How to Submit a Support Ticket

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Warrior Forum has a number of articles available if you need some basic information on how to navigate the site. That page can be found here: Warrior Forum Help. But if in case you need some assistance on account specific inquiries, you can send a ticket instead. These are the steps in order to submit a support ticket.

The support site can be accessed in two ways. You can click on Help Desk at the top menu of the Warrior Forum website.

This is the page that it will go to once you click on Help Desk.

Another way to access the support site is to type this directly on your browser's address bar:
Once you click on Submit Ticket, it will get you to the same page as above.

On this page, choose Warrior Forum. This will ensure that the support ticket goes directly to the Warrior Forum Support Team.

The next page will ask you to fill out a form. Kindly provide your most recent email address since this is where we will be sending the responses to. This page also allows you to attach files if in case there is a need for it.

Once you click on Submit, it will give you a confirmation page with your ticket ID on it. This will serve as your reference number for the concern you just submitted.

You will also receive an email confirmation regarding the support ticket. This email is where all the response from a moderator will be coming in. Once the issue has been resolved and the ticket closed, you will receive another email requesting for feedback. When you click on the link, this is the page where you can comment on the support that was provided.


This concludes our guide on how to submit a ticket. Please be as detailed as possible regarding your concern in order to receive an accurate response. You can submit all Warrior Forum concerns here - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software.
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