[WAMA] Matt Bacak - Internet Millionaire & Internet Marketer since 1999 - Thurs July 3rd 4pm EST

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Hey Warriors!

I’m really looking forward to connecting with all of you during my WAMA this Thursday, July 3rd at 4pm EST

I’ll answer your questions based on my 15 years of experience gained from starting companies in multiple different niches from scratch and turning them into millions or more using the power of the internet.

If you're not familiar with me or my online marketing background, here's a short bio:
  • Over the last decade, I've helped over 503,372 customers unlock the secrets to making money online, creating some of the best converting & biggest game changing offers since 2001.
  • One of my product launches broke the all-time gravity record on Clickbank... 2,086.87.
  • Another launch generated 14,987 NEW members in 7 days at $29.97 a month...
  • My lists are growing by up-to 10,978 subscribers a DAY!
  • I have mailed up to 4.1 million emails a day for over a year
  • I co-run the List-building club with over 17,420 members.
  • Recently, I had the most affiliates ever signed up for a JV Giveaway launch... 2,656.
  • My first book “The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan” was a #1 seller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble...
  • I owned the fastest growing hosting company in the world.. (beating Go Daddy's growth through acquisitions)
  • I've appeared on Lifetime Television and my segment, "How To Make Money Using The Internet... The Real Way" was syndicated to television stations all over the United States.
In Fact, I've been invited to, and spoken at, events all over the world.

Some of the topics you should ask me about include:

List Building
Email Marketing, Open Rates, Click-thru Rates
Sales Funnels
Getting Affiliate's & JV's
Split Testing (I'm a split testing maniac)
Affiliate Marketing
Selling from the platform
Product Launches & WSO's

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    Transcript of the Matt Bacak WAMA Event:

    Alright so I thought it was good to give you guys a little introduction. Many of you guys on here came through the warrior forum post, the original post, and I think it is the best thing to kind of read some of it to you guys. I have been online since 1999. I was making millions upon millions of dollars a year and basically I have over fifteen years of experience starting companies from nothing. I started all my companies out of my own pocket and then built them into multi-million dollar companies basically from scratch and I am going to be sharing with you guys things from there.

    Over the years I have done many different things. I have over 500,000 customers in the internet marketing niche, not including any other niches I have been in or am in. I do not know if you guys know Clickbank but Clickbank is a digital marketplace. Over there people rate it basically by gravity. The average gravity score over there I think is 15, well probably zero, but of the ones that get gravity it is about 15 and actually there have been four people in the world ever break 1,000 gravity. My product launch ended up breaking 2,000 gravity, and I do not there has never been another product in the world do that. And from that I have done huge launches 14,900 something customers in seven days at $29.97 a month. That is over $300, 000 in recurring income stream. It is crazy my list grew up to 10, 000 subscribers a day.

    You know every day is different but it is really cool and I mail up to 4.1 million emails. And I co-run the list building group. There are a lot of people in here, a lot people asking questions, a lot of people very excited in the list building club. We have over 17,000 members, it is a private group. All we talk about is list building which I love talking about. I never did a J.V. giveaway and I just did one. I was reading in the forum a while back, last year, and people were asking, “Are they dead, are they dead?” I joked around and said, “Hey let us resurrect them” and I ended up breaking, from what I understand, pretty much all the records ever. We ended up bringing in 2656 affiliates who signed up for that. So I have written a book and hit best seller on that. I grew a company, a hosting company and I have appeared on television and all that other stuff.

    The fact is there is a lot of great questions. Some of the questions, just so you guys know that are on and are going to be asking questions, here are a couple of topics: List building, marketing, sales funnels, affiliate getting J.V’s, split testing (I love split testing), affiliate marketing, you know maybe selling from a platform. I threw that in there because I am pretty good at that, actually really good in the “I am” space, product launches and even WSO’s because I figured I have been doing a lot over here so I figured it would be cool to share anything over there if anyone has any questions on that.

    So we will go ahead and get started. Let me go ahead and open this up. Let me flip over so if you guys want to say something I believe I do have the social stream open and I will also come over here and look at some of these questions. So I do have a long list of questions which is good and basically it seems like people are really excited.


    So one of the first questions that somebody asked was, “What is the fastest way to become a good copywriter?”

    So that is a great question, I mean I think the absolute fastest way to do it is the way I did it, in the sense of that is the way I was taught years ago, and I will say it is one of the most profitable things you could ever do when you can actually turn words into money. That is what we are talking about with copywriting for those of you who do not know. Well what I did and this is what I recommend to people, is literally go find some sales letters that are really good sales letters, (not think you are good by looking at them) the ones that did really really well that you know that they made a lot of money off the sales letter.

    And then literally what I did is I printed them off and then I would literally write it out verbatim on a piece of paper and I kept on writing it out on a piece of paper and I would do that multiple different times, so then it becomes embedded and a part of you. And you know you could go get courses and stuff like that, there are commonalities and a lot of suggestions that people suggest when it comes to becoming a good copywriter. But I will tell you I think the number one best thing to do is to literally go grab a good sales letter.

    There is a book you can buy, it is a couple hundred bucks but it is The Greatest Sales Letters of All Time, you can get it on Amazon and that has some of the greatest sales letters of all time. And then you could take some copy out of that and it is a really old book, it has an old hard disk, not even a floppy. So if you have an old computer where you can send it to yourself in an email and get that hard disk to work, it has a lot of great sales letters that you can print off and look at. I mean the Wall Street Journal one is on there but I mean big company sales letters that were really good. So that is a great thing too. Or you can go online look at some of the top things, and from that.

    So that is actually a really great question, especially to start off with.


    There is another question that came in, this is from Mike it says, “Can you talk to us about how you planned your first successful campaign, not the ones you are doing today where it is turnkey but back in the day when you had to think through and plan it out, not analysis into paralysis, but the good stuff.”

    It is a great question. Remembering back then is kind of interesting. The one thing that I can remember back in that time when I got started, is modeling. The best thing you can do, the biggest short cut is modeling somebody’s success. So, looking from a product launch, I volunteered to help somebody on their campaign that I knew was going to be successful, free out of my time just to learn. And then from that, that is how I ended up doing it. And one thing I do, I really want to write it on a piece of paper but really what I like doing is look at, here is what went right, here is what went wrong and here is how I can fix it for when I do it.

    And so every time I do a new thing or actually not even a new thing, but almost every time whenever I am creating a new campaign, I always sit down, it is kind of like the Ben Franklin close I got it from, I just kind of rewrote it a little bit. It is like here is what went right, here is what went wrong; here is how I can fix it. And I usually just draw lines, here is a right line, here is a wrong line, here is how can I fix it and then in there I just write, “This is what went right” and I write a bunch of stuff. “Here is what went wrong” and “Here is how I can fix all the things that went wrong” so that I remember not to do it next time. A lot of times I will put it in my journal or a pad of paper works really well for me to do that.

    I even with copywriting, that for me it works best with using an old pad of paper and making things happen from there. So a lot of times that is how I was able to do it. And the big thing is I think for a lot of people, especially talking paralysis analysis and basically getting stuck, I think the one thing that I tell people all the time, outside of getting in your own way, forget everything you ever learned. I have got a BS degree in marketing, right, that is pretty much all it is and I have a Technology and Engineering degree but all that stuff can get in your way because you do overanalyze a lot, looking at where everybody else is and caring about all that stuff. The fact of the matter is when it comes down to it, I tell people think like a high school dropout. Just do not think about it, do it. I mean things are going to go right, things are going to go wrong, but look at the experience you just went through and make it as a learning experience from there. So that is a great question that somebody asked.

    So I just want to double check see what is going on over here.

    So that is a really cool question from that.


    Now another cool question came in from Albert. Albert asked, “When buying solo ads, how do you separate the genuine buyers and the scammers?”

    It is a great question. My solo ad strategy that I do is typically in a sense I do not believe that everything on their sales letters are solo ads okay. I mean as in if this guy has got raving reviews I do not really care because it could just be a bunch of friends and whatever from that. There is one way you can separate which is solo ads, I think there are solo swaps where you can swap, solo swap, JV swap, email swap. I forgot the url and we do use them, at least in the beginning a lot of times we used them but you can use that where you have a third party in-between it but typically we do buy 100 click solo ad from somebody just to get a general idea because you know an average opt-in page typically will convert around 30%. Of course mine usually do a little bit better because I usually have tests going and everything else, so if I am sending out or buying a solo ad from somebody I typically buy 100 click.

    And do not go high, do not make the mistake that I did when I first started with solo ads where I went really big and said, “Oh I want to get 1,000 clicks from this guy” and it was just horrible. But what I did was I said, “Okay I am going to buy 100 clicks” because that is about a big enough number. A lot of large numbers kind of kick in there, so statistically it will mostly likely be right. So what I will do is I will buy 100 clicks and then after I mail the 100 clicks I know my average. I will kind of get an average and say, okay well if I’ve got 30% then I am going to go for a bigger buy with them. And then I go from 100 click order and I typically will go to 1,000 click order after that. So if they meet my numbers that I am looking for on the first buy then I will go do a second buy.

