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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Viral Facebook Niches!

    jasonlwe in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I was thinking about starting my own facebook page but I have something in mind that I was very fond of. I hope you guys can help me ... [read more]

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    Fb likes threshold

    B001ean in Social Networks

    I have a Fb page for promoting my website, i've noticed if i create ads for the website, i make good conversions.Unfortunately i have no more budget for ads , ... [read more]

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    Finding the right words to use for a status update

    Rubenator in Social Networks

    So check this out: imgur: the simple image sharer I'm trying to come up with small advertisement that people will see as they are scrolling through the news feed. Basically, ... [read more]

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    Frequency of posting on FB page ???

    cycoshas in Social Networks

    I am new here and frankly speaking its the best forum and it is very informative. I have a fb page which has more than 10k likes. I am confused ... [read more]

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    Can social media increase business?

    I think social media can easily increase our business. Total user of facebook is 1.1 billion and total population of world is 7 billion. We can say that many people ... [read more]

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    Youtube pre roll 'learn more' button

    Wankiat in Social Networks

    Hi I have seen this type of advertisement (attached image) and was wondering how can i add such link/button on my pre roll ad which will direct viewers to the ... [read more]

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    Charging per clicks/impressions

    LifeLikeLife in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I manage a successful FB page for a client with a huge level of engagement, the niche is fishing. We can easily get 30k+ impressions organically on each ... [read more]

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    Advice needed about SOLO ADS

    kirulis in Social Networks

    Hi, Never used SOLO ADS before, couldnt find information if there is possibility to target city. Thanks in advance

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    Google + social sharing issue

    jsmith2482 in Social Networks

    Hey all, I'm trying to make my Google Plus account share the youtube videos that I upload public to EVERYONE so that I can get some link juice. Every time ... [read more]

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    How you can partner with a HUGE page, channel, etc.

    Justin Says in Social Networks

    In the past 2 years I've been doing a lot of research into Facebook & YouTube marketing. I've also taken part in a lot of very interesting case studies, worked ... [read more]

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    More followers on pinterest

    How to get more followers on pinterest? Any software or just buy followers? If buy , what is the normal price?

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    Social Media Gig Suggestions

    macher in Social Networks

    Hi can anyone suggest any gigs that will post to various social media venues when I update my site with content? I'm looking to outsource this if possible.

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    Already featured on looking ways to spread more...!

    LazyCash99 in Social Networks

    Hello Warrio Forum members. Hope you all having an amazing summer. Very briefly; A week ago I launched an online personal branding site to grab some attention and get some ... [read more]

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    Facebook - $7.29 Spent - 5,000 Clicks & 110 Page Fans - Brick & Mortar Business.

    ZephyrIon in Social Networks

    Facebook - $7.29 Spent - 5,000 Clicks & 110 Page Fans - Brick & Mortar Business. I figured out a loop hole. I am about to get rich. No adult. ... [read more]

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    Pintrest - How Do You Get On The Main Page?

    Sirr in Social Networks

    Quick question, what's the protocol for appearing on the main, or popular, page on pintrest. Obviously I know the more pins and likes you get on a pin, the better ... [read more]

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    Can you help promote an event through LinkedIn?

    ekalaivan in Social Networks

    My client has an upcoming exhibition / sale event coming up in an Indian city. They want to promote the event to relevant groups in the city to increase attendance ... [read more]

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    Facebook Marketing to Your Site, or Facebook Page

    LegionNate in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I'm going to add a few Facebook buttons on my website for the first time. I have seen that sometimes when someone 'likes' the website, they are actually ... [read more]

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    Youtube adsense ease?

    AlwaysOn in Social Networks

    First post on forum, so dont be mad if this has already been discussed and/or is not supposed to be here. Basically, i was looking through an seo site earlier ... [read more]

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    Starting FB pages the right way?

    jsmiz in Social Networks

    Being pretty much new to doing FB pages marketing, i have a couple questions to ask you expert guys. - Is it important to choose popular themes that you also ... [read more]

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    How to improve like or activate like on Facebook

    sams_dxny in Social Networks

    Many people crazy about increasing likes for their page. And I saw many pages that having 100K likes and when they share anything on their page, they hardly gets may ... [read more]

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    Doubling Facebook Fans and Likes

    isotrop in Social Networks

    Hello, I created a PHP script for Facebook Marketing. It doubles the number of likes and fans on a Facebook page in a matter of days. It doesn't use any ... [read more]

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    Facebook New Embed Post Feature

    alviataylor in Social Networks

    Facebook officially added the feature of ‘Embedded Posts’ for all its users. A concept not so new for Twitter or Instagram users, “Embedded Posts” are a way to put ... [read more]

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    Dynamically Changing Facebook Likes Image, Title, Description...

    Mirnova in Social Networks

    Newbie question: If I change the title, description, and image in my head tags, does that change show up on facebook profiles who have previously liked our page? I'm planning ... [read more]

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    Why Facebook, AdWords & Others Services are *NOT DEAD*.

    ZephyrIon in Social Networks

    In economics. Their is a term used, 'utility'. It is a measure of satisfaction, per unit, measured on a scale of 1 to 10 to show absolute want/need. Their is ... [read more]

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    Share your thoughts about Facebook and List Building

    Oliver13 in Social Networks

    Hi Warriors, i hope you in a good mood today. I had a blog now (to build an email list) and fan page too, and i'm planning to drive traffic ... [read more]

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    Facebook hashtags

    peter4520 in Social Networks

    Facebook has added hashtags to help get more likes for social pages. What do you think, is it a good or a bad things ?

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    CPI Facebook ads

    TashaBy in Social Networks

    Hi warriors, Have anyone here tried the so-called CPI ads on Facebook? Like the ones where your ad is optimised to get more installs. I know you can do that ... [read more]

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    Possible to link facebook ad to facebook app?

