[Warrior TV] A Million Dollar Product Launch with Jeff Walker - June 18 at 7PM EDT

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Hey... I'm Jeff Walker and in a few days I'll be doing a WAMA. I started my first online business from scratch in 1996, and since then I've made tens of millions of dollars of sales - and along the way I invented the online Product Launch. And I've been a Warrior since 2003. :-)

I basically invented the online product launch, I've sold tens of millions of dollars of my information products, my clients have done over half a BILLION dollars in sales... and last year my first book "Launch" was a New York Times #1 Bestseller.

In my WAMA I'll be up for answering any of your questions about online marketing, whether it's about...

- Product Launches and Business Launches
- Video (as part of your launch, for lead gen, for selling)
- Copywriting
- Creating and selling infoproducts
- Selling high-ticket items
- Running high-value high-end masterminds
- Joint ventures and affiliates contests
- Starting from scratch and growing a six, seven, or eight figure business

Basically, when it comes to information marketing, I've done it all for almost 20 years, and I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

best regards,

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    I have Jeff's book, its pretty good
  • Profile picture of the author pif69

    Looking forward to this WAMA.

    My question: What are some of most original ways people apply the product launch formula ?

    • Profile picture of the author Shane F
      Really looking forward to this! Reserved my seat. Interested in learning more about creating high ticket programs and best way to sell them.

      Thanks Jeff!
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    Just finished reading the book. Interesting. I had never heard of him until last year although I've been on the web a bit longer than he has.
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    Looking forward to it. I think I registered thru the link below the video. Just not very sure. Will I be receiving some kind of confirmation?
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    What launch strategy works best for authors?
  • Profile picture of the author Interslicer
    'm looking forward to this very much ... i want to find out whether the key is more about knowing what to do ... or being the person you need to be ... also i can see in this guy a cool calmness and a big heart that you can't fake
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    This is going to be good! Looking forward to learning from Jeff Walker.
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    My question: does your course cover only the mechanics of launching a product, or does it teach it in the context of a larger strategy? Does it involve advice and strategies for developing a thought leadership and authority in our niche?
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    I like Jeff's courses, I own almost all of them, but I do find it very complex. As Jeff says if you get it almost right 70%-80% you'll be alright... I do agree with that...
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    Excited for this event. I am always learning new things so I am eager for picking up some tips from a great expert.
  • Profile picture of the author Terry Jett
    Over the years have bought some of Jeff's products and always top notch. Betting this event will be no different. Got my seat!
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Lanning
    I wrote a question for Jeff, but..
    Sad to say I won't be on the Webby this evening.

    As I've been helping others monetize their intellectual capital since the early 1970s, I started with direct mail marketing and seminars and workshops in helping folks launch their advice and intellectual property--and stuck in that rut you might say.

    Maybe I should just head out to pasture, but I still get a thrill up my leg (no apology to Chris Matthews) when we see a client take off wildly--with direct mail, etc. old school marketing. But I'm always ready to learn! I'm just thanking the Lord I have people who know digital marketing I can refer clients to! Ha!

    Hopefully there will be a recording, guys?
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    Looking forward to this one, just finished the book and was really impressed. It will change the way I launch my products from now on!
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    We're live in just under 7 minutes.

    Click Here to Watch the Event!
  • Profile picture of the author starcreatives
    Just reserve my seat. Eager to know about $ 1M product. I want to earn money from internet. How I can be?
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    I registered for the webinar a couple of times, coz i didn't think it was going thru mainly because it kept looping back to the same pages.
    Am i registered?
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    How do you track JV partners throughout the 3 part email series so they get credit for the sales, since prospects end up on your launch list?
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    NOOOOOO! I was fixing a friend's computer and couldn't put my question up! Oh well, at least I got to watch and listen to the live video...

    Thanks a lot Jeff! Enjoyed your AMA
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    Thanks all for tuning in. This was a great event. Jeff knows the ins and outs of product creation like noone else. Great to work with and we hope to have future events with Jeff.

    If you missed the book - this is Jeff's book Launch here. Warriors can get the hard copy of the book shipped to your door for free. Grab your copy here.

    I will post back here when the replay of the event is available.

    Thanks again all for attending and for your questions. I wish we had time to answer them all.

    Next week we're in for a real treat. We have Nick Robinson from Quest Nutrition on Warrior Forum. INC Magazine named Quest as the second fastest growing company in North America. They have the world's bestselling protein bar. They are delicious. Ask your questions and reserve your seat here: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ne-25-7pm.html

    Look forward to seeing you there!

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