    Now a first buy I am looking at opt-ins. Now if you are going to do it right when it comes to solo ad advertising, you want to make sure that you have an OTO opt-in so as soon as somebody comes in they can opt-in and they can buy. Why would you want to do that? Well the answer to doing that is because you want to get your maximum money out of it. So if you spend $50, or $100, or $200 or $500 or whatever, $1,000 you want to get that money back as quick as you can.

    I mean I like to look at net 30 which is 30 days in. I want to get my money back from then. I mean of course I want to get it immediately but realistically that does not happen all of the time, so I will do 100 click buy from 100 click buy and then I will move over, if it works and the numbers make sense to me, to 1,000 click buy from 1,000 click buy or I will move to their highest typically, if those numbers are there. So the first number I am looking for from opt-in, the second I am looking for the numbers on my OTO, are the numbers good, am I getting sales? And I know my statistics on the back end so once I know that and I say okay, now the second buy I got opt-ins on the first one, I got about the same amount of opt-ins but this time I have made x amount of sales with it, now I am going to go as big as I possibly can with them on the next buy.

    So a lot of it is testing it out but the one thing I will say, the majority of the solo ad sellers in most spaces, and specifically in the internet marketing too, you will find you are paying through PayPal. What I recommend people do is just so you can have that safe guard, is one, there are a couple of things you can do to protect you. One, when you are purchasing purchase through PayPal, but do not purchase it through the PayPal balance that you have, purchase it through the credit card you have on file with PayPal. So if you have got a balance, clear that balance and then buy from there and then after you do that my suggestion is, use that. Because now you have got the protection of PayPal, now you have got the protection of the credit card. And PayPal might not let you win if the person doesn’t deliver or whatever happens, but then you also have the credit card to and you will probably win with the credit card.

    So that is one thing. The other thing too is tracking it. You want to use tracking and you want to track it. I mean I use hyper tracker, I use [00:12:44 Attrax Gold] for my tracking so I do not believe what they say. I do not care if they said they sent me 1,000 clicks, I am going to be double checking whether I did actually get whatever they are promising me I am going to get. So I will track it and I will use hyper tracker or [Attrax Gold] to do that. So those are the two things that I do use for that.


    We have got another question I will answer in a second; I just want to see if there is any live stuff. Cool.

    So another question that came in is, “If you are starting from scratch today with no contacts or no knowledge and only $250 to spend, what would you do?”

    It is a really good question. It depends on what market I want to get into. I mean ideally you kind of got the answer to this, is you know creating the contacts and creating the knowledge of course. I mean $250…let us just say you have no idea of what market you want to get into, you have no personal expertise and so you do not want to get into information marketing, you do not really have any thing that you really want to be pursuing but you just want to make money and you have got about $250 to do it, I would say, I mean this is probably the most oddest thing but I will tell you, you have got to get that first sale underneath your belt. You have got to get that, “Hey I can really make money online” underneath your belt because that feels like Christmas and it gives you that feeling that hey, this is real.

    I will give you an example: my daughter right now. I will tell you something I am doing with my daughter. My daughter came in she was like, “Hey I want to make some money.” My eight year old daughter [14:52 L_], this was last Friday I believe it was. She was like, “I want to make some money online Dad, I want to make some money.” She wanted to do a lemonade stand and so I was like unfortunately we live in a cul de sac, well nobody is going to come, we can’t put it in our front yard and we really can’t go put it at the corner because I do not think our neighbor is going to be excited about that and there is not enough traffic coming through. But I said, “Why do not you go online, you can sell some stuff online.”

    So what we did is we got her on Amazon. She literally just went and grabbed some books and she handed them to me, and I told her you can sell some of my books online. She got all the stuff she started collecting it, she put it up; that was on a Friday. By Saturday she made her first sale. Just yesterday she ran into my room she made $3500. My wife and kids right now are at Hobby Lobby to see if they can pick up some stuff on clearance that they could possibly sell at higher price on there.

    So the only reason I said that is because once the excitement grows, just getting that feeling, that purpose, I have been telling you that, getting that feeling of that first sale is really huge. And then once you have that, then you kind of get the idea like you know this is a cool direction. I can make money online now. Now you kind of get a real clear direction of where you want to go but if you do not have clarity on where you want to go, that is what you really need is what market you want to get into and then you will know where to get the contacts and where to get the knowledge from there.

    So I do not think that was 100% what you were looking for but hopefully that really helps you out because I think getting that first sale under your belt is a really good thing. Now of course what a lot of people do when they are getting started and starting from scratch that I know, specifically in the internet marketing niche and in other niches, is they build a list, become an affiliate and then from that then they move to a higher level and they use the becoming an affiliate and selling product for other people to create the contacts and to get more knowledge from there. So a couple of things to think about from that.


    The next question that came in, I will state that I am not really in that world, the question is, “Is guest posting still relevant?”

    I would assume that it is, somebody could say I am dead wrong I do not know. I do find there is great places out there where people are doing guest posting so I can’t really answer you on that, because I heard Matt Cutts say something about it or whatever. So I am not following that, it is really not my world. I am not big into blogging or guest posting so I do not know but why not? I mean even if you are not looking at getting high in the search engines it is kind of like article marketing strategy in a sense. A lot of people do not realize that when you are posting articles, just because you know maybe the articles aren’t getting in the search engines like they used to, you still have the ability to get the traffic from the people that are utilizing that one thing. So you can leverage that traffic.

    So from that perspective if you are coming from that way I would think the answer is yes but you know I am not the best guy to answer that question so I wanted to make sure I am clear on that.


    The next question that came in says, “With the overload of information products, what is still selling online now?”

    Here is one thing I want to kind of address. There is two different sections to this question if you really think about it. Great question by the way but the one thing I would like to say is with overload of information products, first of all let me just say this to everybody. And I want you to think about this for a second and just think about the time maybe you went out and bought a new car. Or maybe let us go back to high school and you went and bought a shirt that you thought nobody else was going to have or you bought a car that you thought nobody else was going to have. And then you got in the car you started driving down the road and you are like, I have never seen this car anywhere and now all of a sudden you see that car everywhere you go.

    Or you know you go to school and you have never seen anybody wearing that shirt and now like man I see everybody wearing this shirt, I never saw it before. The reason is because now you open yourself up to more awareness of it. So you see the overload of information products, but not all of the people out there see that. So you want to get out of your own way of that way of thinking.

    Now what is still selling online right now? I will tell you, the hottest things online right now, software is really hot. I will tell you software is really hot. Or any time you have created an information product and apply a piece of software with it is a really hot thing to do. And especially right now, specifically today’s date, the hottest thing that is really online right now, specifically in the internet marketing niche is things to do with video. I mean video is a hot topic; probably one of the reasons why I just came out with a product that I did with Mike Stewart the internet audio guy, for one reason is videos are really hot and he is a really good friend of mine, I have known him for ten years now. But that is one thing to think about. Software is really hot in all markets especially information markets, real estate, any time that you can apply a piece of software people love that. So that is still something on right now.

    Digital products, I do not see that many people today and I am starting to see a swing back. So over the years I have seen things swing, everything ebbs and flows and I am starting to see a swing back a little bit, not 100% there but I am starting to see a swing back into physical products. Kind of like home study courses and things like that in the information world. I am starting to see a swing back there because it seems like people are starting to get to the point where it is like you download something digitally and then it disappears and it collects dust on your hard drive. But a lot of people I know and I have been big into selling over the years, selling physical products and then I stopped doing that a little while ago, and I am actually highly considering getting back into selling it.
    I do have one product with Dan Kennedy and we sell that all the time and people love it because they can keep on going back to it, learning more from it and you do not get that longevity in the product that you do with digital stuff. I mean with that you get a lot longer longevity because it is something that you can go back to. I swear to you I have had more people tell me that they listen to my stuff in the car, read my stuff in the toilet, it just happens so they stick around longer.

    Plus here is the other thing from a branding and positioning perspective if you think about this, not everybody pays attention to everything on their computer. What people do if they look on their bookshelf and they find something, and I have got this [product] sitting in front of me because I just got it from a guy a client of mine I was looking at, but I still have it. It is something you just do not throw it away, you come back to it. I have had a lot of people pull some old stuff that I had off the shelf and say, “Oh man I got this years ago.” So that is something to think about there.


    Let us see there is a bunch of questions, wow. Let me flip over and see if anything came in. Okay cool. So we have holy mackerel. Alright so there is a couple of questions that came in and because you are live I want to answer those live and then I want to get back to the questions that came in that were submitted.

    So there is a question that came in that says, “I am hearing that the standard squeeze page doesn’t work anymore.”

