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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    "New" Social Networking Site Script/Software

    Tinkerbell in Social Networks

    Well well. It's amazing the things one will run up on with enough poking around. This may not be new to some of you, but I was surprised to stumble ... [read more]

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    Why I gave Twitter the boot..

    sotiris1 in Social Networks

    I few years ago I was making lots of sales using twitter using tweetadder etc. Had 60,000 followers on my main account. But Twitter then started targeting anyone using software ... [read more]

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    Wrong Facebook Meta Tag

    Hi guys, I need your help. After doing some tests, I have found out that the URL to the images I posted on facebook is wrong. Is there any way ... [read more]

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    trrsst - the new twitter?

    Tibi Selejan in Social Networks

    So i stumbled across this idea of a social media platform today and i was thinking of sharing it with you guys. Welcome to Trsst Sounds like an interesting idea. ... [read more]

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    Can someone help me to get more traffic for my video?

    bodimv1 in Social Networks

    Hello, I have a youtube video.I want views for it.I know that this can be done easy with social media sites.Can you help me how? My video is on make ... [read more]

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    Latest article submission and high pr content publishing websites

    shalurana in Social Networks

    [QUOTE] Submit Your Blogs & Articles For Free | SEOGlobalWork ArticleSnatch Free Article Directory Free Articles Artipot Author Center Free Article Directory - Submit Articles at Free Article ... [read more]

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    Latest article submission and high pr content publishing websites

    shalurana in Social Networks

    You can find out latest approved article submission websites here.. It really works [QUOTE] Submit Your Blogs & Articles For Free | SEOGlobalWork ArticleSnatch Free Article Directory Free Articles Artipot ... [read more]

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    What are the basics of internet marketing?

    hsbinmarket in Social Networks

    I am new in warrior forum. I like to be an expert marketer by joining here with experts. Can anybody inform me about the basics of internet marketing where I ... [read more]

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    Best for traffic? Email marketing, facebook, twitter, stumble upon.

    Christine99 in Social Networks

    Which Social network is best for generating traffic and why?

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    twitter followers

    tolaskool in Social Networks

    i wanna buy twitter followers for my account and i haave two options 100000 fake but real looking followers or 2000 real active and interactive niche followers both for $99, ... [read more]

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    Using Social Media for lead generation (need help)

    Hey everyone, Will Social Media help generate leads on a Real Estate company? Here are the ways they do in marketing but still wanting some more option and one is ... [read more]

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    Should I create a new account for FB pages?

    jasonlwe in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I've seen on the web that a lot of people were banned after having suspected fraudulent stuffs when having a fan page. I'm interested in building a fan ... [read more]

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    How to create fan page in Twitter?

    sohailglt in Social Networks

    hello i want to know how to create fan page in twittter? Please help me

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    Who do you use for FB ad pictures

    overtonis in Social Networks

    Are Dreamstime & istock where most of you are getting your photos for facebook ads? Dreamstime - $1.36 per credit iStock - 1.67 per credit Are there better alternatives?

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    It's Too Bad Spammers Are Ruining Facebook!

    EPoltrack77 in Social Networks

    Here we had a perfectly good social networking and we still do but the freaking spammers who do not know how to market correctly is ruining facebook. 8 out of ... [read more]

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    Can selling an ebook get you a publishing deal?

    Traditionally it can be quite hard to get a publishing deal if you are an unknown so do you think that if you are selling your book on kindle it ... [read more]

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    How do I use Linked in to get customers?

    tcanavino in Social Networks

    Can someone tell me how to use Linked in to sell products and /or get customers?

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    Tracking Twitter and Facebook traffic

    Pixie1983 in Social Networks

    Hi guys I’ve been asked by the company I work for to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for them and report back on traffic etc. The trouble is, I’ve ... [read more]

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    how to monetize twitter page?

    riselift in Social Networks

    I have a twitter page with over 200k followers, I'm just wondering.. what's the best way to earn? I want to either a) sell it b) post ads or c) ... [read more]

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    [Tutorial] Faking the Likes my page has.

    dvega in Social Networks

    I've been trying to run ads to get more Likes on my FB Page. I wanted to try and "Fake" the likes my page has so people are more likely ... [read more]

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    Social Media Audit Software...would you find it useful? if so how much would you pay for it?

