Warrior Payments now has Sales Funnels with OTO upsells and downsells

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Today we are very excited to release a major feature for Warrior Payments!

It is called Sales Funnels and it allows sellers to add One Time Offers (OTOs) as upsells and downsells. You can now create complete sales funnels with multiple offers. This allows sellers to maximize the sales they make from their traffic. Each offer within a sales funnel is 100% customizable. You can edit the commission paid out for that offer or even implement a dimesale or timesale offer to create urgency.

For affiliates this makes promoting products and offers on Warrior Payments EVEN MORE attractive. You can now make more money by earning affiliate commission from every sale within a sales funnel. Each offer within a sales funnel has a different commission payout.

We have created a detailed how to guide on creating offers and sales funnel.

How to create a Warrior Payments Offer

How to create a Warrior Payments Sales Funnel

Here is a screenshot of a Sales Funnel:

"Email Marketing Secrets" is the front-end offer in the sales funnel. This is the first offer that buyers will see. The price is $12 with 60% paid out to affiliates.

If they choose to purchase "Email Marketing Secrets" they will then be sent to the upsell offer which is "Get Unbelievable Results with Video Marketing". This offer is $15 with 80% affiliate commision.

After purchasing "Get Unbelievable Results with Video Marketing" buyers will be shown the next upsell offer which in this case is "Social Media Secrets" at $3 with a 50% commission. If they decide not to purchase "Get Unbelievable Results with Video Marketing" and press the "No Thanks" link they will be shown the downsell. The downsell offer is "The Biggest Video Marketing Secrets" for $12 with 60% commission. After being shown this offer, regardless if they purchase or don't purchase, the buyer will be sent bacn to Warrior Payments download page where they can access all the offers/products they purchased within this sales funnel and review them accordingly.

If the buyer decides to purchase "Social Media Secrets" they will again be sent to the Warrior Payments download page as they have come to the end of the Sales Funnel. However, if they are shown the "Social Media Secrets" offer but do not purchase it, they will be shown the last downsell offer, "10 Steps to Supercharge your Email Marketing".

Here is a screenshot of a buy it now button with a "No Thanks" link. This would be the button on an upsell or downsell sales page.

Dedicated Affiliate Pages to send your Affiliates

We have also built dedicated affiliate pages where sellers can direct potential affiliates to. These pages show affiliates everything they need to know about offers they can promote.

These pages can be found in the Affiliate Marketplace - https://payments.warriorforum.com/affiliate-marketplace

Below is a screenshot of an example of an Affiliate Page. It includes the title of offer, seller name, price range, commission rage, refund rate, a link to sales page and ability to request to be an affiliate. We also show a table of the offers and a Sales Tree view if there are One Time Offers (OTOs).

To help celebrate the release of these new feature we are now also offering official Warrior Forum T-Shirts available in the Warrior Special Offers forum. Check it out:

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