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Lately I've seen a lot of spam in the Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum. People just aren't aware that they aren't allowed to post ads in that section. Although the mods do a great job of taking them down soon after they are released to the public, it's still very annoying! I know that the $10 registration fee was meant to counter this stuff, but it definitely hasn't fully since there are many ignorant people.

I would highly suggest the threads created are sent for approval before going live. If it is so time consuming for mods, perhaps we can allow more advanced members to post threads without moderation, while new members have to go through moderation (just a suggestion). This will certainly counter the spam I've been seeing lately on the WF.
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    There was an option on phpBB which limits users with under X amount of posts from submitting a thread/post without moderation, which may be viable here on vB.

    The only issue is the vast increase in work going through moderation logs. Even though they're already posted on the forum, the reports and combined efforts of the userbase (instead of a small mod team) seems to clear up the forum just fine.

    Logically, I can't see any further action on it, only because it's being dealt with at the moment.
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    Sorry Ben. This is a horrible idea.

    Every thread being approved before it was posted?!

    No way is that going to happen.

    In all honesty, for a forum of this size (it is one of the biggest forums on the Internet) the amount of spam is quite negligible. You are never going to totally get rid of spammers. This forum has done a pretty good job of getting rid of most of them though... and the rest are very quickly and very easily removed.

    There is no need to inconvenience the majority because of a very small minority.
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    Would this include commenting on threads as well? Ive seen in the middle of a long conversation, a random spam hit.

    I think a smaller signup fee would do the trick or if they use your idea, then WAR room members go unmod, and anybody with less than 25 posts will be mod approved.

    Im sure there are quite a few vets that wouldn't mind volunteering to help mod the newbie posts!
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    The forum use to be pre-moderated but it was much smaller then.


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