Let me help you promote your product!

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This offer has now closed.
I will be finishing the videos in current production but I am no longer accepting new offers.

Hi all, I'm Hamish Webb a daily vlogger on Youtube.

I am always looking for interesting content to include in my vlog and I want to help some fellow warrior members in the process.

If you sell anything and want to give me a free copy/product then I will talk about it in an up and coming vlog.

I will also include a link to your product and won't be expecting anything in return (another words, no referral commissions).

You can PM me here to arrange the finer details such as delivery.

If your product or service isn't something I feel I can be positive about then I will contact you and we will discuss if you still want me to go ahead.

If you have any questions let me know!

Hamish Webb

P.S. I'm not looking to collab with affiliates. You must own or have resell rights to the product or service.
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