[Warrior TV] Hyper Hockey Stick Growth with Sujan Patel, co-founder of Content Marketer - Oct 8

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Hello Hello!

I am Sujan Patel the co-author of 100 Days of Growth, a Growth hacking ebook. I'm also the cofounder of ContentMarketer.io & Narrow.io. I'm an open book so ask me anything.

Over the last 12 years of digital marketing I've helped 100+ companies with internet marketing and mastered (with lots of trial and error) the following areas:
  • Growth Hacking
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Promotion/Outreach
  • Email Marketing
  • Cold emails/outreach
  • SaaS Marketing
  • How to secure guest post on Forbes, Inc. WSJ, etc
  • How to pitch for speaking gigs
  • Influencer Outreach

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