    Sonny Am in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I had an idea to have created an in depth social media audit online software (as a saas model)....ive seen loads of SEO audit sites, but nothing solely ... [read more]

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    How to monetize large Facebook fanbase?

    themadlbb in Social Networks

    So, I have a relatively large (Approx. 9,000 fans) page that I generated for my blog. It has up to now just been a review-based blog, using the page to ... [read more]

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    SEO and Social Network

    SAP Trainer in Social Networks

    I have read at many places that links from Facebook and twitter are very useful for the ranking of a site under a particular keyword but did not know how ... [read more]

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    How to hide you FB activity when posting to groups?

    kirulis in Social Networks

    Hi, just wondering if possible to hide your activity when posting to groups. I don't want that my friends see what im posting to groups. I have setted privacy "only ... [read more]

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    How to Find Pinners on Pinterest?

    mikelmraz in Social Networks

    How does one search for pinners from a certain country or certain other individual preferences on Pinterest?

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    combining rss feeds to automate social media

    RoadCEO in Social Networks

    I am a php programmer with 17 years experience. I developed a system to combine rss feeds together around a base of rules and then use a service like tweetfeed, ... [read more]

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    My name or company name for Fanpage

    Anoopchawla in Social Networks

    Hi, I am planning to do some FB marketing for my webdesign business. I know I need to create a fan page before anything else but here are some of ... [read more]

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    Does Facebook Vouchers Still Works On Facebook Ad?

    Infonet in Social Networks

    I'm thinking of buying facebook ad vouchers to run my new fb page. so am ask if it still works well on fb, and anyone here that have used fb ... [read more]

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    HELP...With creating a facebook group while hiding my identity.

    blackhawkup in Social Networks

    I use a pen name for all of the many niches that im in. And up until now, I have done this without any problems by creating email lists and ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads + Clickbank or CPA

    macleodjb in Social Networks

    This is a multi-faceted question I have recently been doing some testing with Facebook Ads + Clickbank, and I am finding that it does not convert very well for me. ... [read more]

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    Good CTR, But High Cost for Likes - How to fix?

    Peace2 in Social Networks

    We run Facebook ads with the default goal of increasing "Likes". I think it performs pretty well, with a 0.623% CTR. But the average Cost Per Like seems very high ... [read more]

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    Is There Any Way To Check Basic Info Of Facebook Group Members??

    SocialDemon in Social Networks

    I run a facebook group populated over 8K members. Now I want to see some basic info of the group members like countries, language, email address etc. Now my question ... [read more]

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    Advice For Targeting Fan Page Owners?

    phaze3131 in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with ideas on how to target current fan page owners with 50k+ likes. I can find these pages and I have ... [read more]

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    New Facebook insights: organic likes/reach getting recorded as paid?

    MarieWes in Social Networks

    Is anyone else noticing that they have paid likes (or that part of the reach of their posts is paid) even though they aren't running any type of paid ads ... [read more]

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    Pay per view video sites? Youtube? Revver? Any other ideas?

    Hi guys, Quick question. Youtube currently pays partners who have monetized their videos $0.0033 per view. (Is that right? I'm getting that figure from here ) Is there any other ... [read more]

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    Is there a problem?

    dpaul in Social Networks

    To Admin, Is there a problem of my previous topic that I created admin? Why did you delete it? I only want an advice to have a list of 500 ... [read more]

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    social meadia net working

    paramesh123 in Social Networks

    1. Keywords. As online marketing tools and concepts go, business owners and executives tend to "get" keywords right away. More keywords equals more search visibility, or so they think, and ... [read more]

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    Can I upload a list of email addrs to facebook and easily select just existing FB users?

    cashonly in Social Networks

    I created a FB page. Then I went to the place where you can import contacts. I made a list of 4999 emails of the 20K that I have so ... [read more]

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    Can I embed my own pre-roll adverts in my You Tube videos

    GGgirl in Social Networks

    I produce my own horse related video content and run it on my You Tube channel. 1. Can I embed my own horse industry sponsors video adverts and product promos ... [read more]

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    What are the latest SEM's way at present?

    vogue in Social Networks

    What are the latest SEM's way at present? seo,sns,or ads,any other?

