WSOs - Specific Options For Refund Policy That Cannot Be Changed...

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When someone posts a new WSO, I would like to see a dropdown list which forces them to select a refund policy... Once the WSO is approved, it cannot be changed.....


I have seen.....

Sellers deleting their Money Back Guarantee....

Sellers changing their WSO text from 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.... To 30 Day Money Back Guarantee....

And..... Sellers stating they have a Money Back Guarantee... BUT, they add conditions when you request a refund....

Of course, these were not stated in the WSO.... All that was stated was a Money Back Guarantee.....

Most people wouldn't buy if they knew it was up to the seller if they get their money back...

I know someone will say you would need hundreds of items in the list to cover "all" of the possible refund policies... That is not true.... Paul could have a half dozen or so.... WSO posters can choose whatever fits them best...

Now, how much "extra" work does that cause the Warrior Forum? It is a very little...

1. Change the WSO posting rules to state the Money Back Guarantee can be "restated" in the WSO text. BUT, they must select a Money Back Guarantee option in the dropdown.

2. They would need to add the dropdown list so it is displayed when one posts a WSO.

In the end, having the refund policy "etched in stone" benefits the buyers and sellers. The buyers know the refund policy won't change. The sellers know if a buyer attempts a refund or chargeback, they have proof the buyer was aware of their stated refund policy.


Rich Beck
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