    Yeah well let me just say this, email marketing has been dead 1000 times. Video has died a few times, SEO has died 1000 times, everything is dead right? And the reason why things die and people tell you they die is because they have got something better they want to sell you okay. So do not always believe everything you read out there. I mean the standard squeeze page, I do not know what marketing niche you are in but I will tell you people tell me “Well Hey Matt, why are you giving away…”? I give away free downloadable reports on my squeeze page that still do as good as if I was selling software or giving away free software or giving away this or other things. It works perfectly. I mean it is just a matter of the copy you have on it which was one of the first questions we had. But if you are really good at writing copy, you know you build the value properly, I mean that throws it out of the window. A lot of people like I said will say things because their intentions are to get you to believe whatever they are saying so you can buy whatever they want you to buy.

    There will be a recording of this too, I believe I have got the recording on there and we double checked to make the volume was fine, the audio was on.


    The next question says, “Can you tell me a good traffic getting software (that is) free?”

    Well you kind of get what you pay for. I mean I hate to say it but I can’t think of anything that is really good for free and here is the other thing too. Well you are talking about software but a lot of strategies, “free traffic strategy” are really not free. It is going to cost you money. A lot of times back in the day with SEO buying back links, you know “get to the top of the search engines for free.” No, it costs you a lot of money to be able to get those back links and make things happen. So I do not know the answer to that I really do not. There might be something good out there somebody can recommend, unfortunately I do not have an answer. And I am not going to pull one out of my butt.


    This is a good question. I can tell you are a running but I will read it. It says, “When you are setting up a funnel what do you use as the first product, low cost, high cost?”

    A lot of times I am using a low cost. I have tried $7 and I have not been able to make it work really well, I know some guys that do. $17.97 is about where I will start off. $17 to $47 is the sweet spot for me and so that is typically what I will do to make that happen.


    There is another question that came in, you are welcome, it says, “Thanks for your time.” You are welcome.

    “Tell us about your biggest launch and where you got over 2000 affiliates.”

    Actually we got more than 2,000 we got 7,551 affiliates, and we got over 2,000 gravity which means, here is the cool thing which most people do not realize in the statistic. The way gravity works, and I think you are referring to the gravity with the 2,000. The way gravity works and nobody knows the exact formula for it. Let us say we have got a bunch of people on here I can tell by the questions that are coming in. So let us just say that you and me and five other people on here, we decided to promote a product on Clickbank and you made 100 sales and I made 2. So we had five other people so that would be if we think about that, you and four others made 100 sales and I made 2 for this product, that still only stands for six. There is six people in there, six people with accounts made sales, that is six sales. So that means I had over 7551 affiliates and of those affiliates over 2,000 of them made sales because it was 2013 I think it was. So that is 2,000 sales of them.

    So how did we get the 7551 affiliates? I mean I have got a whole course on it that took me a lot of time doing it, I did it with Dan Kennedy. It is $1000 if you go to Dan Kennedy’s. I am not selling it, I am just saying if you go to Dan Kennedy’s it is on there for $1,000 where we went over two days of it. But let me kind of break it down and tell you guys a couple of things.

    First of all, going to our current base. That was one big thing that we did. And this will answer another question that I did see was submitted before this because this is a live question. Here is the thing that most people do not think about okay. And this is a thought for everybody to really think hard about because I chose. So you can choose wherever you are going to do a product launch or wherever you are going to release a product right. And there is different networks you can go to, you can do it self-hosted, you can use a different network, you can do multiple different things.

    So what I did when I first did it, I knew I already had a handful of people that I was probably going to get so I did already have some contacts. I mean that wasn’t the 7,000 it was maybe 20, 100 that I could get at the time. But, when I said to myself and one thing I did is I never used Clickbank to launch a product. I maybe did one little thing on it years before but I never really launched a product on Clickbank and I knew I wanted this thing to be big. So what I did was and I didn’t think about Clickbank until I said, “Where are the affiliates that I want that match my product?”

    So a lot of people talk about the idea of message-market match. Well think about this, product-affiliate-market match, so where are the people that will promote your stuff? And that is one thing that I did that worked really well, it worked to my advantage is because I said, “Look everybody at the moment.” Now they are not as hot as they were, but at that moment everybody that was selling products similar to the product that I was selling were there. And that means I knew that because there was tons of products over there, there was tons of affiliates based over there that I could leverage for myself. So, I was able to utilize that to my advantage.

    One other thing we did that was really cool. I am going to give you guys a couple of sneaky little tricks; I do not have time to give you them all but there is a couple of things that I think was really cool that I did on that.

    One is when we created the sales letter, and so this was a self hosted or we call it an offsite launch. So when we created the sales letter we had the domain.com and then we had forward slash and that is where the sales letter was. So when people went to the main domain.com we told them, "Hey guys go back to the link that you came from" – because a lot of people will try to figure out what that link is or what is on the main page. So we knew people would do that and we said, “Hey guys go back to the link that got you here originally or if you are just coming across this and you want to become an affiliate then sign up here.” And that worked really good.

    So another thing you can do, I will give you guys three, another thing that worked really well is down on the bottom of the page. Now I will say this, I thought of this the other day to mention this because they do not allow it on the forum anymore but one of the cool things that can pick you up a lot of affiliates is, you have your sales letter and down at the bottom of the sales letter you know how you have the disclaimers and all of this stuff? Well putting the word, “You want to make money” or “Make money from this offer” or “Become an affiliate.” That right there picked up a lot of things too.

    And then the other one, this worked really well to be able to get them. We spent a lot of time and energy, we actually split test The JV invite page, you know that page people go to and they literally read and they sign up, we spent a lot of time and energy on that. We actually did 26 different splits tests because I said to myself, okay we spent all this time and energy (which we did) on the sales letter, the OTO’s, the product but nobody ever spends any time at the time focusing on the JV invite page. You know they just slap some stuff up there, they do not spend any time with it so what we decided to do was spend time and energy split testing the crap out of the thing. Like I said 26 different variations. And we ended up, getting it to convert, getting people to opt-in and that is one thing that worked really really well.

    Here is the kicker. What did we did was as soon as they signed up, as soon as you put your information in and it told you about the offer and the whole launch and everything from there, when you put your information in, on the next page what it did was it said, “Thank you very much for signing up. I really appreciate you becoming an affiliate.” I am just paraphrasing it and going back in my head what it said. Then it said, I think we had a little calendar, “Download this, mark your calendar, post this on your thing and by the way if you want to tell your affiliates about this we would love for you to do that. Here is a link, here is a swipe email for you to send out to your affiliate base.” We didn’t incentivize them at all which I still think is fascinating, but people were literally promoting to their affiliate bases. You know so a lot of times affiliates are also product produces. And so they went signed up and said, “You know I am going to promote this, I am going to tell my people about this too.” So that created a more viral effect to be able to get the affiliates in there.
    So that is some things I was thinking about that could really help you and hopefully you really got more than you wanted with the answer. So those are some things I think will really help you. So great questions guys that is really cool.


    Okay, the questions are not coming up they are coming down. Sorry. I have to push a button I guess.

    “What is the number one way to get free traffic?”

    The best way to get free traffic. I mean I will tell you I am not a free traffic guy, I like to buy all my traffic and that is probably why on there I didn’t say anything about traffic. But I mean the number one best way to get free traffic is getting affiliates or getting people to promote for free and that is really kind of hard but it is one of the best traffic sources you can get. I am not a big free traffic person so you know I am not really qualified to answer that question.

    I actually interviewed somebody last night about free traffic because I know I am not an expert in that so I really can’t answer your question that well and you probably didn’t like my answer because it is not relevant.


    This is another great question that came in. There is a few more. Oh you are welcome. There is about four more questions that came in and then I will come back to that and then I want to answer some of the questions that were submitted too. But here is a good question.

    “If you invested $100,000 what would you yield in return? In just marketing.”

    Interestingly enough, I do not have to invest. If we really look at it I do have a team, so I actually literally do some W-associates for more or less buyer leads and things like that. Literally we can put together one in three days. I have a copywriter, I have somebody on staff that can write copy. I have somebody on staff, we can get it all done. I have a transcriptionist. I have got a team. So just the cost of my team is really what it costs me to put something out. The graphics aren’t really much to get done so a lot of launches and because for me I have got a big affiliate base so I can leverage my affiliate base, so I really do not need to.

    It is not really about investing a lot of money in launches. I believe it is investing a lot of time and energy in relationships because when it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter about the technology, it doesn’t matter about the list or whatever, it has to do with the relationships that you have. And so a lot of the investments in it are not going to be that big. And I will tell you, you can kill yourself by investing way too much money inside a launch especially if, one, you have never done one before and two, you do not know if it is going to be 100% hit.

    If you are going to invest money into anything it is going to be in the copy. The most money is going to go into the copy. Now that is why actually I thought it was a great question at the beginning, the first question that was asked was about copywriting because that skill is hard to find. But absolutely if I was going to do that, what I typically like to do in my launches and let me kind of give this to you. What I like to do in my launches is I will launch the product, I will be able to basically test on the traffic free. I hate saying this but I do get to test on the traffic for free and then from there if it is a hit then at that moment that is where I am looking at other alternatives to go invest into the marketing.

