[WAMA] Chris Munch: Record for 100,000 Visitors To WF & 7 Figure Business - Here to Help You!

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Hey There Warrior!

My name is Chris Munch and I'm the Founder & CEO of PressCable. I met Moss (CEO of the Forum) and Marcus (head of partnerships & marketing) at an event in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are some super smart hard working guys!

They asked me to share my story and some tips here with you, and invite you to ask any questions you might have for me to help you grow your business, profits and traffic.

I've been doing this for about 10 years now so might have something helpful or interesting that can help you breakthrough to the next level.

I'm also going to be sharing an important lesson and story on growing your business live this Monday 7th Nov.

How I Started...

I started with zero experience in my early twenties and I spent about 2 years failing and struggling trying all sorts of business ideas. To make so little financial progress for so long was disappointing. If you've ever worked really hard at something only to make no or little progress and look like an idiot to friends and family, then you'll know how that feels.

I ended up on unemployment benefits as a result of pig headed determination to have an online business and do nothing else but that. After a taste working in a call centre I refused to get a real job. Wherever you are right now in your online venture, the most important thing is to keep pushing forward, because it truly is worth the effort.

Those multiple failures did not stop me...

I was learning a lot and put in a huge amount of work every day, working 70-100+ hour weeks. My friends thought I was nuts, and some told me to give it up as I was not making much money and struggled to pay bills.

My first success that got me to $100/day online and beyond was blogging & viral marketing (which happened to work really well for SEO too). I learned this by taking a freelance gig as a blogger for a big company, and then doing it for myself.

This gave me the skill to always be able to get traffic, which is critical for any online venture. Once I had that down everything else got easier. I leveraged the knowledge and skills from that to get into creating and selling marketing software.

Into 7 Figures...

I built a 7 figure SaaS (software as a service) company from the ground up and some of my first experiments were released right here on The Warrior Forum. Like anything you might try which is new, my first experiments here flopped badly selling only a few hundred dollars.

But I learned and persevered and it paid off!

It was only a matter of months before I had done 6 figures in software sales, and a couple of years until I'd narrowed down to focus on PressCable which instantly grew into a 7 figure company when we launched it. It makes most of it's money from recurring subscriptions as customers continue to pay us for ongoing access.

But it's not all been good, with major & scary stumbles along the way...

The dirty truth...

I'm not the kind of guy to show you Lamborghinis and Yachts. I'm a very normal sort of guy and I save my money and reinvest in my business. If you've got a thirst for knowledge and a real desire to have a positive impact in what I do, then we're similar.

Probably one of the hardest things you might experience being an entrepreneur is hearing others tell you their amazing story and reveal their amazing life. It can be very motivating, but it can also make you feel like you have not done enough, even when you are doing well or making progress.

However, after travelling the world and meeting so many successful people (and a lot of pretenders), I've realized more often than not entrepreneurs, and especially marketers, put up a front. That's actually quite natural and they feel compelled to do it to present the right image, but underneath they can be facing their own challenges and stress, and often feel the same as you do.

We're all human, and we all struggle, we all have doubts and thats okay. In all those struggles are valuable lessons that can help us all move forward. The difference between those that succeed and those that don't, is simply overcoming those challenges, and your life will be better for it.

In answering any questions you have, and in sharing my story on Monday, I'll be telling you the honest real nitty truth about the challenges and failures I'vr faced along the way, as well as plenty of tips on growing your online business no matter where you are at.

What You Might Want to Ask Me About:
  • How I Built a 7-figure Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) company from the ground up, leading an awesome team of hard-working, talented people (and learned A LOT along the way)

  • How I've used viral marketing & press releases to drive 5 figure traffic in a couple of days, and my approach to generating huge traffic I stopped counting a few years back when it hit 30 million visitors.
  • How I cultivated a webinar for our product that delivered some of the highest Earnings in the industry for Affiliates for months after most offers die out, while still providing the best prices for our customers over our competition...
  • How I caused the Warrior Forum's Highest Traffic Day Ever by driving 100,000 extra visitors to the forum, which yes, literally crashed servers.
  • How I built several blogs from the ground up to build a 6-figure revenue stream using Viral Traffic methods I learned working for a Fortune 500 company's blog network
  • My personal breakdown that happened during an 8 month world trip with my family (including a 1 year old), while running a team of 15 people, managing a 7-figure business, and meeting amazing people.

  • How I use health and lifestyle hacks to make more money and get more done.

  • Building a remote worldwide team of now over 20 people.
  • My simple philosophies on traffic and business that we use to help hard-working people change their lives and businesses for the better.

Some of My Failures & Challenges
  • I started a software company that was basically a free version of Netflix before YouTube even existed but couldnt get the funding I needed to grow, so it failed, even though I got 250,000 visits per month (all my businesses have been self funded)
  • When I started out and had very little money and existed mainly on a diet of 10 pence instant noodles while I was unemployed and doing everything I could to get my business off the ground
  • I almost buckled under the pressure of running a successful software company because I hadnt learned that one VERY important lesson I think every entrepreneur has to know to be successful, happy and healthy for the LONG-term.

