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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    my tab is not working with mozilla...why?

    zourkas in Social Networks

    Hello, I have created a facebook tab to link my squeeze page with the fanpage with static HTML inframe tab but when I click to the tab with mozilla I ... [read more]

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    I face an issue when I try to change the name of my fanpage...plz help!

    zourkas in Social Networks

    Dear Warriors, When I am trying to change the name of my fanpage they want me to upload a Documentation And the message is: Documentation In order to expedite this ... [read more]

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    What best we can do for increasing Facebook likes?

    Many tips out there. Like (a) Promoting you page on other page (b0 Advertising page (c) Advertising post by promote post (d) Buying Facebook likes etc. But which one is ... [read more]

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    i get banned for facebook ads wat next

    smail0808 in Social Networks

    i get banned for facebook ads..should i start again or should i look for another network

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    What Will I Do With My 8K Member Facebook Group?

    SocialDemon in Social Networks

    Well I won a facebook group which is now more than 8K member populated group. Most of the members are dentists. The group is on dentistry niche. Everyday I post ... [read more]

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    BuddyPress - Who Uses it and How?

    Does anyone here use BuddyPress for a website that has proven to work? I'm currently brainstorming how to turn an existing gaming site of mine into a social network, and ... [read more]

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    images for FB ads

    testwarrior in Social Networks

    Where are you all buying images for FB ads? I'm pretty new to FB ads and want to make sure we don't run into any copyright issues. Can you use ... [read more]

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    Can you "hire" social media ad specialist?

    hugo112 in Social Networks

    Hi, My question is very easy.. can you hire a professional social media (CPM ad specialist) who would create a facebook ad for you? I have seen many pictures of ... [read more]

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    A bit of fun on You Tube

    AndyCash in Social Networks

    Thought, I'd have a bit if fun on You Tube, so commisioned this adspinner, Jerico, to promote us. Check it out on You Tube:

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    Your Biggest Frustrations With Social Media Marketing

    Crowbar in Social Networks

    Question! What is your biggest frustration with social media marketing?

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    Advert on facebook?

    ressi in Social Networks

    Hello, Totally new here. I hope someone has an idea here. Let me explain a bit. Imagine you have a product that is only interesting for companies. So i want ... [read more]

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    new beta rating site for tumblr

    simmo9 in Social Networks

    hi all we have a new beta rating site for tumblr with a great free rating widget appreciate feedback on it.

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    Facebook Contest Rule Changes: No Longer Need an App

    Aaron Doud in Social Networks

    via Heyo [BREAKING] New Facebook Contest Changes Save Time and Money | Heyo Hub Here is the info straight from Facebook: It’s now Easier to Administer Promotions on Facebook ... [read more]

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    A simple way to get people to like your page

    DarkScream in Social Networks

    I'm quite new here, so thought I'd share a little tip. When you create your page, you have the option of appearing as your page name rather than as your ... [read more]

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    468 repins in 2 days

    prof611 in Social Networks

    In the past two days I have gotten 468 repins on one of my pins at one of my Pinterest sites. Now I don't know what to do to take ... [read more]

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    Facebook ads 1000+ likes vs 300+ likes

    h3r01989 in Social Networks

    Hi, I had a friend who spent approximately USD 180 in advertising his page on Facebook. Same goes to me, I spent approximately USD 100 in it. However, the difference ... [read more]

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    Is fb dead

    tolaskool in Social Networks

    my traffic from fb is slowing down gradually,how are you guys coping with fb nowadays

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    How do I find blogs with Facebook comments enabled?

    Hi, friends. Would you be so kind to share a method of searching for blogs in a specific niche that use Facebook commenting plugins? How do I save time finding ... [read more]

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    2,378 +1's and counting but where from?

    willyboy104 in Social Networks

    So, one of my Google + Pages has surprised me, as I seem to be having a significant amount of +1's appearing on the page over the last couple of ... [read more]

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    is this forum is dofollow

    anisrehman in Social Networks

    can any one please tell me that is this a dofollow forum because i am not getting any traffic for my blog from this forum in traffic resources ?

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    twitter to facebook issue

    Kevin Birch in Social Networks

    Hi all I don't know if anyone here can help with a connection issue thats driving me nuts! I have a facebook page for a non profit I do some ... [read more]

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    Best way to get facebook friends?

    mareebaybay in Social Networks

    What is the best way to keep getting facebook friends consistently.Like I would like to maybe send 1,000 request a day if I could but no way i'll get close ... [read more]

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    How to monitor target social media activity?

    Brannigans in Social Networks

    I want to monitor a large group of target companies (about 70) and each of these companies have several employees who I want to monitor what they are saying on ... [read more]

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    FB email marketing possible??

    star79 in Social Networks

    is there some possibilities to do email marketing using facebook email address? if yes, then what and how?? need help please

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    FB page only for likers

    jkiley in Social Networks

    Hi, There was a way to block your fb page for people who haven't 'liked' your page. They will first have to like it to view all the content/pics. Can ... [read more]

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    Social media channel or channels for multiple businesses

    zerocode in Social Networks

    I currently have three small businesses (which come under one holding company) and I am thinking of going online to create some awareness of the brand. I got stuck at ... [read more]

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    Back links from Facebook?

    hck1 in Social Networks

    Hi guys How we can get back links from Facebook?

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    Facebook is not a secured channel

    Facebook is not a secured channel my account is blocking due to suspicious activity and security reasons as per Facebook norms, why they are blocking my account saying that I ... [read more]

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    Any worth social networks besides the popular ones?

