do notifications exist for this forum?

Profile picture of the author papi70 by papi70 Posted: 02/19/2013
Is there a way to be notified if one of the posts you're active in receives a new message? Been looking but couldn't find it.. :rolleyes:
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    At the top of every thread there's a menu, "Thread Tools" -> "Subscribe to Thread". You'll be notified by email of updates to the thread.
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    thanks a million
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    The same thing bothered me when I became active on WF. Subscription sends me an email every time someone posts something, but often I'd just like to glance to see if anyone's responded.

    I'm writing a Chrome Extension that adds a notification bar and monitors for replies on all threads I've participated in and some other cool informative features: Popular posts(to find really good posts in noisy threads), one-page mode on threads and forums, notification bar. It's still pretty crude, but it's coming along.

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