You should build a inbuilt chat!

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Warrior forum is one of the biggest forum on the internet but the only contact option is through threads and private messages.

Members have to wait for the response to their questions and cant talk to the other members inside the forum.

So i suggest that warrior forum should have a inbuilt chat option where members and chat with other members of the forum to sort out their problems.
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    The problem with this is how quickly chat boxes get filled up with spam. Plus, they tend to take away from communication in the forum itself. You end up with comments like "Did anyone notice how the WSO "XYZ" really sucks?"
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    There must rules, moderators and automated system to ask only questions and give only answers for any other discussions we already have lots of threads in forum.

    This is necessary because members are posting most of the same questions in their posts
    for getting answers means they are not satisfied yet with the other member's responses.

    I think that the admin is enough rich to hire moderators and maintenance staff for the chat plugin!

    By knowing that warrior forum is the only place where you get the perfect answer to your internet marketing related question then it will become the first place on the internet to give you 100% satisfaction.
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    It's already available for you. It's called Skype.
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    Skype needs to add contact before talking with them and most of the members on the WF do not have Skype account so Skype has nothing to do with WF.
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