Banner Ad Improvements - "VIP Rates" & Performance Dashboard

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In my opinion changing to Impressions is a good move, but there are still a number of ways to improve advertising here.

Idea 1:

Start incentivising certain behaviours:
- If destination Url is within Warrior Forum as opposed to third party Url
- If product uses Warrior Payments
- If user is War Room member
- If weekly bump spend > $xx
- Bundle pricing e.g. 3 bumps & a banner etc

Idea 2:

Clear tabulated breakdown of banner ad performance.

e.g. Service, Start time, hours live, clicks, Creative, Url, 1 click "Relaunch" CTA.
10,000 Bottom | Thursday 9:39AM UTC | 27:42 | 44 Clicks | <img src=""> | | Relaunch

This can also be applied to bumps & stickies.

Makes for a compelling case to invest in ads!
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    also, bring back the ability to view all ads.

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