What would you like to see in the main nav bar?

by timokeefe Administrator 3 replies
Right now we have:
  • Search
  • Feed
  • Forum
  • Marketplace
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • User Controls
  • Create Offer

What would you like to see added or taken away?
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    - Feed
    - Rename Forum to Home
    - Create Offer. As is sellers don't know where they're posting to or if it's just going to be removed to a section they don't want after you've taken payment.
    - help desk (keep in footer)

    - My Offers > Thread One, Thread Two, Thread Three, etc for sellers
    - Links to other marketplaces not just WSO. Newbies love the WSO, after a few months they realise that other marketplaces often contain the better offers
    - Recently Visited / Favourite subforums?
    - Create offer in submenu but tidy up the "create offer" form so it is clear.
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    A button that will remove all bumped old threads would be handy.
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    I'm kinda hoping our spam changes will mostly fix that problem.
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    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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