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    Please Make Suggestions For The Forum In This Section STICKY

    admin in Suggestions

    If you have any ideas for the forum we'd be glad to hear them.

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    New Warrior Forum Marketplace

    travlinguy in Suggestions

    How about a new Warrior Forum marketplace where members could submit video courses, ebooks, graphic packs, software and other marketing tools. Instead of paying for space for this the product ... [read more]

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    Buy A Beer

    travlinguy in Suggestions

    A while back there was a feature on the Warrior Forum where a member could "reward" another member who had been helpful. It was simple. There was a "buy a ... [read more]

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    Search bar optimization

    FilippoGreggiio in Suggestions

    Hi guys, i'm new and like every new, i need to learn a lot. The first thing i did was to open a thread and ask for the things i ... [read more]

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    Do We Need A Forum To Share Methods?

    Tom Addams in Suggestions

    Here's the thing... I enjoy sharing methods to make money. It beats - hands down - talking about whether or not Host Gator is any good, whether or not Google ... [read more]

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    MikeFriedman in Suggestions

    The Reviews sub-forum has a rule where you have to have 20 posts in order to be allowed to post in there. I've seen people posting in other sub-forums asking ... [read more]

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    is SEARCH breaking again?

    Kay King in Suggestions

    All searches seems to end at Sept 28 - in the past when this happened it was only a matter of time before the entire search function went down.

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    [SOLVED] Bring Back Old Payment Methods

    nik0 in Suggestions

    What a nonsense that we are now forced to pay with a debit or creditcard through Paypal instead of just using the balance on our accounts. Not everyone is from ... [read more]

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    Private forums how to buy access

    rhinocl in Suggestions

    If you click on a private forum you do not have access to you get a generic error message. It is missing the most important thing- a path that let's ... [read more]

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    Post numbers and font colours.

    Daniel Evans in Suggestions

    Just a quick heads up (assuming it's not already known) that post number referencing and font colours aren't working.

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    Other Website Products and Services

    sbucciarel in Suggestions

    Could you please consider getting rid of the Freemarket stuff from the Other Website Products and Services section, or replace it with a banner ad like this That was ... [read more]

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    Please fix the "View First Unread" button

    waterotter in Suggestions

    The "View First Unread" button is NOT working. Please fix this - it's a pain in the a$$ without it. The search function could also use an overhaul. It's also ... [read more]

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    warriorforum not displaying correctly

    tuanng in Suggestions

    Anyone know why warrior forum is showing these weird characters instead of brackets and symbols? even when posting this thread, I can't add any formatting because the left / right ... [read more]

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    What's the harm? Thanks button

    Khemosabi in Suggestions

    Frustrating! I'm out of thanks AGAIN. Really, what exactly is the harm in not limiting them? You want community participation? You have that silly, annoying side bar of social tabs ... [read more]

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    Find all posts by user

    zecke in Suggestions

    Hi What happend to "find all posts by user" ? When I click it i got results only to 10.08.2013. I can`t get newest posts...

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    Journeys allowed again under new management?

    nik0 in Suggestions

    Forum is sold so perhaps there are different rules now, are case studies (without all details like site in question) and journeys allowed again? Perhaps moderators can verify if the ... [read more]

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    Avoiding hidden costs

    bendik58 in Suggestions

    My suggestion is that members of this forum should endeavor to reveal from the on set whether there are other costs or whether the product being marketed is a one ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to change my username?

    Andrea Rillo in Suggestions

    Hi, I was asking myself if it is possible to change my username. If that is possible, how can I do it? Thank you. Regards Andrea

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    Do You Think War Room Membership Should Be Increased?

    Tom Addams in Suggestions

    I do. Want reasons? Of course you do. I'll give you two. Increased Value Now, I'm not saying the information in the War Room is without value. But the easy ... [read more]

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    I Remember When ....

    sbucciarel in Suggestions

    I remember when the search function worked flawlessly... and now it barely works at all. Last two searches retrieved one out of six posts and 0 out of 8. Isn't ... [read more]

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    Alaister - Search Broken Again?

    sbucciarel in Suggestions

    per the title Alaister - Search Broken Again?

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    How to increase the numbers of messages here

    bodmov in Suggestions

    I'd be interested to know is there any way I can get more free space here. I'm allowed only to have 10 messages. I constantly discuss offers and this stops ... [read more]

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    Who do I report cheating in the Warriors for Hire section to?

    Taylor Stewart G in Suggestions

    There is a member who has been bumping his thread before they fall off the first page for several months. Who are the new mods to report this to? I ... [read more]

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    Fix The "Remember Me" Thing

    Paleochora in Suggestions

    Hi Just lately, it doesn't seem to matter which browser I use, I am never "remembered" when I visit the WF. Ppreviously, it was never an issue...I never had to ... [read more]

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    Please stop sending PMs!

    abdul786 in Suggestions

    Please stop sending automated PMs about WSO dropping off to page 2. I have bumped one single thread 14 times during last 5 days because I wanted to bump. I ... [read more]

  • 3 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} Budgets

    SRobbins in Suggestions

    This is the only site where there is a community i can post to. It doesn't seem has a community forum and I want feedback from other users, so ... [read more]

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    Meet and greet for the new Mods

    Mike Anthony in Suggestions

    I thought it might be helpful and foster community to get to meet some of the new mods. When people get to know staff it creates more trust and understanding. ... [read more]

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    What do you think about the "120 seconds"

    mrrightme in Suggestions

    Every time , I get this message when I reply to the customers. "This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 92 ... [read more]

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    WAMA replays too big for wi-fi

    rhinocl in Suggestions

    I tried to listen to a WAMA replay (they are in the War Room) over wi-fi. The files are too big. You just can't listen to them without a fast ... [read more]

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    How Do You Feel About Removing Sigs. In The Entire WSO forum?

