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Warrior Payments is the easiest way for product creators to sell products on the Warrior Forum. Backed and fully supported by Warrior Forum, Warrior Payments allows sellers to start selling products quickly and easily while recruiting 1000s of online marketing affiliates to promote your offer.

This guide will provide you with an overview of how to create and launch your product using Warrior Payments.

Once you have registered and logged in, navigate to the Create a WSO page by clicking on the Create Offer (WSO) in the top menu. Alternatively, this is the direct link to the Post WSO page.

<h2>Posting your WSO: Overview</h2>
Using Warrior Payments, there are only 2 steps required to start selling your product.

In Step 1, you will configure most of your product details, including Offer Title, Product Price, Affiliate Commission and so forth. This is the page that you see when you click Create Offer (WSO) from the main menu.

In Step 2, you will select your Buy Buttons, create your Sales Page and so forth. This page will be loaded once you have completed Step 1 and click Save & Continue. Step 2 is also where you publish your Offer directly to the Warrior Forum as a Warrior Special Offer or gather the necessary code to start selling your Warrior Payments Product through your own website.

<h1>Step 1: How to Post a WSO Using Warrior Payments</h1>
To begin creating your product, go to the Create a WSO Page by clicking Create Offer (WSO) from the main menu. Alternatively, click here to go to this page.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/1-Create.4b3165a2.png">

On this page, you will:
  • Enter Your Offer Title.
  • Upload Your Product or Specify Your Own Download URL.
  • Choose Your Product Category.
  • Set up Subscription Payment if required.
  • Enter your product price.
  • Allow or prevent affiliates from promoting your offer and select Your Affiliate Commssion Rate.
  • Connect to Paypal.
  • Set up a Dimesale or Timesale.
  • Connect your Autoresponder.
  • Allow or prevent your offer being featured as a Warrior Daily Deal and choose the Warrior Daily Deal Commission Rate.

<h3>Offer (WSO) Title</h3>
Enter the title of your product here. This must be at least 3 characters in length. We recommend making sure the product name is unique by using the search bar located on the top right in the Warrior Payments marketplace.

<h3>Upload Your WSO
</h3>In this section, choose how you would like your product to be delivered to your customer.

<h3>Using Warrior Payments to Deliver Your Product:
</h3>If you would like Warrior Payments to deliver your product to your user, upload your product file by pressing Add Files. Warriors Payments allows you to upload any file type and there are no size restrictions.

<h3>Specify Your Own Product Delivery URL:
</h3>If you would rather host and deliver your product directly to your customer, enter the product deliver URL into the text box.

Categories allow users to find your offer within the Warrior Payments marketplace easily.

You must choose at least 1 category that is directly related to your product. We recommend using no more than 3 categories for your product.

Enter your product price here. Your offer can be between $1 and $10,000 USD.

<h3>Allow Affiliates?</h3>
Warrior Payments allows you to choose if affiliates can promote your offer or not. By default, this is set to Yes. We generally recommend allowing affiliates to promote your offer.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/3-Affiliates.25d36296.png">

If you do not wish for affiliates to promote your offer, click the box so that “No” appears. When this is done, you will also notice that the Affiliate Commission option below this box disappears.

<h3>Affiliate Commission</h3>
Warrior Payments allows you to offer affiliate commissions for your products. Affiliate commissions must be between 1% and 100%. We generally recommend having affiliate commissions above 50%.

You can select the commission rate percentage by entering a specific numeric value or by dragging the slider to the desired commission rate. The slider and percentage will automatically adjust however you input the Affiliate Commission rate.

<h3>Payment Method</h3>
To post offers and receive payment using Warrior Payments, you will need to connect Paypal.
  1. Click “Connect to Paypal”. This will open in a new window
  2. Login to your Paypal account using your Paypal login credentials.
  3. Click “Grant Permission” to confirm you grant Freelancer International Pty Ltd the stated permissions.
  4. After you click ‘Grant Permission”, the window will close and you will be able to view your Paypal email address listed in Payment Method.

At any time you can revoke this permission from within Paypal.

<h3>Advanced Settings</h3>
Advanced Settings are optional and are not required to post your offer.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/4-Advanced.59c226f2.png" width="742">

<h3>Dimesale/Timesale Pricing</h3>
Dimesales allow you to automatically increase your product price based on the amount of sales you have made. Timesales allow you to automatically increase your product price based on time intervals. Offering your product as a Dimesale or Timesale is optional. By default, this setting will not be activated.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/5-Dimesale.5c11c6fb.png">

These options allow you to create scarcity and encourages users to purchase your offer before the price increases.

<h3>Autoresponder Integrations</h3>
Warrior Payments can automatically add customers who purchase your product to your Autoresponder email list.

Currently, Warrior Payments integrates with the following Autoresponders:
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp
  • Go To Webinar
  • Get Response
To connect your offer to your autoresponder, click “Connect Service” and follow the onscreen prompts.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/6-Autoresponder.a841110c.png">

Please note that you can only integrate with 1 Autoresponder per offer.

<h3>One Time Offers</h3>
One Time Offers are offers that are only available to be sold as upsells and downsells in a sales funnel. These offers will not appear in the Marketplace. Customers cannot individually purchase this product without having first purchased your Front End Offer.

<h3>Eligible For Daily Deal?</h3>
We feature a Warrior Payments Product to promote as a Warrior Daily Deal. This allows sellers the opportunity to be promoted via Warrior Forum official promotional channels. By selecting this Warrior Daily Deal option, we may promote your offer and serve as a super affiliate for your product.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/7-Daily Deal.e4dbab06.png">

Please note that having your offer featured as a Warrior Forum Daily Deal is highly competitive and only the best offers will be promoted as a Warrior Daily Deal.

