How to add or change your Warrior Forum Avatar or Profile Pictures

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To customize and personalize your Forum Profile you can add a Profile Picture and an Avatar.

What are the differences between an Avatar and a Profile Picture?

An Avatar is an image that you can use to distinguish yourself to other forum members. The Avatar is displayed by your username on all posts that you make.

A Profile Picture is an image or photo you can upload that will display in your public member profile.

How to Add or Change Your Warrior Forum Avatar

1. Login to your Forum Account
2. Click on User CP (User Control Panel)
3. Click on Edit Your Details
4. Click on Edit Avatar in the Settings & Options Menu
5. Upload Your Avatar Image

Avatar Requirements:

.PNG / .JPG or .GIF Format
80x80 Pixels
Max size of 50kb

Upload Avatar:

To upload your Avatar simply follow the link below:

How to Add or Change Your Profile Picture

1. Login to your Forum Account
2. Click on User CP (User Control Panel)
3. Click on Edit Your Details
4. Click on Edit Profile Picture in the Your Profile Menu
5. Upload your Profile Image

Profile Picture Requirements:

.PNG / .JPG or .GIF Format
150x150 Pixels
Max size of 100kb

Upload Profile Picture:
To change or upload your Profile Picture follow click here:
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