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    Simple method $20/day youtube + CPA

    xpesos in Social Networks

    I am surprised that by today still no one is working on this niche, i have banked some easy $$ using this method. And surprisingly the conversion here is very ... [read more]

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    Anyone used to seo ecigarette website?

    vogue in Social Networks

    do u use to seo some website about e cigarette for yours? if done,ask for giving me some usefull tips. i would like to communite with you,my email is ... [read more]

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    Twitter Phishing/Hack

    Jelanib in Social Networks

    I recently had a DM from a trustworthy source but I'm not sure if their account may have been hacked. It was linked through . Anyhow, after this day, ... [read more]

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    Over 20,000 likes on facebook page but only 1,000 talking and 2,000 reach?

    windrider07 in Social Networks

    How is it that a facebook page can have 20k likes but only 1-2k are talking about it and 1-2k (or on lucky days, 3k) are reached? How do I ... [read more]

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    Pinteres -group board invite: Cannot see a pinners name

    I am setting up a group board in Pinterest and I am trying to invite pinners I want to enter their name and invite them, but pinterest doesn't show their ... [read more]

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    Looking for Facebook Automation Software

    cbarron in Social Networks

    Hi, Does anyone know of any software that can search for specific local business types in Facebook for a town/city and then do a mass message to them eg. Search ... [read more]

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    Successful Facebook Ad Campaign For DIY Page?

    brianboyer in Social Networks

    I have tried multiple campaigns with different photos, targeting, interests, and cannot find one that works well. They are all like 50-60 cents per like. I have been able to ... [read more]

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    Experimenting with facebook adverisements, any advice welcome

    dreamtunnel in Social Networks

    So, I am a DJ, I have my own facebook page, but I thought it might be effective to build a facebook page for DJ's in general and feature music ... [read more]

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    YouTube algorithm change?

    SteveKarens in Social Networks

    I've been having some success ranking vids very quickly using YT editor and the usual onpage SEO coupled with high retention views. Vids would get to Google page 1 within ... [read more]

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    Viral on Facebook?

    buckyuk in Social Networks

    hi guys, im trying to get a picture of me to go viral on facebook... If you genuinely like this photo can you like it or even share it? That ... [read more]

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    Any good, complete and updated FB course?

    RobertoM in Social Networks

    Hi Folks, I don't want to bother you too much, but it seems that in this sub-forum there are a bunch of experienced FB warriors that can help me with ... [read more]

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    my tab is not working with mozilla...why?

    zourkas in Social Networks

    Hello, I have created a facebook tab to link my squeeze page with the fanpage with static HTML inframe tab but when I click to the tab with mozilla I ... [read more]

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    I face an issue when I try to change the name of my fanpage...plz help!

    zourkas in Social Networks

    Dear Warriors, When I am trying to change the name of my fanpage they want me to upload a Documentation And the message is: Documentation In order to expedite this ... [read more]

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    What best we can do for increasing Facebook likes?

    Many tips out there. Like (a) Promoting you page on other page (b0 Advertising page (c) Advertising post by promote post (d) Buying Facebook likes etc. But which one is ... [read more]

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    i get banned for facebook ads wat next

    smail0808 in Social Networks

    i get banned for facebook ads..should i start again or should i look for another network

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    What Will I Do With My 8K Member Facebook Group?

    SocialDemon in Social Networks

    Well I won a facebook group which is now more than 8K member populated group. Most of the members are dentists. The group is on dentistry niche. Everyday I post ... [read more]