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Profile picture of the author travlinguy by travlinguy Posted: 05/26/2013
With soooo many fiverr threads on the main board maybe a forum devoted to Fiverr would be appropriate.
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    Sounds interesting. Anyhow, we cannot expect to get a section for each popular subject. I think we can utilize other sections to talk about fiverr. If we let fiverr in, we would have to let other big subjects have a section too to make it fair. Anyhow, this could be something that goes through so I wish you good luck with your request or suggestions or whatever you wanna call it
  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans
    I have my Fiverr Fanatics Social Group, but I can't say people are keen to participate which seems true of most social groups.

    A forum on the other hand might attract more interest.

  • Profile picture of the author travlinguy
    If admin isn't willing to devote a free forum for it maybe someone could put up a paid membership board. There's one for video and Kindle and maybe others.
  • Profile picture of the author webcosmo
    Yes, Fiverr is more and more popular, should have a dedicated section, agree.
  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    Definitely sounds interesting and would be a great alternative to Fiverr's official forum, which is overly moderated, IMO. Cool request and I vote aye.


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    Why not "The Outsourcing Forum" with a subforum called "Fiverr Forum"...? :p
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    with the revamped Fiverr coming, there's bound to be even more questions, successes (and rants) posted here on the Warrior Forum

    Are you aware of how the Fiverr website will look like? See for yourself here: new look website It's due for use by all sellers/buyers soon (They've been testing it out with selected sellers during past few weeks and broke the silence today)

    An article claims that:
    Fiverr currently offers 1.7 million gigs in 120 categories and has millions of users from more than 200 countries.
    That's mindboggling!


    Apparently one of the new features is that gigs will be from $5 to $500 - depending on your Fiverr seller status With this increased gig rating, there's bound to be more stories like this: Fiverr seller buys house with earnings

    Gives a new meaning to the term "It's just a fiverr" I think

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    @Zoe_21 - Fiverr is trying to figure out how to stay ahead of their own competition, lol.

    Smart niche, but they have to be careful to not dilute their primary message, as well as think a little wider , in my opinion.

    They should help folks with list building, etc.

    Think about it...if Fiverr actually supported sellers personal growth by helping them build a real business that is not confined to just the fiverr platform...doesn't it just make natural sense that they'd only attract the best, brightest and most forward thinking talent?

    Instead, they just focus on keeping their Featured Seller's list strange and bizarre...which I understand that purpose is to keep people coming to the site going..."wow, what a weird gig...I can get that for just 5 bucks? Cool!"

    But in reality, featured sellers slave on Fiverr. They're the ones who don't know how to market themselves and by the virtue of their offer...hope fiverr selects them for the front page.

    The folks makin serious bucks on never featured.

    I dunnno...let's see what V2 brings.


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    What is Fiverr Forum. Is it the same as I am confused.
  • Profile picture of the author Jahsun
    i agree with you
    Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

    With soooo many fiverr threads on the main board maybe a forum devoted to Fiverr would be appropriate.

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