    Now we can leverage Facebook now you can leverage, well if you are not dropping a pixel for retargeting you are kind of dumb these days, now you can do the retargeting, now you can start investing the money, buying solos, buying drops, buying things to get in there.

    I will say this in all the launches I have ever done the number one best traffic sources ever came from is email marketing. That is why I even run the list building club is because I know the power of list building. I do not know how I discovered that early on but that was one of the biggest mistakes that I have seen most people doing is not realizing that you have got to build that list. But leveraging my own list, a lot of times I am testing the traffic out there, then I can leverage the traffic from affiliates and their list and then from there now I can scale it up and utilizing paid traffic methods to be able to make that happen.

    So initially I am not going to be investing that much money except for the paid copywriter, and then from that I am going to be investing later on for the scaling up. So from there.


    “Do you think it is better to offer a free WSO or at least pull for a dollar?”

    Look that question is really easy to answer. I do not know if you guys know Ted Nicholas and Gary Bencivenga they are great copywriters. For somebody that asked about copywriting you want to pay really close attention to those two guys, they are great copywriters. If you want to look at somebody look at Gary also Dan Kennedy is good. And the reason I brought this up, I was in Ted Nicholas’s mastermind where we traveled all over the world and we met with different people. Anyway him and Gary decided they were going to come out with this offer. I was like okay this is perfect let us go. And they wanted my consulting to help them.

    So I started helping them. I said, “Yeah we have got to go over here, run stuff on Facebook” and I was telling them they need to have an opt-in. And we got into a huge argument and I literally argued with these guys. “No you want to go after the opt-in you do not want to go after the sale, give something away for free, get them in and do this whole thing.” And these guys are legends. And at the time I didn’t know who Gary was, Dan Kennedy was about to slap me when he heard. I was like, “I was just argumentative” because I believed that way was true.

    And both of them said, “Well I do not give a crap about…you internet people all you care about is this free opt-in stuff, but the fact is all we care about is buyers.” Finally I woke up to the idea. So the answer to your question is, I would much rather see you go after the dollar. I mean it is just as hard to sell a dollar as it is to sell free. So go for the dollar. Get people to raise their hands to their credit cards because buyers are buyers and buyers and when a buyer is in heat, a buyer will buy more. So now you have an opportunity to build a list of buyers. But if you asked me, “Matt would you rather have a list of buyers or a list of opt-ins?” Hell I would rather have buyers all day long. Let me give you an example.

    I did a webinar a couple of weeks ago. And I went out to one of my buyer lists and I went out to one of my opt-in lists. And I mailed out to it, got them on there. My buyer’s list which was 10,000 people that I mailed to, and then I had my opt-in list, they are relevant for this, was about 98,000 people. I mean $1000 off that big list which was just opt-ins and from my buyer list I did $40, 000.

    Now the difference is a radically different difference right? And the reason is because the quality is a lot higher. They have already proved themselves, they have already raised their hand, raised their wallets and proved to you they are buying. So any time that you have an opportunity to do that, that would be my biggest suggestion from there.


    The next question came in, then I am going to move over to the other questions. But a question came in, it says.

    “What do you think of pay what you want pricing?”

    Okay remember this and you want to write this down. A confused mind never buys. If you give somebody choices a lot of times you are going to kill your conversions. If you let people try to think about whatever it is, you are probably going to kill it even more. Now I have not done it, but to me what comes to my mind is a confused mind never buys and I know with having people choose unless you have three different choices but there is one choice that makes the most sense, like everybody kind of has to get that one, any time you make people make choices, they can’t you know. As much as we hate it, common sense is uncommon. So you have got to really think about that.

    So you could try it out and you could test it. I am not telling you not to do it but I am telling you a confused mind never buys, you are going to probably get killed and I personally have not done it, I know some guys that have, it is just a way of thinking. The best way to do it really is split test. You create the same page, you pick different price points that you think the people will buy at and you split test against those. And so one person comes in they are going to see one price, another person comes in sees another price, another person comes in sees another price. That is the way from my perspective that I would see you do it. Instead of pay what they want, no, let them vote with their wallets which price they are willing to pay. That is the way I really suggest you doing from there. But great question.


    So getting back to here because we have still got a boatload of questions.

    “How do you best leverage JV opportunities and how do you use it the best to grow a list?”

    Well a couple of the things that I talked about earlier, I think are really relevant to it. The one thing that you want to try to lock in as much as you can, it doesn’t always happen, is if somebody is coming to you and says, “Hey I want to do a JV opportunity with you” a lot of times it could be I mail your affiliate link, you mail my affiliate link for my offers. Or you can swap a mail.

    But a lot of times if you can, the best way to do it is really make an agreement where you are both going to ensure that each other are going to do what it is and as much as you can you want that other person to go first to ensure it actually does happen. I am not going to say some names, you guys would know them, really big names in a different niche but you guys would still know them, big big in the personal involvement niche and it was like I went and where was the thing? So the one thing when you are doing it is making sure they go first as much as you can, then from there you can move.

    And then the other thing is utilizing it to grow your list. I mean of course if you can a lot of times in that scenario that I was going over if somebody is mailing a product, if you can have an exit pop where when they exit they get an opportunity to opt-in that is a great way to make that happen.

    Another thing which I do not see anybody doing which we used to do all the time and you can do it if you are controlling the page yourself; but the thing to think about is, you know down at the bottom, so you create a page a sales letter, and somebody clicks the link to buy, you can have an in-between page and on that in-between page it is like step one of the order process which was putting your name and your email address and then they click the button and they go to the order form. You could leverage that all day long. I mean it is killer.

    So that is something to really think about, about leveraging it.


    “How do you get started in the solo ad industry in 2011 and actually provide value to customers instead of just sharing your list with other marketers around?”

    Well if you are going to become a solo ad provider you have got to get out of your own way and say that is what is going to happen. I mean it is just going to happen. That is what you are doing, the value you are providing to other people is by sharing your list to people. But one of the things to really truly provide the best value is, but it is going to screw you over a little bit, is if you can have them give you the email swipes and you mail those swipes for them, that is going to be the best thing you can do. It is best for the customer, it is going to provide the best value for the customer that is buying the solo ads from you, but on a flip side a lot of times why people tweak or sometimes do not even use people’s copy is because they want to get as maximized amount of clicks as they can get, so they can get that solo ad over, so they can go find another one and make things happen.

    But if you are getting in the solo ad industry where you are going to become a seller of it, you are going to share it so you can’t really do anything. And if you are going to become a buyer you have got to understand, and this is the other thing most people do not realize when it comes to a list is there are expiration dates and when you are doing a buying solos the expiration shrinks, unless you find somebody that no one else is going to.

    If you have got somebody you are buying from that nobody else is buying from and there is probably only one other person buying from it, that is going to be an advantage but you have got to understand the life and the expiration of that list shrinks when you are doing that, it shrinks the expiration date. That is why I told somebody earlier, you want to have people opt-in and then go over to your OTO page because at that moment it is the only moment that you are ever going to get everybody’s 100% full attention. And the key to marketing is attention. If you do not have somebody’s attention you have nothing right? That is why when you get people on your list you go what the heck? I have got 100 subscribers only 20 people opened. Well it is just what happens you know. They were hot and hungry they were in heat at that moment and then the heat dies. And then you are going to have continuous from there.

    The next question looks to me like I have pretty much answered already.
    Wow there is a lot of good questions.


    “How did internet marketing evolve and what will potentially be the trend in internet marketing in the next three years?”

    You know the core concepts in internet marketing have always been the same. The only thing that is different, the big difference is the things we are able to leverage. When I first got started online this was way before the [49:25 Canned spam act] it was way before everything else, I mean a lot of guys that were getting on, we were just harvesting emails sending emails out, there were no rules.

    And then, you know, I remember Jonathan Mizell who was a warrior member came out with the opt-in page. That revolutionized things at that moment because the can spam act came out, they came out with the opt-in page and once that opt-in page came out people started working on it. But that same core opt-in page that was created that moment is still the same core one we have today but where can we place it is different. So you know the core basis of everything is always going to be the same. You are going to need traffic. There is going to be different things.

    And I do think if we are looking at the next three years I do say video is becoming hotter. It has always been but it is on a big up trend. More and more traffic is coming from that now today than ever and so that is one thing to think about. So getting into video I think is going to be bigger, utilizing video to your full advantage, being on leverage networks out there, but when it all comes down to it the key to it is, I hate to say it but it is simple. The most profitable thing you can ever do in internet marketing is building that list, it always has been and always will be just the methods of getting it are different so. And if you stay tried and true to that the people that I know are most successful, they are building a list whether it is a buyer list, and email opt-in list, whatever they are doing the ones that have the most longevity are the ones who have the people they can go back to because it is the true push button traffic method that you can have. Yeah some people can die and you have that expiration date but you will be able to communicate continuously and make money from that and having the skills and knowing that is the core of the most successful things out there.


