We're improving Warrior Forum infrastructure

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Thank you very much for all your feedback and suggestions. We have been inundated with emails and messages and are going through all of them. Make sure you guys keep it coming. They are gold. We love hearing all your ideas and suggestions.

A lot of you have talked about the database and time out issues. As a start, we are doing a complete infrastructure overhaul and have a dedicated development operations team working on improving the performance of the site. It will take the team a bit of time to get into the site and implement all the improvements but we've made this a priority.

In the next couple of weeks you should see:
- Better load times
- Fewer timeout
- Overall better performance on the site

Thanks again for all your suggestions, make sure you keep them coming!


[UPDDATE - 6th May 2014]
We've successfully moved the Warrior Forum servers over to Amazon AWS.
This has improved load time, overall stability and site performance. We shouldn't experience any more database timeouts.
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