New Warrior Forum Updates 12/11/2015

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Hi everyone,

Our team has been working hard and we have recently made some small changes to make using the forum easier and a better experience for everyone.

Here are the changes.

One Click Thread Subscription and New Email

You can now click the "Subscribe" button next to the "Post Reply" button on the thread page to stay updated with any changes to the thread. Once clicked this button will turn red and read "Subscribed" You will be sent an email with new replies that are submitted.

We have also re-designed the email.

Bump WSO from Warrior Special Offers List

We have made it easier for you to find your WSO and bump it. There is now a Bump button next to your WSO so you can easily find it in the Warrior Special Offer marketplace and bump from there. The button is greyed out if your WSO is on the front page. As soon as your WSO falls off the front page the button will be active.

You will only see this button for WSOs that you own.

Increased Effectiveness of Sticky WSOs

This change is only for the paid WSO sections. We have made Sticky WSOs blend in with the rest of the WSO listings. Sticky WSOs behaviour in the same way, in that they are pinned to the top for 24 hours however they are not separated by the red bar anymore.

If you are a WSO seller you'll also see a banner below the sticky section where you can sticky your own WSO. This will take your most recent WSO and sticky it. If you want to sticky a different WSO, you an still do so by clicking into that thread and pressing the "Sticky" button within the WSO thread itself.

We'd love to hear your feedback.

Thank you
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