Improve the Ignore List

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Perhaps a more fine-grained Ignore list would be useful?
By this I mean the ability to categorize to help me remember why I ignore somebody.
For example:
  • Crooks
  • Nudniks
  • Morons
  • Lunatics

The ability to add our own categories would be highly desirable.

I learned this from Click & Clack, the Car Talk guys:
How to tell the difference between a moron and a lunatic:
  • Get on the freeway, driving at your normal speed
  • Anybody going slower than you is a moron
  • Anybody going faster than you is a lunatic
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    I would also like to have a one-click "Add user to ignore list" button
    in each post, alongside the "Quote", "Quick Reply", etc. buttons.
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    I guess nobody caught on that my first suggestion was not entirely serious;
    however, I think my second one would save a lot of clicking, copying and pasting.

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