Introducing Warrior Forum Help

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Today we're excited to announce the release of the Warrior Forum Help subforum.

This is a major addition to the forum that aims to help warriors find their way around the Warrior Forum & Warrior Payments.

To launch, we have some of the most common questions we receive everyday. All help articles have been written by our moderating team and administrators. In the future, we welcome seasoned warriors to contribute to the help forum.

This will be particular useful to new users answering common questions that many seasoned warriors know, but aren't as obvious to newer users. We'll be adding to the section regularly

We're also leaving the threads open so you can seek clarification if need be.

To make way for this change, we have rearranged the Warrior Forum Support forum to include:
  • Warrior Forum Help
  • Warrior Forum News
  • Warrior Forum Suggestions
  • Test Forum

As a result, we have moved the Website Design & Programming subforums into a new forum called Developer Forums. We believe these changes make the purpose of each forum much clearer.

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