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    Social Media Posting Guidelines STICKY

    The Social Media sub-forum is about discussion for SOCIAL MEDIA only. 1. This is no place for the following (but not limited to): asking/buying for likes, selling accounts, promoting social ... [read more]

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    Facebook Groups Idea - Will Pagemodo Do This?

    Ken_Stone in Social Networks

    Just looking at some of the local FB Online Yard Sale / Buy-Sell groups & I see a GLARING problem. Once someone posts on the very active ones (in my ... [read more]

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    You May Be Using Social Media The Wrong Way...

    SunnyDelight in Social Networks

    "4 Pitfulls That Could Be Killing Your Social Media Success" Hard Selling I have a question for you. When was the last time you were at a bar relaxing with ... [read more]

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    Getting Tumblr followers

    clpickup in Social Networks

    Has anyone done any tumblr affiliate marketing? What did you find works best and how do you get followers. Thanks for advise

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    Need quality likes to my Fan page

    Tjmcnich81 in Social Networks

    I have a fan page with just over 1000k likes... is just about 10 days time. Not bad however I got all these likes via AD Campaigns in cheap countries. ... [read more]

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    Facebook emails a Weekly Page Update?

    KathyAd in Social Networks

    Hi, I am a Facebook and Facebook business page newbie. Within Facebook itself on the main page for my company's Business Page, on the right side, under "This Week" I ... [read more]

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    How Do You Embed a Link in a Graphic on Facebook?

    tagiscom in Social Networks

    Hi, l have searched online, till l am blue in the face, and looked on FB for as long without success. How do you put in a link from your ... [read more]

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    SMM Secrets: Social Media Marketing Strategy Targeted People

    yolktail in Social Networks

    Special Discount Coupon on Warrior Forum already have given away free couponsExclusive on Udemy I hope you Enjoy this. Coupon Code Click Here How to do Advanced Social Media Marketing, ... [read more]

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    Google+ Stupid question... isnt' it?

    freemenn in Social Networks

    I have a personal google+ account. Then I have add my 2 business websites for with I am the administrator. Now, if I like to share something on my business ... [read more]

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    Facebook ads: From $0.20 per page like to $0.02 per like.

    compleks in Social Networks

    I just increased the results of my facebook advertising by roughly 10X. This is going to seem pretty obvious to most of you, but I've been so busy building and ... [read more]

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    Suggestions please.....

    username563 in Social Networks

    My company is using FB to reach my target audience of U.S. homeowners. We were doing great, then fb started having technical issues which are killing me. We are looking ... [read more]

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    Lawyer Facebook Page (please help!)

    Rendition in Social Networks

    Hey Warriors, A client of mine was recently working with a social media agency for the past 5 months. They did updates daily, but clearly bought fake likes for the ... [read more]

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    Dam piss off people write on your post and spam

    Devilfish168 in Social Networks

    I wonder those having Facebook Page .... got people spam on your time line? their tricks usually spam at the left corner " write post" or go under various post ... [read more]

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    lynnvantage in Social Networks

    I'm new to instagram and don't really understand how to utilize it for business.. does anyone have some good tips and starters?

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    What is Viral Content?

    sarahjeff4u in Social Networks

    Hello friends, I just wann know that what is Viral content and How can we create it? Is it good for promoting any profile on social media?

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    Best Free Social Media Management Tool?

    windrider07 in Social Networks

    I need a tool where I can post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for free. A tool that uses bitly or any popular and commonly used link shortener. Would ... [read more]

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    Percentage of people visit facebook ONLY using Mobile Device

    Hello experts Does anyone here know or have any figure showing the percentage of people worldwide (or in the USA) that visit FB daily, by using ONLY their mobile device, ... [read more]

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    HELP! FB ads active, but just stopped running. all at once.

    username563 in Social Networks

    I had about 9 ads running. The same exact ads I have been running for the last 4 months. I create new ones and run them for up to a ... [read more]

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    FB Group Posting Shortcut?

    cborgrx in Social Networks

    Does anybody know a shortcut to posting the same message in more than 1 group at a time. Thank you in advance.

