My Mind Is Blown From the War Room

by TiffanyLambert 56 replies
If you haven't yet been behind the velvet rope to the War Room, you might try to get your cool kid card and get in. I went in when it first got here but i primarily focused on the main forum discussion.

I just went back in to post a report about a cheap and useful outsourcing site and got stuck for a Looooonnnngggg time reading a WEALTH of information.

It's good in here - it is.

But the water's warmer in the War Room...

And no funny "Riley peed in the pool" cracks you jokers!

MIND-blowing education going on there...


PS - Alan I just read about your ugly site. Bookmarked it, took notes and am going to replicate it. Can I clone you and keep you as my very own pet?
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