How to add an image to your Warrior Forum Signature

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For increased exposure, you are able to easily add an image to your Warrior Forum signature.

You can upgrade to the Image Signature Subscription at

The price for the Image Signature is $60 per year, which is only $5 per month.

As soon as you have upgraded your account, you can add an image to your signature using the steps below.

How to add and upload an image to your Warrior Forum signature:

1) Login to your Forum Account
2) Click on UserCP (User Control Panel)
3) Click on Edit Signature
4) Add [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] in the Signature Form
5) Upload the Signature Image

Example Code:

Signature Image:

HTML Code:
Signature Image with Link:

HTML Code:
Signature Image Requirements:

.PNG / .JPG Format
234x60 Pixel

To make sure your signature appears on posts:

Please check your UserCP Options Page at to make sure you have enabled Signatures in the Thread Display Options section.

When you make a post you have to check "Show Signature" ticked to show your signature.
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    so i can pay monthly or it is a one time fee? also can i change the image every few days?
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      It looks like it's charged at $60/yr in the drop down menu. I might consider this, looks like a good way to advertise.
  • Profile picture of the author TeKn1qu3z
    Great, I have never thought warrior forum had such type of revenue or not seen images when posted in forums. Image in signature will be more exposure and CTR too.

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