WSO Approval Process.

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I submitted two WSO threads. The reply says that the thread will be reviewed by an Admin and I would be contacted via IM then I can pay for the post. Never saw any IM. Did I do somthing wrong? Is there something else required? Is there a backlog?

I tried to submit a help desk ticket, however the help desk gives me a strange error.

I would like to give you guys my cash. I would like to pay for WSO forum posts. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have a Great Day....

Brett Fullmer
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    Can anyone help or make a suggestion? I have read the TOS several times. I have a lot to offer in my WSO, but don't seem to find any way to get an admin to approve my thread and/or get a support case open. It even says "It takes time" how much time is acceptable? How long does this process take?

    Am I missing something?

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Brett Fullmer
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    How long ago did you submit them? We've had WSO's take almost 24 hours to get posted..
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    I too tried it . but I dont know why its so hard to get WSO posted ... digital point forums was ok with me ...

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