Areas I Can Help You:
  • Driving Traffic
  • Viral Traffic
  • Getting Attention Online...
  • Joint Ventures...
  • Business Growth
  • Establishing Powerful & Productive Habits
  • Balancing Work, Self-Fulfilment & Being A Dad (always a challenge)
  • The Psychology of The Internet User
  • Running a Software Company
  • Finding Maximum Reward for Minimum Effort

Please post your questions here and I'll be answering them live on Monday 7th November at 11am Eastern

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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Copeland
    I would definitely be interested in hearing more about this one.. my blog is something I plan to breath new life into soon so any tips on getting it to something special would be awesome...

    "How I built several blogs from the ground up to build a 6-figure revenue stream using Viral Traffic methods I learned working for a Fortune 500 company's blog network"

    And any sort of traffic driving tips too, can have the best offer in the world but without traffic it doesn't matter... especially interested to hear how to keep traffic evergreen rather than the crazy bursts (and stress) of stuff like launches.

    Thanks for this, amazing of you to offer this sort of insight!

    Unleash Your Awesome - Pocket Ace Promotion

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  • Hi Chris, I'd like to hear explicit details on how you used press releases to get traffic along with what's the fastest traffic method you've found?
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  • Profile picture of the author Pete J
    I have a product idea and would like to ask about its potential and how to go about finding an exploitation partner (I am not a marketeer). It is a formal system for generating relevant business ideas for growth and focuses on applied creativity. It needs some work so I'm wondering whether the work is worth doing. Hope to see you later...
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  • Profile picture of the author iDesigners
    We are the leading logo designers on Fiverr [www.Fiverr.com/idesigners] and we are planning to expand our services to web and app development

    If we set up a new website for the same, how can we generate TARGETED Traffic?

    Thank you

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    • can you make me some rectangles for my blog were i can highlight information and pictures inside of it . how much as welll
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  • Profile picture of the author mizesean
    HI, I would love to learn more about the psychology of the internet user

    Have you thought about starting a group coaching program, but don't know how?

    If so, Watch This YouTube Video: Group Coaching Program

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  • Profile picture of the author 9iceking
    I would love to know the tools you use for your landing pages, blogs, traffic, surveys etc. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author webfeat
    Can we promote a Youtube or Facebook Live Event using SkyRanker - PressCable?


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  • Just saw this hope there's a replay !
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  • Profile picture of the author Marcus W K Wong
    Hey Warriors!

    [Update] - This was a GREAT talk from Chris and Jay.

    One of the greatest outtakes of the live webinar is sharing their experiences to be results focused and closing local clients. Actionable tips are hard to come by and this was filled with them. Be sure to have pen, paper and keyboard ready!

    The best part is: Thanks to you, he's agreed to stay on with us for a couple more days… and now you have the power to decide.

    Chris said he could share his methods & insights on:

    His Unique And Unorthodox Keyword Method (he never liked Google’s Keyword Planner), or...

    His Trending Topics Method To Drive Traffic And Get eCommerce Product Sales
    We’re letting YOU decide but we need to decide FAST.

    Vote for Keywords here


    Vote For eCommerce Product Sales here

    Results to come soon
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  • Profile picture of the author Sonny Morris
    Is there a replay ?
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  • Profile picture of the author 612chan

    When is the replay available to wr members?

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  • Profile picture of the author Barrellofmoney
    I also would like a replay. I just saw this thread today. I am revealed to hear about your struggles. I to am getting laughed at and my wife thinks I am wasting my time. I spend every second I have advertising, working on blog posting, watching stats, trying everything I can get my hands on for traffic generation. That is my wall and I am having a hard time breaking through. I would love some ideas.

    Rey Albert
    Check out my blog Marketing With Rey

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  • Profile picture of the author floxtero
    I am very interested to learn, joined you
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  • Profile picture of the author Pete J
    Dammit. One post here I end up with a thousand unwanted emails. I should be more sensible.
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    • Profile picture of the author TonyMontana1
      Originally Posted by Pete J View Post

      Dammit. One post here I end up with a thousand unwanted emails. I should be more sensible.
      Your post had one word in it that you should heed carefully, EXPLOITATION. With you not being a marketer be careful what you ask for, it may be you that ends up getting exploited.

      Good luck with the product.
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      • Profile picture of the author Pete J
        Originally Posted by TonyMontana1 View Post

        Your post had one word in it that you should heed carefully, EXPLOITATION. With you not being a marketer be careful what you ask for, it may be you that ends up getting exploited.

        Good luck with the product.
        Thanks Tony. It's okay. I'm a marketer but not of the internet kind.
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  • Profile picture of the author elitenicheplr
    Thanks Chris for having the video still available in FB.

    It was great listening to you and Jay...
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  • Profile picture of the author Pete J
    Chris - How do I unsubscribe from your mailings? The unsubscribe link doesn't work for me. Thanks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Best Seller
    "I started a software company that was basically a free version of Netflix before YouTube even existed but couldnt get the funding I needed to grow, so it failed, even though I got 250,000 visits per month (all my businesses have been self funded)"

    My life story.

    And I'm now enjoying growing my business without venture capital ... proving them all wrong.
    Visit the PPG Publisher's Blog for
    Everything You Need to Know on How to Write, Publish, and Sell a Book
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  • Profile picture of the author bernardsam
    100,000 Visitors To a WF thread or to your website?
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