    “What works better free ads or paid ads?”

    I think I answered that question earlier. You get what you pay for, paid ads have always done the best unless it is from JV traffic or affiliate traffic is going to be some of the most powerful because it is an endorsement you are getting from someone else promoting for you so you can’t go wrong doing that and plus it is kind of like you can do a buyer suck and an opt-in suck where somebody else is sending you some of their best people and you are able to acquire them and utilize them for yourself. And because of that recommendation it is only going to make things better for you.


    “What do you think about list building, building a list through mobile traffic?”

    I think I will say this today, everybody I talk to and even myself, a lot of us have talked about hey we want to have things, you get a lot of opt-ins you get a lot of traffic, but everyone I talk to the regular traffic sources are still winning. I have not really talked to anybody that said, “Hey we have got to go to mobile because mobile is where I am making tons of money from mobile” from the traffic room and they are building a list from mobile traffic. I am not hearing that. I have not heard that in a while. There could be a big product about mobile traffic and there hasn’t been and the reason is nobody is really making the true money off it as of right now.

    I mean think about this, how many times have you bought off your phone? I have not, I can’t recall a moment I bought off my phone, I might save the email and go back to it and go buy from it, or find something and then go back to my computer and then I get it from there. So it is not anything that I have been focusing on, it is not anything that I know that many people are focusing on. There might be somebody out there who is an expert in it and can blow past everything I just said, it is fine, I am just going to say I am not focusing on it this minute.


    There is a couple of questions.

    “How do I increase my web development business?”

    The best thing is referrals; try to get referrals from the customers you are picking up. That would probably be the best answer that I have for you there.


    It says, “How do you build a relationship with your list?”

    I think the number one biggest thing when it comes to doing that is you know, think about your list especially building relationship things. I think your list can feel the words you are writing to them. So when you are communicating with your list write from a place of love. I really do think that whether you still are using the perfect copywriting techniques and stuff like that, but come from a place and act like you are writing to your brother, your mother, or somebody you truly care about and truly love and share pieces of yourself. Build a relationship with your list, especially if it is a personality driven business and even if it is not, even if you are a CEO of a company people do want to get a sneak peek into your life. And sharing things about my daughter has worked really well with me.

    I tell you one of the best emails I ever wrote years ago, now that you ask this makes me think about it, I was talking about my daughter and I making cookies together. For some reason people were writing back like crazy, “Oh yeah I love doing that.” You know it is like wow. Just think about it, give a little thing from here.


    A lot of questions. The next question we have got here is, “What is the fastest way to sell? I am mentoring courses on a subscription basis.”

    Selling subscriptions is really hard, selling subscriptions straight up and what I mean by that is when somebody goes to the page and says, “Hey get on the subscription” nobody wants to do that. You know think about yourself, nobody, it is hard. So you really have different options there. So if you are going to sell it on a main page you can sell it straight up but I will tell you conversions are going to be killer, it is not the fastest way to do it. The fastest way which is called forced continuity which you are going to create some havoc over it, believe me I have done it, it could be where you are forcing them they buy this and they also get, it is kind of [56:31_] thing. [00:56:35 _] there you can do choice option continuity. So that is a couple of things to think about. There is those options.

    But I think the biggest thing is create a really hot killer offer. So create a killer offer that somebody wants that is related to the mentoring course that you have, maybe a lower end just to get them in the door. Once you have them in the door on the OTO that is where you sell it. It is like, “Hey how would you like to add this mentoring course to your thing?” And you can actually have it where they buy that on the next page. Your take rate is going to be very high if you have a really hot selling offer on the front end, the take rate is going to be really higher on the back end and you will do very well off that, plus you are not going to piss anybody off. And that is part of the thing, pardon my language but you have got to look at the bitch rate.

    You can go, the fast way to do it is called forced continuity, your bitch rate is going to be really high. You want to decrease that bitch rate well then what you want to do is go and do a couple of the other suggestions, the option continuity, you can sell the straight up and you can have it after they have it, and have them choose to add that on to their order, and basically have them add it onto their order after hot selling product from there.


    The next question is here. “Do you build a personal brand in every niche you enter?”

    The answer is no I do not. That is why actually nobody knows me in other niches. A lot of times I will find a partner or a figurehead or somebody inside the office that is going to be that person, that personality brand. We do build a personal brand. I do not build a personal brand, we build a personality in that market but it is not me on all of them because how would it look to somebody searching and finding me as this guy and this guy and this guy. I find somebody that is knowledgeable, a lot of times when it comes to the information market, I will find somebody that has a good track record, good experience. That is actually why in that one thing I showed you I am considering doing something with him at a higher level and so he will be the personality. He will be the one creating the information; I am the one setting up the marketing system and sending out things from there. That is how I have always done it. So that is how that happens in there.


    Somebody asks, “How do I start building a mailing list from scratch and for dummies?”

    I mean getting down to the brass roots of it, we do got a lot of questions, but of course you need to go get hosting, you need to go buy a domain. My suggestion is when you are going to buy the domain you want to make sure it is a little more general. It is like download this report, or whatever action you are going to have them do, because you have got to create an opt-in page to be able to do that. And then the fastest way to do it to start building it is through buying solos, is the fastest way because think about this, if you want to build a mailing list then go to other mailing lists to get the mailing list. Keep the medium the same. So doing that.

    And like in network companies I have heard them say, “Book a meeting from a meeting.” Why? Because when they are at the meeting they are more likely to go to the meeting. If somebody is on a list they are more like to go to another list and that is kind of my reasoning for saying that.


    “I need a steady source of income…no money to invest…what is the best route to take?”

    I did address that a little bit earlier I think with one of the first questions out there. If you go back to the beginning you will have heard that one.


    “How successful are blogs in creating customer interest before a product launch?”

    Honestly I do not think it is before, it is after because if you think about this, unless you have a blog that has a lot of people subscribing to it, people subscribing to the RSS feeds, people that are paying attention to your blog, if you have got a lot of attention there then yes it could help. It could help boost that but however after is where I really want to bring the attention. It is kind of what we call the spillover effect because what happens is after you do launch a product people are going searching online. If you can actually leverage that, that is going to be one of the key things, and that will make it more successful; generating more customer interest, or actually creating more buyer interest or more people buying is by leveraging that. Now when there is tons of them out there…you know…but if you are the one going out there and you get ranked early before the launch and then when the launch does occur having that spillover come to you is a great thing to do.


    “What is the best way to launch a new product or a business and keep people interested in wanting more?”

    It is great question, I kind of answered a little bit of that earlier is you want to find, especially the fastest way, the best way I think is find a network that is out there that has an affiliate base and then launch your product where that affiliate base is and leverage that affiliate base from that. I think that is a really important thing.

    The way to keep people interested in wanting more is giving good shit. If your shit sucks and you do not care of them then you are screwed you know. So making sure that the message of the sales letter matches what you are giving them, making sure it is good, making sure through customer support you are communicating with them. It is a big thing to think about from there.


    Just a couple more questions.

    So there is a lot of some of the same questions, like the newcomer coming online said, the question is, “What business model would you recommend for a newcomer starting online, either part time or full time business what would it be? eCcommerce, selling physical goods or information based products?”

    Well you have got to ask yourself the question, are you willing to build a list, are you willing to figure out a way to get traffic to sell that information or do you want to go to a network that allows you to sell like Amazon to be able to sell the physical goods?

    For example with my wife and kids, their route is the commerce side and that is a great way for a newcomer. That is a great way that I tell my kids. My daughter is 16 now, but when she was 12 I got her first selling online making money online. She actually wanted to get a laptop, she ended up making the money to buy her first laptop within 30 days from selling through ecommerce. So it is a great way for people to do it, then you scale it up once you first learn it, or it is a great way to get your feet wet like I was talking about earlier.


    The next question is, “What course or mentor do you recommend if you want to learn information based business and marketing from A to Z?”

    Well if you think about this in order to master something I think they said it takes 10,000 hours. I am not going to give any recommendations because everybody is going to take you down their route that they want to take you. I think that the best thing to do is to choose a market, choose a niche you want to get into, choose a strategy and just go in deep, dive in, and the best learning, the best mentor you are ever going to have is your mistakes and yourself. Like what I said at the beginning; here is what went right, here is what went wrong, here is how I can fix it, and just keep on moving forward.

    The best mentor, the best course you are ever going to have is through the seminar of life you know. I am going to tell you, you want to learn it from A to Z? The thing is, is once you are committed to building it, you are going to say, here is what went right, here is what went wrong, here is how I can fix it. You are only focusing on that one thing to make it happen. One of the biggest mistakes most people have is they talk about, “Oh I want to create these multiple streams of income” or whatever the heck they talk about, and all they are creating are multiple streams of expenses or they are getting into multiple different strategies that are killing them. Once you pick one, choose one, master one. Once you have mastered it and you feel you cannot build it any further, find out if somebody else has taken it further and go learn from them or at that moment what you could do is go find another one.

