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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ad creative's?! Input required

    Hey guys... This is not an immediate adventure, but something I am looking into for in about 30 days or so! I would like to know what kinda Facebook ad ... [read more]

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    Free tool help you viral marketing effectively-

    Today,I see a new tool and can help everyone viral marketing on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest Traffic Meme

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    Social Media services for small businesses

    non in Social Networks

    what services do these companies offer small businesses for Facebook and Twitter etc except the obvious; handling complaints, posting, discounts etc? what would a business expect for $1,500 a month ... [read more]

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    Import Facebook Contacts For Employer

    Alright guys, I have an employer that has asked me to import his facebook contacts from one facebook account to another. I have access to the facebook as a content ... [read more]

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    How to define a succesful Facebook Page? Do you have any model that rocks?

    Facebook is changing the way we do marketing, but Facebook pages, as with every marketing tactic, need a model and strategy definition. Sometimes we create pages as a simple or ... [read more]

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    Kickstarter Fundraising Through Social Media

    SubUrbanHype in Social Networks

    Hey everybody, My question today is how would you go about using social media to help raise money for a fundraiser? I am working on raising money for a festival ... [read more]

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    Autopost to users Facebook wall - viral spread

    obx08 in Social Networks

    I run a local coupon site. I have seen multiple products people have put out that are for like mobile or cpa that relate to facebook where when you go ... [read more]

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    Like Button? Please help!

    trnz in Social Networks

    If I make a post on my page and somebody clicks that they like that particular post, do they become a fan? Or do I have to ask them to ... [read more]

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    Facebook Rules For CPA Offers

    lucasvera in Social Networks

    Hi all! Lucas Vera here... I have a big question for all of you! In the specific case we do advertising with Facebook Ads, I have my standards rules, but ... [read more]

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    Facebook Power Editor

    Ideal Life in Social Networks

    Anyone else used this for creating campaigns and adverts? How long does it take for an advert to go live. Mine have been pending for 24 hours.

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    Facebook Ads: Sorry, we are unable to process your order at this time.

    winsoar in Social Networks

    I've tried two different browsers now, and still getting the error "Sorry, we are unable to process your order at this time". I've set up a brand new Facebook account, ... [read more]

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    Question About Pinterest TV Show & Movie Photos

    BettyM in Social Networks

    I see people putting quotes from TV Shows and Movie Photos on scenes from the show/movie on Pinterest. In your experience, if you aren't selling the photo and you are ... [read more]

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    Social Networking: are you doing it right?

    CDawson in Social Networks

    We all know that social networking is a great way to gain traffic, but are you doing it the right way? Sure, if you post on Digg, Reddit, etc. you ... [read more]

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    How to grow a sustainable web brand.

    Tomas Lodén in Social Networks

    Hi guys. I just launched a new site: Toms Sport Report this is a continually updated one page sportsnews site, (you can say its the "drudge report" of sport).. I ... [read more]

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    EASY way to grow organic and targeted facebook followers

    Rendition in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors, So I know I might get a few "no sh$t sherlock" replies here, but this is a simple and effective way to grow your Facebook fan base which ... [read more]

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    How to start SMO?

    Sherlyne in Social Networks

    Hello Guys, I have being doing SEO from past few years. Now one of my client wants me to start SMO for his business. I read lots and lots of ... [read more]

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    I need your opinion.....f

    aceshigh888 in Social Networks

    I'm building a site. I want to add the "Invite Friends" module that allows the user to grant access to their email account. But I'm just debating if I should ... [read more]

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    What is Best Way to Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing?

    idreesfarooq in Social Networks

    Just curious, how you guys converts your Facebook followers or friends into buyers of your affiliate links? I have steady flow of friends and needs help how to convert them? ... [read more]

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    What Affiliate System to Offer My List

    warfornev in Social Networks

    I sell a software product. And I have the email addresses of the buyers, who are mostly non-techies. It seems like a great idea to send them an offer like ... [read more]

