The War Room - Frickin' Amazing

by ChrisJamesG 138 replies
Joined the war room a few days ago, kinda out of peer pressure having seen all those little red subtitles under everyone's name

Worth every penny and more, I can't believe they don't charge monthly, it's pure gold.

So urm, yeah, just wanted to share my enthusiam really!

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    Good day,

    I cannot agree with you more.

    The War Room is great, but as you said I love the Red Title under my username
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      I had $37 burning a hole in my e-pocket after Christmas and I decided to spend it on membership to the War Room last night. Literally the first link I clicked led to some amazing information that I know it can monetize almost immediately.

      I can't wait to see what happens when I click on another link...
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    I´m not a war-room member so I would like to ask what is so amazing about it? What am I missing for not being a member?

    Tom Lindstrom

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    Yeah same here :-)

    I am not a War Room member here, but I am wondering if it's better than exclusive sections of other forums.
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      I am new here and I am not a War room member either. . .I am just curious. How to join or is there any requirements needed ?

      Thanks . . .

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      Originally Posted by UndeniableSpirit View Post

      Yeah same here :-)

      I am not a War Room member here, but I am wondering if it's better than exclusive sections of other forums.
      It is better by far. I am new here too but have already been benefiting it..
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    Obviously I try and use the forum for a few things; ocassionally ask questions, try and answer questions where I can, and get tips and strategies to help me online.

    You know you get those posts that have a flaming icon next to them, or five stars, that are awesome posts and strategies...every single one in the war room is one of those.

    Check out their sales pitch:

    Warrior Forum - The "War Room" - Private Discussions

    Well worth it.
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    The war room is worth the money. Once you join there is so much useful and free information that I never found on any other part of the forum. As a matter of fact the two ideas I am pursuing right now came from the war room. I don't regret joining in the least, and knowing what I know now I would have paid more

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    I'd like to take this time to say the War Room is definitely worth the money - it's a true example of over-delivering.

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      The War Room is Frickin' Amazing
      Chris I can't agree with you more... You took the words right out of my mouth .

      I was one of the lucky ones to win a Free membership and it's amazing.

      What I like is it's no hype and b.s. that you have to decipher through,
      just real valuable info that you can start implementing in your business today.

      I thought I was the only one feeling that way!
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    Originally Posted by ChrisJamesG View Post

    Joined the war room a few days ago, kinda out of peer pressure having seen all those little red subtitles under everyone's name

    I understand that and I know that you are sincere. But I am one of those
    guys where peer pressure means nothing to me. (It actually kept me out
    of a lot of trouble in my teen years.) Also the $37 means nothing to me.

    Yet I get the impressions that members out here are fast becoming
    second class. I hear all the cheerleading going own, almost like an
    amway convention but I am not seeing the real reason why everyone
    needs to join.

    Are all the best post now going to be reserved for the war room?
    Will everyone without the nice red letters under their loggin now simple
    not be heard?

    BTW. I have been a warrior since 1996. I stayed away for a long time
    because it became a hard chore just to rightly divide the truth.

    Most of what I do is actually contrary to what the popular opinion is here.

    I almost joined just because of running WSO's and showing others how to
    set up business systems. I even thought about a course on showing the
    steps of reverse engineering search engines.

    I have done a lot of reading on this forum over the last few weeks and
    the things that make me a full time income goes so against the mind-
    set of the herd that it would be an up hill battle.

    So the bottom line becomes: Is the war room just a feel good community
    and btw this is nothing wrong with that; or is anyone actually increasing
    their take home pay because of some secret that are using that came
    from there?

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      Let me just say this, in the first 3 or 4 posts in the private forum, is a free $37.00 e book for forum members only. Need I say more?
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    I was part of the war room in the early days and before it went public. I was amazed back then and still amazed right now! I guarantee all of you that the $37 you spend on the war room -- shall be the best $37 you ever spent!

    The warrior forum contains lots of good posts and a few gems. The war room contains all gems, these posts and contributions could be WSOs. Get in there right now, see for yourself!

    Allen could charge a monthly rate and still overdeliver, new content and goodies are added all the time, never a stale environment.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Here's my question about the war room, please, with context first:

    Context: I find the "regular" WF warriors very helpful; I have a monthly membership with a well-known internet marketer; I can barely keep up with all the stuff I'm doing / trying to do. I can very easily afford $37, no problem, believe the War Room is worth it.

    The question(s): as busy as I already am, how do I justify paying for yet-another membership where I'll be busy reading forums instead of working on things?--don't get me wrong, I don't doubt there's good info there, but isn't the war room more for people who either are already making money and are experts who have time/money to try out new ideas, or newbies who have no clue and need all the help they can get? Wouldn't I just end up with yet-more ideas to work on but can't because I'm already up to my ears in things to do? How would the war room benefit someone as busy as I am, and not a newbie, but not a guru (yet) either?

    I appreciate your input, thanks!

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      Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

      David, I too feared the War Room. I have so much sh-t going on plus
      I swear I have ADD.

      The War Room is great because you get a little more than you do on
      the free forum. People are giving away WSOs in there! People are giving
      out software programs, "secrets".. dude, if you think the free forum has
      got some good stuff, wait until you enter the War Room.

      Because I am so used to information overload on the forum and how to
      focus, no problems so far.

      I promise you will not miss or regret spending the $37 if you know what
      you are after.

      Hope that helps

      Paul - thanks VERY much for reply - what about the time factor thing? You said you've got a lot of sh-t going on, plus ADD - well, then, doesn't the WR just take you away form engaging in profitable activity exactly because then you're just reading the latest free wso instead?

      Thanks again,

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