    I mean my rule of thumb is get into a niche, take it to $1,000,000. After I take it to $1,000,000 then at that moment I can make a choice if I want to go get into another market and go from there. But that is kind of the way to do it because a lot of people go try one thing and then they go to another thing, another thing and they do not have anything. So, from there another question.


    It says, “I have a lot of experience in personal development, mind/body stuff. I am an ex-medical doctor in the UK. I would like to develop products to sell online in this area but I am not sure what people would buy and how I would enter this competitive market. Where should I start without a list and website? Thanks.”

    I think the big thing you want to do, the easiest thing to do is go look at a network and find out the hottest things over there. You said personal development, mind/body stuff. I will tell you go look at Clickbank, look at the digital marketplace, go look in the personal development area and go find out what is selling out. Look for the things that have higher gravity, that means more people are selling in the last seven days. The rule of thumb is if it is 100 it means 100 different people made sales. It doesn’t mean there was 100 sales, it could be 10,000 sales but 100 people made sales with that. It gives you a general idea of a good place to get started to be able to make that happen from there.

    So that is one big thing to really think about.


    The next question is about the new Canadian CSL law, “How does it affect my current list and my new subscribers?”

    I will actually say that I am going to divert that to the Warrior Forum. If you go the Warrior Forum there is a discussion on it right now. Actually I was reading it last night I believe, but there is a new discussion, do that search on there because I am not 100% clear and we are still trying to choose which direction we are going to go with ours because it does suck, I have got a lot of amazing Canadian clients and I need to get my head wrapped around it a little bit more.

    There are people saying, “Hey do not pay attention to it, who cares?” You have got other people going hog wild like Microsoft. The next person asks the same thing, “How does it affect us?” So I really think I am going to push that over to the forum, there is a great discussion on that. I mean I am knowledgeable on it, but it is kind of a legal thing and I do not want to be recorded saying anything over there. So I think it would be best to you know, go through the forum.

    One thing we are doing is we are looking at creating a new disclaimer for a lot of my stuff based upon that. So that is one direction I am taking. Right now it is so fresh and new it could be kind of like years ago when they had the Y2K scare you know and it was nothing when it was all said and done with. So right now I think just pay close attention, there is a lot of discussion about it on the forum so pay attention there.


    “What is the best to plug in a theme to make a squeeze page?”

    Quite honestly I do not use WordPress to create my opt-in pages, I actually still use Front page or what do they call it, now it is Web Expressions, and my team does too. So I do not know the answer to that. I know a lot of people are using lead pages, and that is what I am seeing all over the internet, a lot of people using lead pages, that could be a good place to go to. I do not know, that could be a great question to ask on the forum because I am not really a plug in guy or a WordPress guy.


    It says, “I find it hard to make my first $100 so I guess I am lacking direction and guidance. I need help.”

    I did kind of talk about that, the question is vague but, “That is my problem, finding a product to lock down on.”

    Let me just share something I think is really important for a lot of people that are in that position. You want to learn from somebody that has got a proven track record of creating success and that actually has had success themselves. When I look at a product or look at somebody, I do not care what anybody says, I look at the pile of cash, is their pile of cash big and those are the kind of people I want to listen to. And a lot of times why I think there is some misdirection and some misguidance on the internet is because people are jumping towards people that have never truly been through the ins and outs, or had that true experience.

    A lot of times people will go create a great experience, “Here is how I made my first $100” and then you know that is all they made. And then they make $1000 off how to make $100 and that becomes the issue for a lot of people, so something to think about.

    The other thing you have got to think about too is you have got to pay attention, is it new or is it getting old? There is a lot of people that are online that you have got to be careful about and I know some people like this, and you do too, most of you guys, they wait until the strategy is about to die and that is when they sell the product on that. So then you are going into a dying world and you want to be careful of the people that are wishy washy. It is like one day, “Oh this is the hottest thing,” the next day, “This is the hottest thing.” And people aren’t kind of staying true to the thing. And one thing I said earlier when somebody was asking about the difference between the early on and now, the core basis of business and the core basis of making money online has always been the same. So when you are going after the crazy things out there some of them will stand for a long time, some of them will go away really quickly.


    “What is the best way to rank on Youtube, Google’s and Bing?”

    I am not a big video person but I will just say that make sure it is good stuff so people can like it, comment on it. Everybody that I talk to, I am not a big video person okay but pretty much the title is really important. Make sure you have a targeted key word inside the title, not a generated key word but a targeted key word in the title of the video that you have. Getting good likes and things like that can really help you. That is not my area of specialty but it is kind of a common conversation.


    “How do I create a large, responsive, targeted list that actually opens emails when I send some?”

    There was a conversation we were talking about earlier about free and paid. If you focus on getting buyers and not on getting opt-ins you are going to build. And screw the idea of large okay. I would rather have quality over quantity. Would I rather have a list of 1,000 people where everybody is going to be buying from me, or would I have a list of 100,000 people that a fraction of them will do anything? So would I rather have 10,000 or 100,000? The answer is I would rather have 10,000 of more highly qualified than anything else. So get the idea of building big lists out of your head. It is all about the quality from there.

    Of course you want to scale it up and build it as big as you can but the fact of the matter is, you might want to think about re-shifting your mindset and say, “Okay I am going to go after buyers, rather than focusing on opt-ins” because your buyer base, your buyer list is going to be the best list you could ever buy. If you are going to look at the list out there, so you have got buyer lists, which are going to be one of the best lists you can get. The second best list you can get in our world is webinar list. I would take a webinar list over any other list outside buyer lists. A webinar list, teleseminar list, which we are doing webinars these days, are some of the best lists you can build. And then from that after that would be pretty much the rest of the stuff out there, so. Facebook would actually be the third one down. So if you want to focus on building, it is going to be a slower time to do it.

    So you are really looking at to get the quality a lot of times it can be slower or it can be a little more work to be able to build a large responsive one, it is going to be less work from there.


    “Does your sales funnels include retargeting?”

    The answer is absolutely. It would be stupid not to do that. Actually let me just share with you on the retargeting side, we actually have two different sets of retargeting that we set on, well you said sales funnel, but opt-ins because we were talking about that. On my solo ad funnels I have one on my front end, one on the opt-in page that I am driving the traffic to, so I can get all the traffic. So I buy 1000 clicks let us just say, 1000 clicks come to the page, I can retarget those 1000 and then also have the opt-ins from then and then actually I do have them for different things inside that. But I do, the answer is yes.


    The question somebody asks is, “How often can you email someone without pissing them off to unsubscribe?”

    I think the one thing I want to tell you right now, you are not going to like this, is the fact that the things you focus on you are going to get more of. So first of all you should quit thinking about the idea of unsubscribes. Just do not even think about that, like you shouldn’t look at your unsubscribe rate at all, that is one metric I do not look at. I mean who cares you know? I am looking at the growth of my list, but I am not looking at unsubscribes.

    In my office we are looking at different things because I have different lists and they do different things. But if I am looking at a pure opt-in list that I am mailing affiliates my own offers to, we actually on a daily basis are looking at the metrics of the subscribers, how many subscribers we have on whatever list. We are looking at how many clicks are we dropping, how many clicks that we are able to send to that list and the numbers that we are looking at are also, what is our EPC and then the amount of money made from there, what is our take home for that day?

    So those are the metrics that we are looking at. We are not looking at anything else, nothing else matters. I do not look at open rate, I do not look at anything else; I care about those because clicks are going to get EPC, EPC is going to get me cash and subscribers are going to give me the clicks. So those are the four things that matter the most. So I do not worry about that.

    I will tell you it really comes down to how you train your list when they subscribe you know. I have one list that I mail twice a day, do I get unsubscribes; yes. Do people get pissed off; yes. Do I care; no. I mean if you want to make money you have got to one, do not look at that number. But I have another list that I do not, I surround them, I am so, “no way in hell.” Like I tell my office “You can’t touch this list, you can’t even log in there, I will kill you.” And they know it, I can pick up the phone and call my guy and he will be like, “Yep.” So, you know you have got to think about that but I think you are looking at the wrong metrics.


    Great question. So it says, “What is the single most important trait of success to you?”

    It is a good question. That is a great question. It is funny I didn’t get stumped by anything until this question. The first thing that comes to mind which I think is the best thing and pardon my thing but the first thing that came to mind is the “**** you” attitude, the “F you” attitude, pardon my language. But the F you attitude meaning, in your mind you are going to have these gremlins inside your head telling you that you can’t do things, people around you telling you that you can’t do whatever you are going to do. And if nobody has done it, that is great because you could be the first one to ever do it. But the ideas in your mind, just shutting that stuff down and just going for it and making things happen. I mean everybody looks for the traits to become outside of them. Yes learning sales copy, learning to become great at sales is a very very important trait to success I believe in business, but the fact of the matter is up here is more important than anything.