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    WTB Facebook Fanpage

    GamesGiant in Social Networks

    Hi! I am looking to buy some Facebook Fanpages in the gaming or tennis niche. The page should have only real user and majority english speaking one. I will look ... [read more]

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    Buying sponsored posts or fan pages

    cubeinvest in Social Networks

    Hi guys, I'd like to buy sponsored posts on big fan pages (over 1M fans). I'm also interested in buying these fan pages if possible. I guarantee good price. If ... [read more]

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    How to get 1 million twitter follower

    dream56 in Social Networks

    Ok I am not a celebrity or star or singer or any famous person. But is it possible for me to get 1 million twitter follower? If I am not ... [read more]

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    What to do with 1100+ International fan pages ,small ones ?

    unikk in Social Networks

    Like on the tittle I have like 1100+ fan pages with 5k likes and lower.... I'm to lazy to manage them one by one .... is there are place to ... [read more]

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    How to listed my product in Amazon?

    John325 in Social Networks

    I want to listed my product on Amazon but I don't have knowledge over it. Could any one tell me how to listed a product in Amazon?

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    Followers stuck at 1,500..strange problem!

    DateinaDash in Social Networks

    Hey guys, I've run into a problem on Twitter...I've hit 2,000 following and using TweetAdder software have to continuously unfollow people to follow more people but I seem to be ... [read more]

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    Facebook apps

    iluvatoq in Social Networks

    Hi , i am looking for some apps like photocontest/sweepstakes ect . But i don't want to "rent" one i want to buy a complete app . Seen sevral pages ... [read more]

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    I want buy Facebook traffic, how much it cost?

    pikerones in Social Networks

    hi, I have funny niche blog and I want buy real Facebook traffic from rrelevant pages. for example if somebody have funny page and he will share my links, I ... [read more]

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    Lead Generation, Nurturing and Conversion Through Social Media

    fivepennies in Social Networks

    I am looking for different ways to manage leads generated though social media. I was looking at HubSpot and Sales Force but they are kind of expensive and I am ... [read more]

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    How to post Automatically on Google Plus page

    clarajames in Social Networks

    I am not sure about what Google is saying about this but I wanted to know that how can I auto post on Google+ page my new updates on blog ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking Demon List or Social Bookmarking List

    fcebri24 in Social Networks

    Fellow Warriors, Where do you seek your list for social bookmarking software like Bookmarking Demon? I have searched around and I have found only outdated ones. I am looking for ... [read more]

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    Facebook Invite ? Still working in 2013?

    CTRTheme in Social Networks Is this feature still working? By importing an email list to invite bulk amount of people to join facebook and become your friends. The fastest way to get 5000 ... [read more]

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    WTB: Facebook Fan Pages

    slasher20 in Social Networks

    Looking to buy Facebook fan pages in the following categories: general interest and/or men's interest. Only interested in popular pages with organic followings from US. Please PM me details.

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    How to do Facebook Optin Pages like this?

    Dexx in Social Networks

    Anyone know what app / site this guy would have used to be able to create a tab and an optin page like this? It's 4 separate images (including ... [read more]

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    New Social Media Website for backlinks

    NanNex in Social Networks

    I just recently came across Are YOU Jelly? All of the links are dofollow. However, it is only a PR1 but I imagine that will grow with time and in ... [read more]

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    Where to buy USA likes?

    sladex in Social Networks

    Hey, I wondering maybe you know where I can buy USA visitors likes for my FB fan page? I don't wanna spend money in fb ads. Bit cheaper would be ... [read more]

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    Quick! I'm viral!

