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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    What social network is best for an author?

    I have an author client that just published a book and it is selling rather good. We will setup a social media strategy together and I thought it was an ... [read more]

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    If I will create multiple pinterest accounts from 1 IP, pinterest will banned me?

    TODU in Social Networks

    hello, If I will create multiple pinterest accounts from 1 IP, pinterest will banned me?

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    Pinterest account indexed on search engine

    mightymos in Social Networks

    I created a Pinterest account for my company a couple weeks ago. How long does it take for the page to get indexed? I type in my company name along ... [read more]

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    Can you really build a Facebook business for FREE?

    webpeon in Social Networks

    You sure can! I am building this page as a pocket money project for my 8yr old girl using 100% FREE methods, no paid advertising apart from one giveaway ... [read more]

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    Facebook Like Box Question. Please Help!

    trnz in Social Networks

    Can I put a Facebook like box (for my Fan page) in my Facebook profile status updates?

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    New Software Makes Anyone A Social Media Guru

    JoeGo in Social Networks

    Are you the entrepreneurial type? Do you have money to invest in a new social media platform? Take a look at our info below: We have the perfect formula for ... [read more]

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    Fan pages or blogging for list building and providing content?

    ghart999 in Social Networks

    HI all. Internet Marketing Newbie here. I am a mobile app developer and I wish to create a blog/FB fan page to start creating a nice targeted list of fellow ... [read more]

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    Best way to find bloggers

    skylineapps in Social Networks

    Any information? What shall I do to find bloggers using by social media marketing?

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    877.777 likes in less than 2 months??

    larsjorgenbr in Social Networks

    How the heck did this page get that many likes in less than 2 months? Did they buy likes or something? It's insane, they even have a really high ... [read more]

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    Invoice for Facebook ads?

    andrej in Social Networks

    I wonder where in my Facebook account can I find the invoices for my Facebook ad? Do they even do invoicing?

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    Facebook help

    marcfromuk in Social Networks

    Hi, my wife is a photographer specializing in baby photography. She has set up a facebook page and has around 100 likes but needs a lot more. She has asked ... [read more]

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    pmkab in Social Networks

    Hi I hope this is the right forum for this question. Do anyone of you have any experience of using socialmonkee, tribpro, socialmarker or im automater to get backlinks to ... [read more]

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    Google+ Guide

    Does anyone know of good Google+ guides available for purchase as PLR? Most of the stuff I've been finding is rather dated... hoping to find something that's a bit newer ... [read more]

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    waiting for ads to be approved + 24 hours now

    Tomwood in Social Networks

    It's over 24 hours since I created my Facebook ad is that normal, the last one only took an hour or two.

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    Facebook Cover Page allow promotion and contact image now!

    JerrickYeoh in Social Networks

    I'm not sure you like this changes or not but I think most business fan page hate this restrictions and now they are free from it. - Price or purchase ... [read more]

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    Facebook Search Engine

    Justin Lewis in Social Networks

    Relying heavily on "Likes" and other social features inside of Facebook, the network is announcing something called the "Facebook Graph Search" You ready to get started in a new type ... [read more]

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    How can i learn to monetize Fabook pages With over 400,00 FANS?

    I own several facebook pages that I created for some MOvie Stars in Africa about a couple of years ago. Some of these pages and groups have over 400,000 fans ... [read more]

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    What is your favorite YouTube channel?

    I have found a couple Internet Marketing YouTube channels that I like. But the nature of IM lends itself that you have to sift through a lot of junk YT ... [read more]

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    The google +1 reports disappeared from the webmaster tools?

    untwister in Social Networks

    Hi! Does anybody have the information about is still google +1 data represented in webmaster tools? I just opened my webmaster tools profile recently and didn't find any information about ... [read more]

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    FB sharing question...

    TimothyW in Social Networks

    Ok, here's my situation. I posted a link (to a video) on my page. Is there a way to direct someone to that ACTUAL post (only), then ask them to ... [read more]

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    slideshare traffic trackable?

    pvijeh in Social Networks

    I have put up a few different presentations on slideshare that have hyperlinks back to my site. They have gotten a couple hundred views each, but zero traffic sent back ... [read more]

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    about iframe in facebook ads

    imanpatrick in Social Networks

    i try to promote some cpa offer from peerfly, but facebook says that the link that i want to share is a spam, how to get rid of this ? ... [read more]

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    Reddit Software ?

    kiwilx in Social Networks

    Hey there is there any Wso or Reddit Software? Cheers

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    If you are a serious entrepreneurial minded social media marketer that has clients and a list then PM me as I have something in mind that will be of great ... [read more]

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    Anybody Else Noticing Changes with Facebook Ads? (Longer approval, higher bidding)

    I've been advertising on Facebook for months now. I won't giveaway my interests or keywords, but my starting bids have always been around $0.50 for CPC on the same ad ... [read more]

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    How I Got 123,000 Comments On My Facebook Image.

    arranrice in Social Networks

    I'm going to share with you the exact image I have used to get 67,000 comments, and over 9000 likes and 2000 shares! UPDATE: I now have 123,000 comments! When ... [read more]

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    Inconsistency of Facebook Ads

    csa_dummy in Social Networks

    I have been doing Facebook advertising and marketing for about 6 months already, the first 3 months were ads pointing to my e-commerce site, and the next 3 months pointing ... [read more]

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    Is It Difficult To Get 5 Cents Ads On Facebook

    onpointinfo in Social Networks

    Is It Difficult To Get 5 Cents Ads On Facebook... I heard FB has a similar algorithm rules like Google, will I have to be strong in Google Adwords to ... [read more]

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    Step by Step guide for Facebook Fanpage.

    propanther in Social Networks

    Does anyone know of a step by step guide to set up a facebook fanpage? I just want to know how to do it myself, and hope it's not that ... [read more]

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    Fact For Facebook Banners Sites

    mika45 in Social Networks

    I want to create a sites for download interesting facebook banners and covers. So please tell me which fact i remain for this sites design?