    And yeah those are things that you learn but it is getting to the point where mentally nothing is going to stop you to get wherever you want to go and completing things. So I want to get from point A to point B. The reason people never succeed is they never get, hey I started at point A, there is point B. They never make the bridge all the way over to get to B so they are never successful. So they go start something else. It is having that dedication and that focus and do not let anything distract you and go. And it is kind of one of the things I mentioned earlier was having that high school dropout mentality of just, you know what just fricking do it. Let u quit looking for every reason why it won’t work and look for every reason it will work from there.


    So we have got another question from here.

    “What is more powerful, selling your own products or being an affiliate?”

    It depends on how you do it. The most profitable thing, I do not say powerful, I would say the most profitable thing you are going to be able to do is selling your own products, but I would say one of the most powerful things you can do is selling affiliate products as long as the person you are selling affiliate products for you can leverage later because you are emailing for them, no you can get them to come back and email for you. The power of that is huge and that is one of the benefits of it. But one of the most profitable things you can do it sell your own products. The powerful thing later on is building key relationships and the power of relationship is really huge. So that is why adding that in your repertoire...I mean you can’t always be selling your own products, you are going to run out of products, I guarantee it. So finding things that are really good for the client base is another good thing. So something to think about.


    “Where would you recommend getting affiliates for your product launch?”

    I think we have hit on that a little bit. Actually I did, I hit on that multiple times earlier.


    This is a long question. Let me go to this one. Okay this is a good question. I am going to go back to one. “What do you talk to somebody that is starting online?” As quickly as possible, I think I mentioned that earlier.


    Then there is another one, “What Facebook ad techniques are you currently using?”

    Actually I will say this, I am only running the ads on the right hand side, those tiny little classified ads and those are the ones I do run the most and I do really well. Somebody is asking me something specific about my stuff which I am just not going to bring that up here on this conversation because it doesn’t make sense and it is just not relevant to everyone here.


    Yeah the best way of building a list of buyers is doing a launch I would say.


    So the next question we have got is, “What is the biggest mistake most people make with internet marketing?”

    The number one biggest mistake I think most people make when it comes to internet marketing is worrying about what everybody else is doing. For example, not mastering one skill and moving to learn another technique before they master one. I think that is one of the biggest mistakes and I think one of the biggest regrets most people have is not building a list early. I will tell you I have ran into more people saying, “The biggest regret that I ever had is not building a list early.” Because think about this, you can learn about Facebook advertising, you can learn about this, but who is in control of that? Facebook can shut down your account at a moment’s notice. I have got one of my clients he does kettle bell training and he just got his You tube account shut down for no reason and it just doesn’t make sense. He was getting tons of traffic to it. So all of a sudden this whole thing wiped out. But how was he able to communicate and let people know? Through his email list.

    The number one biggest regret I think people make online with internet marketing is they didn’t start soon enough building that list.


    This question I pretty much answered. It seems like some of these are getting repetitive. This question, I am going to answer this one.

    It says, “I am launching a new list building platform next week and I wondered what I can do to get high quality affiliates? I have announced the affiliate program on the JV boards and some social groups and of course to 200 members on my site, I wonder what else I can do to attract affiliates?”

    I do not know where you are doing it and where you are launching at but I will say this. The numbers do not lie, the numbers tell a story. There are two ways to get affiliates. Like at this moment I do not know what your JV in-page and affiliate invite page looks like. You have got to make sure it is incentivized for people to promote a lot of the times when you are starting out. I mean the more you can give away the more people will be willing to do it. But the big thing to think about here is when it comes down to it, it is about one of two things. You have to create relationships or have relationships and if you do not get those relationships then you only have one other option. The other option that you do have has got to be your EPC. Your numbers have got to make sense. People are going to look at your conversion, people are going to look at how much they are going to make off that. And if you can just get one or two people talking it is going to create a magnitude.

    A lot of launches that I have seen over the years that are other people’s launches that came out of nowhere are the fact that when the numbers were looking good, somebody gave them a chance and when those numbers started looking good they told other people about it and it just became viral and everybody said, “Oh my gosh” and told other people and it became this whole thing there.

    It is leveraging a couple of relationships, maybe you bought a product from somebody, see whatever you can do to be able to make that happen. Incentivize people, bump people’s commissions, whatever you can do to be able to make it happen because that is going to be a big thing after. But I did talk about things you could do earlier on you know, getting affiliates and stuff like that.

    Looks like I answered all those. Holy Moly. There are nineteen more that just came in guys. Yes this is being recorded.

    Thank you, no problem.

    I mean some of these are just off the wall things. I am going to go through these and we have been on here for about an hour and a half. I do not mind answering questions, but I want to make sure they are kind of relevant.


    Like this one here, “What do you think about Bit coin? Is it a payment opportunity, a topic for selling information?”

    At this moment I do not think so. It can be but once the major networks are picking it up which maybe they are and stuff like that but people have got to have Bitcoin in order to do it. So it is one of those things. I mean can it be? I do not know it is not really in my world.


    “What do you think of an OTO funnel model versus a single front end product?”

    Well it depends. Kind of like I talked about earlier if you are buying solo ads or sending traffic, it makes sense for you to grab that traffic and send them to your sales page but also there are times when you are doing launches, or if you are saying screw it, I do not want any subscribers, all I want to get is buyers” which I was talking about earlier, I mean going single front end is a really good thing and you can actually reverse the order. What I mean by that is, I said this earlier, is you could start of having a single front end offer and then have an exit to the opt-in page and then have them go through the OTO funnel. So that is another thing there.


    “Any special advice on eCommerce?”

    Not really I mean that is kind of a general question.


    “Tell us what it is like to drive a NASCAR.”

    I am actually good at driving NASCAR’s it became an ex love. I used to have my own private airplane. I actually had a pilot fly me around back and forth. I had an office down in Florida and an office up in North Carolina, when I was speaking a lot years ago. So I ended up buying a pretty cool private plane and we used to fly back and forth to all of those. It was really cool, one of the best, I will give you guys some cool things with this.

    So my companies we started off with the same structure the same platform and then what I did is I said, okay. I brought new people in, we got in a new niche and it was kind of a cookie cutter thing, everything started from the same kind of thing but they kind of grew and grew and grew. One of our offices we had a couple of hundred people and then another office we had about fourteen, and then my office here in Atlanta it was forty something. So it was crazy what we were doing. So I would fly back and forth to different offices learning from them.

    The best learning I ever got was learning from my offices, seeing them grow, taking an idea or strategy from one office, bring it into the next office, to go into another office, bringing it back to the other one and just everybody kept growing together. And I found that in my mind what works is that I can run in three markets, three niches, or I can run three companies at one time. I can’t do any more than that. For some reason my mind only works in threes. But I take one, get it grown to a point, then I can move over to another one put somebody else in place to make it happen from there.


    Yeah it is being recorded. It is being recorded.


    Here is another great question. It says, “Matt how much offline marketing, snail mail do you use in your various businesses especially I AM?”

    My strategy with it, I will give you an example. So this is a thing I did with Dan Kennedy it was called Super Affiliates Secrets. So all my stuff that I do, I do not go out, most direct mail guys what they will do is they will go they will buy a list, they will market to the list to get new things. I take my clients online and I take them offline. Or get people online, take them offline.

    So what I mean by that is if somebody buys a product from me at that moment I can do direct mail with them. And I will for different things. To give you an example, the reason I want to do that is because we actually the big launch that I did which is all documented right here, we sent people checks, so we actually sent people in the mail checks which you can see right here. So we direct mailed them checks.

    And so basically it was like, the emails were from ClickBunk and the address was Mail It, put our phone number in there. And then the memo on the back was “Inspiration From Us.” And then light across grey it just basically said, “Our launch begins.” And we just sent them checks of how much they could possibly make to be able to do that.

    So as I say I get my people online and I take them offline and once I have them offline, for particular things. A lot of times it is event based things. Sometimes I actually have done this with teleseminars and webinars, if I knew in advanced I was doing something I could actually promote to my base about something and then email them about it. “Hey look check your email box because in the next few days because I am going to tell you about a great new webinar.” And then from that sending out an email from there. So I can use different mediums but the people that I have, my current buyer base that I am emailing to, I do not go outside of it. So I got them online and I am taking them off from there. So that is the direct mail stuff that I do.

    A lot of it is event based stuff. I am doing a seminar, a webinar, doing something like an e-product launch. I will get into doing direct mail. We have created different things from there. A lot of times we will use postcards, I probably have one somewhere around here but we use postcards and stuff like that. So it is a great question but it is something to think about, applying it. I do not go out and bring people offline to on, which could be a great strategy it is just not the way I do it. I get people on and then take them off through the marketing as long as I can.

    Now if you are using programs that only get paid through PayPal it is a little bit different. You are going to have to go, after they buy that product, have them go to a page and on that page they have to fill in a form to get that data because a lot of the times you are not going to get it through a PayPal transaction.


    “Me and my friend are looking to release a stock market finished product any tips for getting customers?”