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    Using Fiverr to get Twitter followers?

    Penn86 in Social Networks

    been checking out fiverr gig providers stating ads like "I will add 3200+ Twitter followers to your account to increase your follow count without the need of your password for ... [read more]

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    Enter LETTERS displayed under Circles from above

    sraubbba in Social Networks

    I don't have experience about this Circles from. jurtreszcn Enter LETTERS displayed under Circles from above Anyone know about this? ?????????????????????

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    FB ads - how to target people who have bought things online?

    info126 in Social Networks

    Regarding FB ads - How can we target people who have bought things online before? Thx

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    Best programs/forums for Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

    timrodriguez in Social Networks

    Hey how's it going. I was looking to get into Facebook Affiliate Marketing and was wondering if there are any good websites / paid programs / paid forums that are ... [read more]

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    Questions about Facebook Page and how get more Likes?

    YT2MP3 in Social Networks

    Hello, since this is a webmaster forum, I will of course take all I can and learn as. I am considering for my site a Facebook Page to make for ... [read more]

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    How to Market/Advertise to certain Facebook Groups

    TheDaver in Social Networks

    I have built or access to some large local Facebook groups I can gleen the user ids. Is there a way to market/advertise to just those facebook groups on the ... [read more]

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    Warriors Pay Attention: This Is How You Do Social Marketing Right

    Geeked Labs in Social Networks

    Look at Tiffany's new marketing campaign. These guys are geniuses. Tiffany &, Co Same-Sex Ad - Gay Couple Featured in Tiffany Campaign Find a emerging social movement and cater to ... [read more]

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    Instagram + CPA

    mrshyd in Social Networks

    Simple video I made for beginners. What do you think?

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    Pinterest for making business

    TAHERSYED34 in Social Networks

    How exactly does one profit from pinterest? To me it is just people pinning photos on the website;what is the logic behind just doing that and making business off of ... [read more]

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    Marketing a Amazon Affiliate store

    ramy78 in Social Networks

    Hello, I am total newbie to this. I am trying to market my Amazon affiliate store (not a review site). I am at total loss of ideas how to do ... [read more]

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    How to track Facebook boosted posts with Google AdSense

    justuneak in Social Networks

    Hello Guys This is one of my first posts and I didn't really know where to introduce myself on the Forum, I really have some ideas Id like to share ... [read more]

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    Would $50 of Facebook ads be worth it?

    ttados in Social Networks

    I just started a new web based service that offers web maintenance and hosting. I am thinking about ways to get visitors to my site. I'm targeting small businesses and ... [read more]

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    Location for FB Posts

    Possition in Social Networks

    Hi everyone. I want my posts on Facebook Business Page to be visible for local audience only( the city I live and work), so what should I do to restrict ... [read more]

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    Add Facebook fanpage reviews

    accactg in Social Networks

    How can I add product reviews on my Facebook fanpage?

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    All FB ads get disapproved

    jsmith2482 in Social Networks

    I can no longer get a FB ad approved. My account wasn't disabled though Facebook won't approve ANY of my ads to my fanpage . I literally copy the image ... [read more]

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    Split Testing Hundreds of FB Ads Cheap CPC?

    TakenAction in Social Networks

    I am coming to you guys for a quick question... I am looking for strategies/methods to be able to quickly and efficiently be able to create hundreds of different pictures ... [read more]

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    Is website are imporatant for starting page in facebook?

    saranyasb in Social Networks

    Hai.. I'm plan to create page in any website is must to create the entertainment page in Facebook?

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    Search and Replace for hashtags

    Afflatus in Social Networks

    Hello All, I am promoting on Twitter for Kindle books. My exact process is to promote to all of the free twitter groups for kindle free promos. With this I ... [read more]

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    YouTube Problem

    jonsav123 in Social Networks

    YouTube have just blocked my account because they did not approve of one of my videos. I appealed their decision but they say they are still keeping it suspended. Is ... [read more]

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    how to login facebook,youtube,twitter in mainland China?

    vogue in Social Networks

    I am from China. i want to login facebook,youtube,twitter but failed. What best way to login them, can you help me. :confused:

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    Does buying facebook fans good or not?