    Vexatious in Social Networks

    Well, my Facebook page just went viral. Won't go into any details as to exactly how many likes I got but I'm at well over 100,000 likes overnight, all real, ... [read more]

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    My websites Twitter Page

    mika45 in Social Networks

    Please review my official Twitter page. I you like this then follow its and share other friends and tell me i get more followers on its:-

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    Pinterest Strategy

    ptcworld in Social Networks

    hi all does anyone have a Pinterest strategy for getting backlinks for a site, i have kind of worked it out but wondered if anyone had some secrets they wanted ... [read more]

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    Where can I get a goof FB Connect Button plugin?

    ghart999 in Social Networks

    Trying to increase subscribers to my mailing list by having them suscribe to my FB fan page. Now I have them on FB and email for mailing list. So i ... [read more]

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    Please Help! Repeating Facebook Posts?

    trnz in Social Networks

    It seems that Facebook only send my posts to about 12% of my fans. Should I repeat my posts a few times? Will they be sent to different fans each ... [read more]

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    Facebook fan page vs Real website. Where to get likes/shares?

    lampodiiluce in Social Networks

    I want to make my landing page to go viral...the landing page will let the user to interact and then send them to the offer page. Am i forced to ... [read more]

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    Artist Online Advertising?

    BearWarrior in Social Networks

    Greetings Friends, I am a professional artist and right now sell my creations at: Artist Rising - Original Artwork and High-Quality Art Prints by Living Artists It works fairly well ... [read more]

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    If you were Mark Zuckerberg & you were to launch FB tomorrow - how would you promote it?

    Zakhar in Social Networks

    Title above says it all, let's see the type of answers we get floating in - should help some of us. Thanks in advance to contributions made.

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    3 Billion in Social Traffic?

    JoshuaLauniu in Social Networks

    There are 8 Billion People who use the internet every day. 3 Billion of those people are members to social networking sites like....... -Facebook -Twitter -LinkedIn -Dig -Pintrest -Tumblr I ... [read more]

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    Destination URL for Facebook Ads

    Hi, I' kinda new to facebook advertising, and this will probably sound like an overly silly question :confused: , but can you choose a FB app URL as the destination ... [read more]

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    Need genuine comments on my social media video

    chocobo244 in Social Networks

    Dear Warrior Forum, I have launched 2 video series on youtube links on my experience shared on social media. I am looking for genuine feedback on what people are looking ... [read more]

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    Do YouTube View Exchanges Still Work?

    From what I understand YouTube view exchanges used to be quite popular. Do they still work or has YouTube figured out a way to detect the software and ban any ... [read more]

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    Struggling to get Facebook going!

    DateinaDash in Social Networks

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on my endless battle with Facebook! I'm finding Twitter a lot easier...I've got 1,500 followers (most are fairly targeted) albeit I use software to ... [read more]

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    FB doesn't let me share to my own fan page wall???

    skuba in Social Networks

    Hi, I used to be able to do this and can't anymore. I have a profile page as well as a fan page. As I have many more friends than ... [read more]

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    Social Media Marketing

    IPlayYourApp in Social Networks

    So I am new to this forum and I don't know if I'm in the right bit. I was looking around online trying to find a way that I could ... [read more]

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    Can I Use Multiple Credit Cards on Facebook?

    redlegrich in Social Networks

    I recently started doing some FB advertising for my brother, siblings being as they are I use his credit card for the billing! However, I am now in the position ... [read more]

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    Linkedin Gurus...Just a quickie??

    sebski22 in Social Networks

    Hey Guys, I hoping one of the Linkedin experts on here can shed a little light on something for me. I connect with a lot of people via Linkedin and ... [read more]

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    where to find more image for pintest

    thisisraz65 in Social Networks

    my blog does not enough image to share...........But i need to drive traffic from pintrest, How to manage images for pintrest marketing...

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    My likes has suddenly spiked upwards, then spiked downwards 5 days later.

    csa_dummy in Social Networks

    Please see screenshot of my Facebook insights for the past month. I had put up some new ads pointing to our fan page on February 9, however, we still had ... [read more]

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    Theme For Facebook Cover Sites

    alen12345 in Social Networks

    Which is the best and so attractive templates for Facebook Cover Sites because i have a web sites domain and find a great look theme for this sites?

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    Photography Website & FB Page: Increasing Likes

    Hey all, A wee question for the veterans: I run a photography website and have the usual FB portal of it where I update for what we have been doing, ... [read more]