    Yeah actually I will tell you, you might want to look into Newsmax.com and see if you can run advertorials on Newsmax. We have done really well in the stock market niche with that. Look into it; they are a little more expensive. I do not know what your budget is but look at it running an advertorial over at Newsmax.com they have got a lot of great people, people that have money that are looking to invest. I am assuming that you are actually teaching them real stuff because you do not want to sell any BS over there. But if you are selling something really good you are going to get really great customers. A lot of people are dentists, these are people that are doctors and things; a conservative magazine, it is called Newsmax. You might want to look at that, see if you can run an advertorial.
    You could also do solo ad advertising but the solo drops are pretty expensive. I usually get remnant space from them and I am thinking was it $20,000 for remnant space? I think it was $50,000 from that so something to think about.


    “How do you monetize somebody else’s video?”

    I have no idea. I am not a video guy; sorry I can’t give you a good answer. I would ask that question on the forum.


    “What do you do every day that makes you successful?”

    That is a great question. I think number one, the most important thing is plan my day the day before. So every day when I walk into my new day my day is already planned. So I know going in and I think that is a big thing. And just always have faith, and faith in yourself. Like you can have faith in religion or whatever things, whatever God is to you but I am also talking about having faith in yourself. So walking out in faith every single day but the big thing is walking out in faith but planning before the day begins I think is one of the biggest keys. And writing down a plan of action so the night before I want to go to bed, I am writing my plan of action, that plan of action happens the next day. So I write a whole plan of action, here is all the things that need to get done, and then I look at who do I actually have on my team to actually do these things for me? And then I hand them off and keep the things for me.

    So then I actually rate them and I have A’s B’s and C’s so an A typically is something that needs to be done immediately. B’s and C’s are the things that are not as pressing. I want to make sure I knock out my A’s for sure, knock out my B’s, but I plan my day before it begins. And the one thing I will just share with you too because it brought up another thought is especially in the internet because the internet changes so much, I have seen this happen over the years, I do not look years out, I look three months out. A lot of my plans my marketing plans are about three months out because anything could change in the next three months. Internet days are like dog years but even faster so that is one thing to really think about. I am looking at it from there because something can migrate or change from that.


    So I will tell you what guys, I truly appreciate everything. Let me check one thing here. Okay cool. And they are going to place this recording, I believe I was looking at how they were doing it, I believe they place the recording in the war room and you will get access there plus access to everything else. But this was recorded, I know a lot of people are asking that.

    But I will just tell you guys, thank you guys very much. We have got a lot of people saying thank you, I really appreciate it, you guys are awesome. And we are going to get off here. They should be able to get the recording up, I do not know how long it takes, I really do not know I have actually never used youstream. But it was fun, I really appreciate it and thank you guys very, very much, I truly appreciate it.

    So you guys are awesome, thanks guys, I really appreciate it. You guys have a great night, a great day wherever you are at because there are people from all over, but anyway this was cool and fun. I really appreciate it, I really do. And I like to tell all my friends, “This is just the beginning guys.”

    Last closing comments I will say this. If you guys have got a great product, you guys have got a great service, if you guys know that you have something that is amazing that is sitting outside that you want to get out to the world, but if you do not get it out there you are ripping off the world. People do not think about it this way but if you know you have got something far superior, you can market something far superior. Or if you are better than the other products that are out there or you are better than the other people that are sharing information out there, if you do not tell people you are stealing from the lives of others because if not some crappy thing out there is going to be able to get in front of somebody and it could hurt others. And it is one of those things I think it is your job, it is your duty and your responsibility and your right to go out there and make money and let people know about what you have. Go and do it.

    I mean hopefully you guys can take some of the things that I talked about and implement them or go learn more from the Warrior Forum. It has been a great resource for many people getting their starts here, and many people are actually building relationships. And there are amazing things that happen here on the forum. And I truly appreciate it. It is an honor to be here.

    Thank you everybody. And I am excited to see the new things that are happening over here in the Warrior Forum. And like I said it was an honor and a privilege to be able to speak to you guys. Thank you guys. You guys have a great day.

    [End Recording 01:38:45]
  • Profile picture of the author bob ross
    Matt I see your name around but had no clue how big your accomplishments were. I'm fairly isolated from the marketing community so that's probably why, but amazing accomplishments man.
    • Profile picture of the author Valerie DuVall
      Matt is one of the smartest most sincere people I know.

      You need to participate in this - cancel all previous engagements and get on this call! He could charge tens of thousands (and does) for the info he is willing to share with you. I'll be in the middle of the Catskill Mountains camping for the 4th of July but will be doing whatever I can to be there.

      He jumped on the phone with me one night and said one tiny sentence that took away a huge chunk of anxiety that was holding me back.

      I am honored to call Matt a friend and don't hesitate for one second saying he IS the man!


  • Profile picture of the author shahaf
    It is great to see a real experienced marketer here as there is a lot of junk in the IM space these days. I've known Matt for few years but never knew such big accomplishments he has made over the years.

    I have lots of questions to ask and clarify but I live on the other side of the planet and will be tough for me to be on the session. Is there other way around to get my questions answered please? Really appreciate it.

    • Profile picture of the author mbacak
      Originally Posted by shahaf View Post

      I have lots of questions to ask and clarify but I live on the other side of the planet and will be tough for me to be on the session. Is there other way around to get my questions answered please? Really appreciate it.
      I think you just click here and do this.

      Originally Posted by bob ross View Post

      Matt I see your name around but had no clue how big your accomplishments were. I'm fairly isolated from the marketing community so that's probably why, but amazing accomplishments man.
      Originally Posted by Valerie DuVall View Post

      Matt is one of the smartest most sincere people I know.

      You need to participate in this - cancel all previous engagements and get on this call! He could charge tens of thousands (and does) for the info he is willing to share with you. I'll be in the middle of the Catskill Mountains camping for the 4th of July but will be doing whatever I can to be there.

      He jumped on the phone with me one night and said one tiny sentence that took away a huge chunk of anxiety that was holding me back.

      I am honored to call Matt a friend and don't hesitate for one second saying he IS the man!

      Originally Posted by Jason Fladlien View Post

      I've learned a lot from Matt over the years, smart guy!
      Originally Posted by shahaf View Post

      It is great to see a real experienced marketer here as there is a lot of junk in the IM space these days. I've known Matt for few years but never knew such big accomplishments he has made over the years.
      Thanks everyone!!! Much love... You ROCK!
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    Thanks Matt!! I have submitted my questions
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    Is this a live tele-seminar? How do I listen in?
    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by anc_uk View Post

      Is this a live tele-seminar? How do I listen in?
      This is a live stream event. Matt Bacak will be live on Thursday 3rd July 4pm EST/EDT.
      I'll send the link to the live stream at that time.

      In the meantime you can register and submit your questions here
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    Thanks Alaister - I got the days mixed up thinking today was Thurs!!!
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    Kind of disappointing that WarriorForum is putting up another "make money online" info product seller for the WAMA series.
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      Originally Posted by DubDubDubDot View Post

      Kind of disappointing that WarriorForum is putting up another "make money online" info product seller for the WAMA series.
      MMO is what most warriors are interested in, but I too would like to see some variation now and then. I'd like to see a successful Kindle publisher, some real video production guys, designers, etc..,

      BUT...I'm really, really looking forward to this particular WAMA with Matt, because he is one of the "top dogs" in Internet Marketing and I know he will bring a lot of value to this series, no doubt about it.
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    This is awesome! I've heard him speak at many conferences. He has that rare genius to be figure it out then break it down so the rest of us can understand it. Great choice Warrior Forum, Great choice!
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      Originally Posted by shahaf View Post

      Thanks Matt!! I have submitted my questions
      No problem!!! :-)

      Originally Posted by shawoon98 View Post

      Smartest marketer I've ever seen. You got an IM question? Just shoot. You get the right answer.
      Originally Posted by Joan Altz View Post

      I'm really, really looking forward to this particular WAMA with Matt, because he is one of the "top dogs" in Internet Marketing and I know he will bring a lot of value to this series, no doubt about it.
      Originally Posted by rts2271 View Post

      I was really excited to see Matt was chosen to do this with the WF. Not only is he well known in the IM space for his internet marketing success but he's built million dollar companies outside of it in other niches that no one knows about such are real estate and stocks, he even had one of the biggest web hosting companies in the SE. His hosting company model was copied verbatim by EIG which is now one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. He's almost as fast as me at ICB's to.
      Originally Posted by IMktMom View Post

      This is awesome! I've heard him speak at many conferences. He has that rare genius to be figure it out then break it down so the rest of us can understand it. Great choice Warrior Forum, Great choice!
      Thanks everyone for the kind words :-)

      I can't wait for this and I’m really
      looking forward to connecting!

      Don't forget...

      Originally Posted by Alaister View Post

      This is a live stream event. Matt Bacak will be live on Thursday 3rd July 4pm EST/EDT.
      I'll send the link to the live stream at that time.

      In the meantime you can register and submit your questions here
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    Just signed in and really excited for this! ;-)
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