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    Which better way for facebook ad?

    thisisraz65 in Social Networks

    I am giving you 4 scenario 1. facebook ad -> facebook fan page( app with redirect code)-> landing page 2.facebook ad -> facebook fan page( app with squeeze page iframe) ... [read more]

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    FB won't approve my ads

    MathewMaso in Social Networks

    I sent about 10 different versions of my ad to fb.. and they disapprove them almost instantly basically my ad was: Megan Fox picture in red dress (not porny at ... [read more]

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    What Do You Think Their Plan is With This FB Page?

    Denden in Social Networks

    Personally, I don't believe them for one second. I think they just wanted to get lots of fans and will monetise in some way. Then there's the fact that they ... [read more]

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    FB Ads to Squeeze Page

    MathewMaso in Social Networks

    Hey there! I've just finished working on my funnel squeeze page... it should be ready to harvest quality subscribers like crazy. I want to test it with FB ads traffic... ... [read more]

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    Know of Any Facebook Advertising Training Product or Coach

    onpointinfo in Social Networks

    Know of Any Facebook Advertising Training Product or FB Advertising Coach I should check out I wish to learn how to promote via paid ads on facebook to drive traffic ... [read more]

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    Facebook or Twitter? What do you find is best?

    marcos08 in Social Networks

    Obviously social media is a huge method today to gather attention and traffic to your offers, but from your own experiences which do you believe is the best out of ... [read more]

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    How do you Outsource your when you do Youtube Marketing?How to Avoid Being Banned my Youtube Account

    heartdragon in Social Networks

    I know that Youtube knows when you are login to a Youtube Account in USA or in India and could be suspicious that you are doing something that are violates ... [read more]

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    Facebook fan page & PeerFly

    andrej in Social Networks

    I have a Facebook fan page about exotic cars that has 11,000 fans and I consider trying to promote a Peerfly offer on it. I'd like to hear your advice ... [read more]

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    Fanpage "People Saw This Post" Decreased From 12K to 2K

    Banshu Ben in Social Networks

    One of my most popular post on my Fan Page decreased the "People Saw This Post" number from 12,000 to 2,000 within 6 hours. Can anyone explain what caused this? ... [read more]

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    Interested to advertise in FB fan pages status updates

    masterjobs in Social Networks

    Hello, Warriors! I'm looking for fan pages owners with more than 50K fans. Interested in US, UK, CA, AU traffic only. Please PM me your offers with page url's. Thank ... [read more]

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    ptcworld in Social Networks

    Hi all just posted a blog here and i wanted to ask of there is anything i can do seo wise to help it get seen, i have run ... [read more]

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    trying to tag another facebook page from my own nothing works

    Tomwood in Social Networks

    I am trying to tag a facebook page from my own fanpage here's what i am putting, Great site check it out @name of site (bit spammy I know but ... [read more]

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    youtube videos on facebook question

    how do you post youtube videos to a fan page where it shows the video window big... like the videos on this page my videos on my page are ... [read more]

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    Sorry -- really dumb FB ads question...

    TimothyW in Social Networks

    I assume the ad graphic cannot contain a phone #, right? Also, the FB ad can go to (when clicked on) any url, not just lead to another FB page, ... [read more]

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    I need information!

    GFI in Social Networks

    As we know that Social Media is playing crucial role to getting traffic on your site. I just want to ask all SMO experts that how I promote on facebook ... [read more]

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    Recommend Any Facebook Ad Mgr or Coach

    onpointinfo in Social Networks

    Recommend Any Facebook Ad Mgr or Coach

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    FB Contest Tab: What do you use?

    Aaron Doud in Social Networks

    I need a contest Tab in the middle of March. Any suggestions on what to use. I would like to keep the price low.

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    facebook ad help

    thisisraz65 in Social Networks

    While trying to give on facebook , i got that message. "Help people discover your business through their friends. No increase in budget is required." Does that mean, it do ... [read more]

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    Newbie question:How to learn fb marketing

    thisisraz65 in Social Networks

    I am particularly interested in facebook ad. So, Can you share how to learn Facebook. Any course, private forum, books do you recommend please.

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    >> FACEBOOK ADS << Hoe you are doing it for maximum exposure??

    nightfury in Social Networks

    I personally run a local business which have both facebook fanpage & website. So the thing I need a bit help from the experts is that how to monetize facebook ... [read more]

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    For Promoting your website :Facebook or Google Plus ?

    Hy friends, For promoting your products or websites which social networking site you your like/prefer ? Facebook or google plus.

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    facebook landing page software

    hi guys does anyone know if there is fb landing page software. thanks

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    Help with Joining Group

    Dalchow1 in Social Networks

    Hello people Hoping some more experienced Facebookers might be able to help. Ive created a Fan Page and wish to join more groups. I have joined a few but have ... [read more]

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    Facebook Announces New Newsfeed

    challanger in Social Networks

    while I was doing regular research on Social media marketing trends. i found following article about new upcomming Facebook newsfeed. it might be good information for Social Media marketers........ Didit ... [read more]

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    facebook viral app now working (help please)

    jvyzsy in Social Networks

    Hi I have set up a viral app and it is only working on my main username and can't work if I use another facebook profile. It just redirects me ... [read more]

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    Auto-liking comments on my own Facebook page

    Natino in Social Networks

    Hi all, does anyone have a script, bot or similar for this? Or alternatively, is anyone able to create one for me? I would like this to be set up ... [read more]