[Fixed] Why the pull back to the top on mobile?

by umc 9 replies
Classic or modern view, but I use Classic so let's focus there. Since we have someone answering questions I'm going to pose it here in its own thread.

If I click to go to the last post on a thread it takes me to the top of a page. If I read a page, scroll down, maybe report spam, and then come back, again the top of the page. If I click a thread title and start scrolling the page before the page loads 100% and stops, guess where it takes me......the top of the page.

So dear baby Jesus or God of the Warrior Forum, why does this site insist on forcing us to the top? I'd love to just start a page where I left off or at the last post, but no, I will always be transported to the top.
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    Can you tell us what browser and OS you are using?
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      Android with the Apus browser currently, but had the same issues with more well known browsers like Chrome.

      Edit to add: For example, I just wrote this, submitted it, and it started to show my latest post but then jumped quickly to the top again. I had to scroll down to add this. Not a problem on a short thread like this, but I'm so sick of having to scroll and scroll and scroll down long pages here.
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    The team is looking into this one.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    umc, we just released a fix for this. Don't hesitate to update this thread if the problem still persists
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    Thanks, but there's been no fix. I clicked on this thread, scrolled down before it was done loading, was reading your post, and bam, back to the top.

    So I tried another thing. I scrolled down and clicked on the link to my username that you put in the post to me. It went to my profile as it should. When I clicked back to come back to the thread I bet you can guess where it took me, not to the bottom where I was reading, but back to the top.

    From what I can see it looks like you have certain elements at the top, like the post reply button, that load last. The page seems to be drawn to whatever loads last. Then again, I'm no programmer, but I do know that I'm tired of scrolling everything here over and over again.
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      Now I get what you're talking about. I needed to throttle my connection for it to be obvious. Will work on a fix ASAP.
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    umc , got another fix for this one. Let us know if this happens again.
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    Holy crap!!!! I do believe you fixed it! I've been driven crazy by this problem for, well, when did Freelancer purchase the WF? I think it was around then that changes were made and I was thinking of suing you once I developed "scrollers thumb", but now I don't have to.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Yeah, I suspect it started when we put the mobile version.

      This is the first time I saw this complaint so it wasn't visible before for us to fix.
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