<h3>Warrior Forum Commission Rate</h3>
In this field, you specify the Commission Rate to offer the Warrior Forum in the event that your product is chosen to be a Warrior Daily Deal. We recommend a Warrior Commission Rate of 80% or greater.

<h3>IPN Notifiction / Key Generation URL</h3>
Warrior Payments can send notifications after a sale has been made, refunded or reversed. You can also use this to return access credentials to your product, which will be shown on the WSO checkout page. For detailed message formats, please refer to the Warrior Payments IPN Message Guide.

If you are wanting to grant access to a membership site for your offer, this is where you input the IPN settings.

<h3>Save & Continue</h3>
Once you have completed each of the required fields above, you will able to Save your offer and Continue to Step 2, which is the final step required to start selling your Warrior Payments Product.

Once you have pressed Save & Continue, your offer will be saved inside My Offers and can be edited from within the My Offers page.

Please note: When you click Save & Continue, your offer will become visible in the Warrior Payments marketplace. If you do not want your offer to be visible in the Warrior Payments Marketplace, follow these steps:
  1. Click Save & Continue to save your offer.
  2. Click My Offers located in the Main Menu.
  3. Find your product and click “Edit WSO”.
  4. Expand Advanced by clicking on the word Advanced. Under “Hide From Marketplace”, click to the left of the box so that it says Yes.
  5. Click Update WSO to save changes.

<h1>Step 2: Publishing Your Warrior Payments Offer</h1>
Step 2 is the final step required to launch a product using Warrior Payments. If you are seeing this page, it means that your offer has been saved and can be viewed by clicking My Offers in the main menu.

On this page you will:
  • Choose and customize your Buy Button.
  • Create Your Sales Page.
  • Post Your Offer to the Warrior Special Offer forum directly, or;
  • Gather the necessary code to start offering your Product through your own website.
  • Choose Your Payment Button

Warrior Payments offers a wide variety of Payment buttons that you can use.

By default we offer a traditional Belcher button style. To change to a different button, simply click on your preferred Payment Button.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/8-Publish.ce6c4354.png">

Changing the Payment button for your offer can impact your conversion rates. At any time you can change your Payment buttons easily, even after your product is live. We recommend testing variations to optimize your results.

Please note that the buttons shown on this page will appear approximately twice as large once you embed the button onto your sales page.

<h3>Posting Your Offer</h3>
Warrior Payments allows you to:
  • Post the offer directly onto the Warrior Forum as a new thread in the Warrior Special Offers forum.
  • Add the Buy Now button to your own site.
  • Posting Your Offer on the Warrior Forum

This is selected as the default option. When selected, this allows you to:
  • Enter your thread title.
  • Enter your Sales Page code.
  • Preview Your Sales Page.
  • Submit the Thread to the Warrior Special Offer forum.
  • Thread Title

Thread titles are important as these are the first thing buyers will see when browsing through the Warrior Special Offers forum. The title should entice readers to click on your offer to view your Sales Page.

The default text for the title is simply your product name. We recommend changing this to attract more buyers to your offer.

You can see the titles other sellers use inside the Warrior Special Offers Marketplace.

Your thread title can always be changed once your thread has been published. Please note that special characters cannot be used in your Thread Title.

<h3>Sales Page</h3>
In this section, enter your sales page. You may use BBCode & the Visual Editor to build the perfect sales page for your product.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/9-Post-Forum.0a7916ce.png" width="742">

Creating sales pages is a science and many variables will impact your conversion rates and sales. For example, using certain fonts, colors or words can entice or deter buyers.

If you would like assistance in creating your sales page, including copywriting and design, we recommend browsing Warriors for Hire for Warrior Forum's professional service providers.

Once your thread is live, you can always edit your sales page. Warrior Forum staff and moderators monitor this feature to ensure Warrior Forum User Guidelines are followed at all times.

<h3>Preview Post</h3>
Before submitting your thread, we recommend previewing the post before your offer goes live.

Whenever you would like to preview the sales page, simply click Preview Post to preview the sales page.

If you are a War Room member, you can also use the Warrior Forum Test Forum to privately preview how your sales page will appear once your thread is published.

<h3>Submit New Thread</h3>
When you are ready to publish your sales page, press Submit New Thread.

You will be receiving a payment notification in your Inbox. You may outright pay for the thread immediately however, please note that your offer must first be approved by a moderator as well before your offer goes live on the forum. If your thread has not been approved, you will be asked to edit and resubmit another thread.

Before submitting your thread, we recommend using the Preview Post feature to see how your thread will appear to visitors. We also ask that you review our WSO guidelines by clicking here.

<h3>Adding Your Buy Button to Your Own Site
</h3>Warrior Payments allows you to sell your Warrior Payments offer on your own website. To do so, click Add Button to Your Own Site.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/10-Post-Site.930b73b0.png">

To post your button onto your website:
  1. Type your sales page URL into the box. Make sure to input a URL starting with http://.
  2. Click “Save & Get Button Code”.
  3. You will receive your HTML code. Copy and paste this onto your website.
This concludes our guide to creating your Warrior Payments Offer. If you are experiencing issues creating your Warrior Payments Offer or to submit user feedback, please contact us by clicking here. We are here to help you get the most out of Warrior Payments.

We will continue to update this article based on user feedback.
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