    Brent Stangel in Suggestions

    I don't know how many of you use the WSO sub-forums like classifieds. I Have been using them for a while (mostly classifieds) and I'm getting tired of spamers dropping ... [read more]

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    What happend to WF?

    I haven't been on here in awhile, but the last time I use to do WSO's it was expedited and launched quick. I have been waiting since last Wednesday to ... [read more]

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    I think some of the smaller forums should be closed and collapsed into the main forum.

    Joe Mobley in Suggestions

    I actually disagree and think some of the smaller forums should be closed and collapsed into the main forum. I just looked and there are 30 people viewing the Email ... [read more]

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    Read first unread post

    tryinhere in Suggestions

    Where has this option gone when reading the titles in a forum, it has gone from a single action to now having to open the post then select go to ... [read more]

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    tristatemedia in Suggestions


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    Legit Complaints

    abbadox in Suggestions

    So I was browsing thru the Warrior Forum today and came across someone who posted that they were due a refund and wanted to know why they did not get ... [read more]

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    Community section - Social Groups

    Alaister in Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone actually used the "Community" section and "Social Groups". There doesn't seem to be much activity there and we were thinking of removing it. ... [read more]

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    i can't see signature on warrior forum

    NikiPink in Suggestions

    Hi, i am logged into my account and i can't see an one signature can any provide help ? how can i see my own signature and some one else's ... [read more]

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    New private forum for top marketers/sellers

    ZedyDiamond in Suggestions

    The whole warrior forum is packed with newby question threads. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but I don't see anywhere where warriors (who knows how this internet ... [read more]

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    How to find stuff...

    SpaceSerbian in Suggestions

    I am trying to check all SEO services that I can buy on the forum but can't find where. In WSO section everything looks confusing. Is it possible that marketplace ... [read more]

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    Stats are broken

    hometutor in Suggestions

    My posts by hometutor haven't changed in quite some time though I have been posting. It's how I keep up with replies. Rick

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    Serious CDN Problem

    godoveryou in Suggestions

    Hey guys, Over the past week or so there has been an intermittent problem loading content from the CDN you use. Sometimes (like right now) it's fast and works perfectly. ... [read more]

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    WordPress Forum

    Action Man in Suggestions

    It appears most warriors use WordPress as their platform now. Could we have a forum of that? I know you have a web design forum, but a lot of them ... [read more]

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    Notification emails broke

    David Beroff in Suggestions

    The emails that notify us about new posts in a given thread suddenly stopped working correctly this morning. Their subject line used to match that of the thread; now they ... [read more]

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    Barter or Trade?

    mellymags in Suggestions

    Maybe an area for Barter/Trade? For example, copywriting in exchange for logo design, website help. ?

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    travlinguy in Suggestions

    I just went to the WSO forum looking to post a WSO. I clicked "Create A WSO." And there I was in some very unfamiliar territory. Why has everything here ... [read more]

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    HOUSTON: There's a Problem. WARNING: Attack Page

    sbucciarel in Suggestions

    People have been reporting getting a Warning: Attack Page message when opening some threads. Here's one But it seems the entire Offline Marketing section is blocked. Offline Marketing When ... [read more]

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    I need help cancelling my subscription

    gromgrom in Suggestions

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong thread but I dont know where/how else to contact warrior forum about this? When i click on help desk it takes ... [read more]

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    Votes for a WordPress forum

    Action Man in Suggestions

    I think most warriors use WordPress to build sites time is money and we can build sites fast on WordPress , great sites... any votes for having a WordPress forum ... [read more]

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    There Should Be Other Payment Method Other Than Paypal

    wordpressmania in Suggestions

    Hi There, I strongly feel that all the new changes just makes this forum more appealing to the users. But today I was going ot bump one of my WSO ... [read more]

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    A Convenient Button for Ignoring People?

    Trivum in Suggestions

    I know it's possible to put people on ignore, but I wonder if we couldn't get a convenient button right on each post that would allow us to ignore people. ... [read more]

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    Hope real results on WSO reviews

    edpudol1973 in Suggestions

    WSO sellers please do not hate me with this post... I just noticed that many seller are giving away a review copy to other warrior members to get reviews to ... [read more]

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    Why there is a "new" icon beside all subforums ?

    Egyfitness in Suggestions

    if all subforuns are new.. then whats the point of all these icons?

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    Proposing WF Method of Identifying Top Reviewers?

    Okay, so hear me out. Every day I go on WF and I see lots of shiny new WSOs and reviews. And a bunch of Review Copy reviews. I wondered, ... [read more]

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    Bitcoin making forum

    devonm in Suggestions

    There should be a forum where people go to learn about making bitcoin, both expensive and cheap ways to do it, included with altcoins.

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    Glad to see more t-shirt marketing here!

    EvolBaby in Suggestions

    I've been away a bit working on t-shirt marketing. Glad to come back and see more people involved in this biz. Some people are making great money and in truth ... [read more]

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    Increase the Thread Title Character Allowance to 120 Characters

    GlenH in Suggestions

    Can you increase the ‘Thread Title’ character allowance from 100 to 120 . Particularly for WSO section. Already with 100 characters, the thread title goes to TWO lines, so adding ... [read more]

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    [img] Tag is OFF! Why?

    sbucciarel in Suggestions

    Why is the img tag turned off? Please turn the img tag back on, or have you disabled it in certain sections for some reason? I just posted some screenshots ... [read more]