying to find what im looking for. I cant seem to find it anywhere. I want to have ... [read more]

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    Where and how get facebook ads coupons

    adwike in Social Networks

    Where and how get facebook ads coupons ?

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    Facebook post creator

    arfasaira in Social Networks

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a free or very cheap online Facebook post generator? Something a bit like a meme generator but which allows you to upload your own ... [read more]

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    How to retrieve the twitter account ?

    Stevejoseph in Social Networks

    Hi, My twitter account has been suspend, is this any way to retrieve my twitter account ? please share your experience & suggestion.

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    Building Landing Page on Facebook

    overtonis in Social Networks

    nm. found bunch on themeforest. thanks

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    Has anyone tryed this for Youtube Video Rankings?

    kiwilx in Social Networks

    I have been currently doing Seo But have not touched yet with youtube videos, recommended by a guy he said in order to rank youtube videos you need high retention ... [read more]

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    Is FB ads effective for advertising FB events?

    dreamtunnel in Social Networks

    Just wondering before I venture into this and spend money, what sort of experiences have other people had with Paying to promote FB events? Is it effective?, does it cost ... [read more]

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    Copyright save funny pictures for my website

    GamesGiant in Social Networks

    Hi, where I am able to get funny pictures for my funny pictures website which are open to publish it without hurting any copyright rules?

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    What content gets the best results (social media)?

    him77 in Social Networks

    I wanted to know what you guys would recommend when it came to type of content that performs best on social media websites ? Thank you all for your time.

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    Share Bookmarking list

    ghulam786 in Social Networks

    Please share bookmarking list.

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    Google+ vs FF

    jones115 in Social Networks

    I think FB is slowly loosing the battle. 1. Google pushes their social network agressively 2. Thet gonna turn G+ into a powerful SEO instrument. Today you get a small ... [read more]

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    Road map of Social media

    ghulam786 in Social Networks

    Please share Road map of Social media.

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    How to Rank Fast on Google Using YouTube Videos (Works For Affiliate Marketers / Offliners Etc)

    ddev in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors, Here's a quick (and free) report that will help you to get quick Google ranks with videos (took it from one of my products): Getting Quick Google Ranks ... [read more]

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    The social media sight with the highest conversions?

    LionofJudah in Social Networks

    What is the social media site (facebook, twitter, myspace, other) with the highest conversions? which is the best for INTERNET marketing?

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    Facebook Fan Interaction

    rontheitguy in Social Networks

    Warriors, I'm looking for ideas to help increase interaction from Facebook fans. I run a fan page for a fiction author, and while we're having no problem increasing the likes, ... [read more]

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    Twitter Privacy Question

    Vjfrog0 in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors, I was wondering if anyone could answer this quick question for me. I am following someone that does not follow me back, and I also have a private ... [read more]

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    Facebook change search groups algorithm?

    TODU in Social Networks

    Hello, I was searching for a facebook groups 2-4 weeks ago. the keyword can be for example "Games". I found about 100 facebook groups and each of them was quit ... [read more]

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    How to overcome fear of making YouYube videos?

    misterkailo in Social Networks

    I know YouTube is a great way to get lots of traffic, but I have always been using other peoples' videos. Everyday, I tell myself that I will make a ... [read more]

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    Vine "Following" figure frozen

    Zakhar in Social Networks

    My account is starting to play around, the figure of the "following" is frozen when I go to follow people it highlights but when I check back the figure remains ... [read more]

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    how to find first contributors

    sasag in Social Networks

    Hello i got 9gag clone site, and im posting 50-60 gags per day, i got 2k already facebook likes and its growing 100 per day, visitors 50-100 per day, but ... [read more]

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    separate account for risky Facebook pages?

    yanno88 in Social Networks

    should i create separate accounts for my marketing pages? some may be in adult niches and just risky stuff in general I dont want to jeopardize my main account and ... [read more]

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    11,000 fans, and want you to monetize for me

    I would like to see how you guys monetize this fan page, and am offering admin roles to whoever can bring my fan page to life. That is the ... [read more]

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    My new facebok page

    pasin in Social Networks

    Hello everybody! I have just created my first fb page. I decided to spend 6 euros/day for 7 days on fb ads. I have created six different images to use ... [read more]

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    Facebook fanpage posting on wordpress

    wymetto in Social Networks

    Anybody know the best way for all fanpage activity posting to my wordpress site? I think there is a way for real time posting shows up - widget? Wymetto

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    Instagram Marketing is working quite well

    misterkailo in Social Networks

    I have been targeting network marketers by searching the hash tags (ex. #amway) and LIKE their pictures and comment on them. It gets them to notice and wonder "who is ... [read more]

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    YouTube Ripping

    goindeep in Social Networks

    I know this is blatantly obvious but I havent seen it discussed here often so will start a thread about the the topic. Has anyone else noticed there are people ... [read more]

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    what is the difference between link forming and link exchanging

    sandyrobert in Social Networks

    hello friends what is the difference between link forming and link exchanging, can we call both are same or is there any difference in these two techniques and also which ... [read more]

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    Is there any way to increase the Viral Lifts of your Links in Digg

    Hi I want to increase the links I submit. What the social media marketing gurus will advice me to do Thank you for any help in advance

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    Reditt Traffic for Diablo 3 Gold

    Necrobbz in Social Networks

    Our shop is a Diablo 3 Gold supplier and we have posted some really interesting topics at reditt. This give us boosting traffic more than we can expect. You can ... [read more]