Reporting Spam and other inappropriate Threads and Posts

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All Members of the Warrior Forum Community can help to keep this forum clean.

Any registered Warrior Forum Member can report a discussion thread or post to the moderators.

Reporting Posts that Violate Warrior Forum Rules

Please only report posts that are in direct violation of Warrior Forum Rules, which can be found by clicking here.

Examples of posts that violate Warrior Forum rules:

- Spam
- Illegal Activity
- Self-Promotion / Advertising
- Third Party Product Support Questions

Reporting Posts that Violate the WSO Marketplace Rules

Please read the WSO Marketplace rules by clicking here.


- Offers with Income Claims
- Fraudulent Offers

How to Report a Post or WSO

1. Login to your Warrior Forum Account
2. Open the Forum Thread
3. Scroll down to the Post
4. Click on the red Triangle Icon at the bottom left of the Members sidebar.
5.Enter a reason for reporting, such as spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

The Moderators will review and investigate all reported issues and take appropriate action.

We'll contact you if we have further questions. Please do not report the same post multiple times.

Please note: If you are having issues with a WSO Seller, please do not use the Report a Post feature. Instead, please contact the Warrior Forum Helpdesk here.
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