Looking For Active Partner For Amazon FBA

by davcon 16 replies
I am looking for a partner for my Amazon FBA business

I have been selling via ecommerce since 1999 on various platforms including Amazon for the last 3 years. I have the knowledge and experience. You must have the capital and time to invest in this business. I prefer to sell private label products and wholesale. PM me if interested
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    Due to my post count restrictions I'm not able to send you a PM, it will be good if you can send PM of all your details for what you are looking for as a partner so we can move forward from there.
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    PM sent to all
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    This opportunity is still available. PM me or send an email to thedoc125@yahoo.com and we can discuss this further. If you send an email please reference this post in the subject line
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    I am interested. Please PM me for details
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    you may consider to find a business partner in China that can invest money as well as help sourcing products from China. E-commerce competition is fierce, by doing this it can help you lower your cost and be more competitive.

    An English-Chinese Free Forum to Find Business Partners, Investors, Opportunities and Jobs in China and World.

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      Amazon is different than most other E-comm opportunities. They have a lot of product restrictions so most don't know how to get past that or even find products that will build a sustainable business. I do know how to get past all of that. Like I said I have been this for a long time.
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        For some reason I didn't got your PM there seems to be some issue, can you please try it once more.
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    The offer is now closed
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    Why are you looking for a partner?

    And who do you believe is the perfect partner for you?

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