    Valli in Social Networks

    Hi there, can a helpful warrior please clarify if it is possible to book an ad on facebook that links directly to one of the apps under our fanpage?! Still ... [read more]

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    I Have A 2.163% CTR But It's Still Averaging Out To 0.19 Cents Per Like?

    Chris C. in Social Networks

    This is on FB Ads. What should I do? I'm doing CPM right now, should I change to CPC? Also, does Optimized CPM go down by itself? I just started ... [read more]

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    YouTube...Anybody here tried this out yet?

    Lance K in Social Networks

    YouTube and Sublime Give Video-Makers a New Way to Make Money

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    are all Yahoo and Google groups junk?

    Hi, this is Max. I've browsed through lots of Yahoo and Google groups to see if it's worth participating to try to get traffic from there because recently I stumbled ... [read more]

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    Google + and Linkedin

    findme in Social Networks

    We searching the web for softwares which will assist building profiles will relevant non fakes accounts. We happy to try any softwares but ideally want ones who have a multi ... [read more]

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    Need traffic from Youtube

    I'm about to create a series of youtube infomercial type videos about my web site and services. How can I blast and seo these videos to get best SERP and ... [read more]

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    FB ad how much to bid

    kirulis in Social Networks

    Hello guys, Just wanted to ask if someone can tell what kind of bids companies placing. I see them all day long in the right hand side of FB. I ... [read more]

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    CPA and Facebook and Twitter

    Zoeybean in Social Networks

    Hello fellow warriors, Well, I am a total "newbie" to IM and I am looking at possibly engaging some JV partners via Facebook and Twitter to promote CPA offers. I ... [read more]

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    Persona Blogging

    Jelanib in Social Networks

    Anybody have any tips on Persona Blogging? Do's & Don'ts or Problems that you ran into? Just hoping to create some good dialogue around this. Thanks!

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    adette in Social Networks

    Hi guys, need some opinion about the site I am working on - do I need to keep adding content to the site: or should I just build links ... [read more]

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    a few bookmarks with DOFOLLOW

    simoc in Social Networks

    So this is my 1st post on this amazing forum. I decided I would share a few of my favourite bookmarks that I use all the time. Enjoy!

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    FB blocked my ads, any suggestions?

    globus71 in Social Networks

    I've tried to promote a product with the following 3 banners ads: What could be the reason for the blocking? Could I use iPad in my ads, ... [read more]

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    how to add more likes on your facebook page

    SGS014 in Social Networks

    Hey everyone I would like to tell you my experience about getting a REAL likes on Facebook fan page About 2 weeks ago , i created a facebook with my ... [read more]

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    Facebook application transfer, help needed!

    TashaBy in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I've got into a really odd situation for which I need your advice. There's the account on Facebook and it owns application as developer acconut. When this account ... [read more]

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    facebook blocking

    sandyrobert in Social Networks

    why my facebook account is blocking every time,what should to avoid this problem

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    What social media network is used to send traffic to a website?

    windrider07 in Social Networks

    According to Google Analytics, most of my traffic is coming from facebook. A very small chunk from mashable. I've been posting images on Tumblr and posting links on Tumblr as ... [read more]

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    Ripped off by a warrior member :(

    gillies8888 in Social Networks

    Bit gutted, but also feeling a little stupid. A warrior Member messaged me about help with social media adverts and we talked for hours about plan. I made payment now ... [read more]

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    Facebook Marketing for Business 1 page or more

    fingerz in Social Networks

    I currently run a cell phone repair business and have awesome success using facebook as a marketing tool. I have 3 pages now for different cities with a decent amount ... [read more]

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    Have You Run A Facebook Giveaway?

    Good Afternoon, Has anyone run a giveaway to help promote their Facebook page? Did it work? Do you have any tips? Regards, Shane Bellone

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    Hire a VA or create facebook ads?

    zourkas in Social Networks

    Hello dear friends, I am thiking to grow my facebook fanpage but I am in dilemma! Which move is more efficient, to hire a Virtual assistant from India $5-10/task or ... [read more]

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    I have over 500 likes, and...

    I have been following a method from Mark Thompson. Now, i am not complaining here. I just want some advice. So far, i have over 500 likes on my fan ... [read more]

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    Facebook fans used as perceived social value

    Whenever I visit a blog or website and see that little widget that shows X-amount of fans I always wonder how much THAT helps convert sales *on that website*. I ... [read more]

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    FB unproductive non-Link Clicks costs

    webapex in Social Networks

    I'm back running a Facebook campaign for the first time in a while, I tried to turn off all of the unfamilier new features I could, including Feed Ads, and ... [read more]

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    Is 6 Cents Per Like Good?

    albert12 in Social Networks

    Hi guys. I'm writing about something I'm passionate about and getting likes for about 6 cents per like. Is this considered good, very good..?

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    Subbable: The Future of Social Subscriptions?

    Aaron Doud in Social Networks

    My favorite "explainer of things a bit above the average head", C. G. P. Grey, will explain this all better than I ever could. But it looks to me like ... [read more]

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    Facebook ADs

    rainboyy in Social Networks

    For CPC, what number should I put? I'm doing $5 a day. two campaigns, 3 ads each.

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    Social Media rankings..

    cbmoney in Social Networks

    In the last decade or so, Social media sites like myspace, msn groups, friendster have made an impact before they declined, nowadays you have facebook, twitter and instagram which are ... [read more]

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    $0.02 FB Clicks: how I did it

    markhimeb in Social Networks

    I see a lot of people asking how to reduce their CPC at FB or claiming that a CPC of 1 or 2 pennies is imposible. That's completely wrong. Here ... [read more]