    Recently I have bought 1,000 fans of my facebook page, I just want to buy active users and want to inter act with the fans and promote my brand of ... [read more]

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    Facebook for Youtube

    Jcedric in Social Networks

    So I currently have a pretty decent sized gaming channel already on Youtube. The problem I have is that the gaming niche is pretty cornered with the bigger players but ... [read more]

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    Tips On Getting More Twitter Followers?

    Nathan Kruz in Social Networks

    I am looking to get some more twitter followers. I have a professionally designed header and profile picture, everything looks pretty good appearance wise. I have about 10 tweets and ... [read more]

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    Is there a provision in YT or am I missing something?

    Ravidya in Social Networks

    Hello, I came across a video in which the YT button stops physically and plays back again. I have not seen this before. I just accidentally came across this Video. ... [read more]

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    How to Rank and Market your YouTube Videos: Step by Step Blueprint

    So I've decided to put together a brief but comprehensive guide to YouTube Marketing for the readers of this forum. I get asked how to rank videos in YouTube several ... [read more]

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    Twitter vs. Facebook vs. everything else

    hango in Social Networks

    I'm starting a social media campaign, but not sure where to begin and put my focus. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, forums, Tumblr... the list can go on forever. What gets you ... [read more]

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    How can I increase youtube views?

    I would like to increase youtube views and ctr for my affiliate link. How can I promote youtube videos?

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    How to find clients FAST through Social Media? Impact of Social Media Backlinking?

    windrider07 in Social Networks

    So I've basically been given the task of finding clients for my boss. And actually I will be finding clients for my business in the near future when I decide ... [read more]

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    How Do I Post A Blog Post in Facebook

    grandstar in Social Networks

    Ho guys, I want post a blog post from blogger to my facebook fanpage. I later want to promote the post. Pls how do I go about posting a blog ... [read more]

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    You must provide a recipient for your shared item.

    Devilfish168 in Social Networks

    it seem like everyone complain about this function? if you want to share a post from your Facebook page to a group... it will show this.... You must provide a ... [read more]

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    Will this work?

    Anonymous123 in Social Networks

    my have a page has been claimed and is said to be merged in two weeks. i wanted to know if there is anyway this can be stopped? can facebook ... [read more]

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    I want some paid social media follower ...any suggestion

    tanvirbd in Social Networks

    Hello, Hope everyone is doing fine and Happy new year to all. I have started a new blog and I want to promote my social media. Right now I want ... [read more]

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    My office Girls need advice, from Warrior Girls

    allegandro in Social Networks

    My Girls (Daryna, Anna, Oksana, Natalia, Anastacia & Kate) started a FB page to share what is happening in the office, with office humor, happenings and other stuff. Now as ... [read more]

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    Any Free Tips To Increase Your Facebook Group Users?

    justahope in Social Networks

    Hello Warriors, do you know any free methods do gather more real active members in an facebook group fast? The niche is Internet Marketing... The only solution i know is ... [read more]

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    Public experiment “Retweet Marathon”. Participants wanted!

    avalon2013 in Social Networks

    Hello, dear Warriors! We are the Twidium team, we plan to hold a public experiment — "Retweets Marathon." Recently we've conducted a non-public experiment to determine the influence of retweets ... [read more]

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    How to promote Clickbank products on the social media?

    gnr991 in Social Networks

    I have a lot of followers on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook How I can promote the products to them? for example for the followers who interested in "weight loss", I ... [read more]

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    Which social networking site really attract visitors ?

    Softonal in Social Networks

    Couple of days ago, when i started my blog. I faced first problem is how i attract visitors to my blog, for this i started reading popular blogs which have ... [read more]

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    HI warriors can anyone recommend fb ad software. i know there are some good wso that were for fb ad software. thanks