    Hi, friends. As to me I think it's worth exploring other social networks searching for new traffic sources besides the popular ones: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. Do ... [read more]

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    Need Help - Google+ So Confused!!!

    willyboy104 in Social Networks

    OK, so this doesn't happen a lot, at least with Google products but I am so confused! Google+ is mentally confusing, literally driving me wild! So, following a task I ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to promote a service/company through Facebook?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently taking a marketing course in order to be prepared to open my own company one day. I want to do research on a niche with a ... [read more]

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    How to disable FB Timeline ?

    dmcmark in Social Networks

    Is there any method to do this?

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    How to get traffic from Instagram?

    Is Instagram good for traffic? What's an effective way to get visitors from that platform to a blog?

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    The Case Study Of Case Studies: Revealing The Secret Formula Of Success In FB Ads!!!

    markhimeb in Social Networks

    Fellow Warriors, after a couple of weeks of tweaking and testing FB ads, I enclose here a huge secret on how to conduct a successful Facebook Ads campaign that will ... [read more]

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    Twitter - Anyone know a program that does this?

    Hey! I'm in need of something that does the following with twitter: I load up a list of 500 or so tweets to send out. The program randomly sends out ... [read more]

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    Free Twitter Follow/Unfollow Software?

    Shanti10 in Social Networks

    Hi folks, can anyone recommend any free software that follows certain twitter account's followers and then unfollows them if they dont follow back? Nothing too fancy just a simple follow/unfollow ... [read more]

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    Facebook Vocher

    I have plans to buy facebook vocher, balance $ 50 only $ 8 but I am unsure whether this would be safe for my facebook account? I plan to buy ... [read more]

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    Facebook Promote Post

    GGpaul in Social Networks

    Hi, so I wanted to test out the Facebook Promote post. It got approved but I'm not getting impressions? It went live earlier at 1 AM August 24th. Any ideas? ... [read more]

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    Can we free to build ourself accounts in the facebook?

    vogue in Social Networks

    hi guys i am jack from mainland China.Can i build my facebook's account freely,whether or not need to pay for me?:confused: And if i can free to release my business ... [read more]

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    Totally Free $500+ A Day With YouTube!

    Jason Mack in Social Networks

    Hello fellow Warriors, here is a classic method I would like to share that is fantastic for people to start earning some cash or even a full time income. Required ... [read more]

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    Youtube Marketing

    Utube Beast in Social Networks

    I was wondering if anyone does YouTube Marketing? YouTube is probably the 2nd most visited website apart from Google, with millions of users and billions of hours of videos watched ... [read more]

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    Marketing On Facebook

    mickmesh in Social Networks

    I am planning to market affiliate products on facebook but running with questions in mind as do many newbies do have. What are the best methods to implement on facebook? ... [read more]

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    Your achievement in the Social Media Marketing

    hck1 in Social Networks

    HI guys Share your achievement in the field of Social Media Marketing. How you are getting success with an effective Social Media Marketing.

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    Seeking Facebook Ad Advice

    marc7 in Social Networks

    Hi Yesterday I submitted an Ad on Facebook and I got the error: "Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you're ... [read more]

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    Facebook gives free Shutterstock pics

    Kurt in Social Networks

    Facebook has set up a deal with Shutterstock to give people that have Facebook ads or pages access to "millions" of Shutterstock images. More details:

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    Facebook Advice

    Fantastic in Social Networks

    Okay... So I'm almost positive that I can build a large audience on Facebook for a wide variety of interests. I'm looking to focus on ONE niche BUT... With most ... [read more]

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    Idea for creative fb covers ?

    anilkatwal in Social Networks

    Hello I want to discuss about how to make creative fb covers and impress the friend on Facebook? What you prefer most for the cover photos? I saw many few ... [read more]

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    Open website via fb app

    milito22 in Social Networks

    So, is there an app which allows you to open website within fb, so you don't have to leave fb and access a website?

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    Viral Facebook Niches!

    jasonlwe in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I was thinking about starting my own facebook page but I have something in mind that I was very fond of. I hope you guys can help me ... [read more]

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    Fb likes threshold

    B001ean in Social Networks

    I have a Fb page for promoting my website, i've noticed if i create ads for the website, i make good conversions.Unfortunately i have no more budget for ads , ... [read more]

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    Finding the right words to use for a status update

    Rubenator in Social Networks

    So check this out: imgur: the simple image sharer I'm trying to come up with small advertisement that people will see as they are scrolling through the news feed. Basically, ... [read more]

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    Frequency of posting on FB page ???

    cycoshas in Social Networks

    I am new here and frankly speaking its the best forum and it is very informative. I have a fb page which has more than 10k likes. I am confused ... [read more]

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    Can social media increase business?

    I think social media can easily increase our business. Total user of facebook is 1.1 billion and total population of world is 7 billion. We can say that many people ... [read more]

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    Youtube pre roll 'learn more' button

    Wankiat in Social Networks

    Hi I have seen this type of advertisement (attached image) and was wondering how can i add such link/button on my pre roll ad which will direct viewers to the ... [read more]

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    Charging per clicks/impressions

    LifeLikeLife in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I manage a successful FB page for a client with a huge level of engagement, the niche is fishing. We can easily get 30k+ impressions organically on each ... [read more]

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    Advice needed about SOLO ADS

    kirulis in Social Networks

    Hi, Never used SOLO ADS before, couldnt find information if there is possibility to target city. Thanks in advance